History of Hamilton County Ohio
XI. Military History of Hamilton County
Sixth Ohio Infantry
pages 94-99
transcribed by Linda Boorom

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The nucleus of the Sixth was an independent organization in Cincinnati - the Guthrie Gray battalion. It was recruited in April, 1861, for three months, and mustered April 18th, at Camp Harrison, by Major (afterwards Major General) Gordon GRANGER. It reorganized in June for three years, and mustered June 18th, with one thousand and sixteen officers and men. It arrived at Grafton, West Virginia, June 30th, marched to Philippi Independence day, and thence to Laurel Hill, where it took part against Garret's rebels and in their pursuit, ending in the action at Carrick's Ford July 10th. On the twentieth it moved to Beverly, where Colonel BOSLEY took command of the post, and in August reached Cheat mountain,

~page 95~
where it lost Captain BENSE, Lieutenants SCHEIFFER and GILMAN, and forty men of company I, taken prisoners while on picket. In November the regiment was transported to Louisville to join BUELL's Army of the Ohio, and placed in the Fourth division under General NELSON, and Fifteenth brigade, Colonel HASCALL, commanding. It remained in camp of instruction at Camp Wickliffe, sixty miles south of Louisville, till the middle of February, 1862, when it was taken up the Cumberland river to Nashville, just after the surrender of Fort Donelson. It was the first of the Army of the Ohio to reach that city, and its regimental flag was the first national color hoisted on the State house. Here the Sixth was changed to the Tenth brigade. March 2;th the army pushed southward, and the Sixth was in the advance of BUELL's forces that came up to relieve the distressed combatants at the battle of Pittsburgh Landing, reaching the line just in time to repel the last charge made by the rebels upon the left that day. It was not very actively engaged the next morning, but supported a battery gallantly, under heavy artillery fire. After the battle it was encamped upon the field until May 24th, when it joined the advance on Corinth, took full part in the operations there and in the pursuit for sixty miles southward, returning through Iuka, Tuscumbia, and Florence to Athens, Alabama, and there staid in camp till July 17th, when the whole division was removed to Murfreesborough, and then to McMinnville. The Sixth was here quartered in the village, and did duty is provost guards. August 17th the retrograde movement of General BUELL to the Ohio began; the Sixth moved with its division to Louisville, and was there brigaded with the Third brigade, Second division, Fourteenth Army corps. It engaged in the chase of BRAGG's retreating forces, until near Cumberland gap, and again encamped near Nashville November 23rd. In the advance of ROSECRANs' army upon Murfreesborough the last of December, it did full share of skirmishing and picket duty, and was very heavily engaged on the thirty-first, losing one hundred and fifty-two by various casualties - but only six prisoners - of three hundred and eighty-three on the field. Other but smaller losses were sustained shortly after. It went into camp for several months, eight miles east of Murfreesborough, and while here, received from the ladies of Cincinnati a beautiful stand of colors, and from the city council a regimental banner, which were thenceforth proudly borne by the Sixth to the close of its service.

While at Cripple creek, it made several reconnoissances to the front, marched with the army against Tullahoma June 24, 1863, and remained encamped at Manchester from July 7th to August i6th, when the campaign against Chattanooga began. It was in the battle of Chickamauga, and lost one hundred and twenty-five officers and men of three hundred and eighty-four engaged. Colonel ANDERSON was wounded in the first day's fight, and Major ERWIN commanded the regiment till the return of Lieutenant Colonel CHRISTOPHER from recruiting service. At Chattanooga, after the battle, the Sixth went into the Second brigade, Third division, Fourth corps. It shared fully the privations of the starvation period here, and a number of picked men from it were in the action at Brown's Ferry October 25th, which relieved the partial blockade. It was with its corps in the advance on Orchard Knob, near Chattanooga, November 23rd, and in the charge up Mission Ridge two days after. Major ERWIN was killed in the preliminary skirmish of that day. On the twenty-eighth it moved to the relief of Knoxville, then menaced by LONGSTREET, and encamped near it December 7th. The winter and part of the spring were spent in East Tennessee, in the severest service the regiment had, marching much, living in shelter tents, and subsisting scantily. April 12, 1864, it rested near Cleveland, and did garrison duty till May 17th, when it left to join the Atlanta campaign, and guarded the railroad bridge at Resaca till June 6, when it was ordered home to be mustered out, which was done at Camp Dennison on the twenty-third. It had marched three thousand two hundred and fifty miles, and otherwise travelled two thousand six hundred and fifty, making in all five thousand nine hundred miles. It was in four pitched battles, losing three hundred and twenty-five killed, wounded and missing, and in several minor actions. It had but sixteen deaths by disease, and at least two hundred of its officers and men never lost a day's duty. Thirty officers and four hundred and ninety-five enlisted men were at the muster-out.

Colonel William K. BOSLEY.
Colonel Nicholas L. ANDERSON.
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander C. CHRISTOPHER.
Major Anthony C. RUSSELL.
Major Samuel C. ERWIN.
Major James BENSE.
Surgeon Starling LOVING.
Surgeon Alfred H. STEPHENS.
First Assistant Surgeon Fisher W. AMES.
First Assistant Surgeon Israel BEDELL.
Second Assistant Surgeon William W. FOUNTAIN.
Adjutant Charles H. HERON. •
Adjutant Albert G. WILLIAMS.
Adjutant Everett S. THROOP.
Quartermaster Edward M. SHOEMAKER.
Quartermaster Josiah W. SLANKER.
Sergeant Major Frank H. MELLON.
Quartermaster Sergeant Edwin A. HANNAFORD.
Commissary Sergeant Julius L. STEWART.
Hospital Steward Charles E. LEWIS.
Principal Musician George W. PYNE.
Principal Musician John H. BUELTEL.

Discharged. - Sergeant MAJORS, William E. SHERIDAN, Henry GEE, Albert G. WILLIAMS, James E. IRWIN, James E. GRAHAM; Quartermaster Sergeants, Charles C. PECK, William R. GOODNOUGH; Commissary Sergeant Josiah W. SLANKER; principal musicians, Joe A. FIFER, Benjamin F. PHILLIPS.

Transferred. - Quartermaster Sergeant Robert W. WISE.

Captain Marcus A. WESTROLL.
Captain Charles GILMAN.
Captain Frank S. SCHIEFFER.
First Lieutenant Henry MCALPIN.
First Lieutenant Jonathan B. HOLMES.
First Lieutenant James R. REYNOLDS.
Second Lieutenant James M. DONAVAN.
Second Lieutenant Charles H. FOSTER.
Second Lieutenant George T. LEWIS.
Second Lieutenant William P. ANDERSON.
Second Lieutenant William R. GOODNOUGH.

~page 96~

First Sergeant Henry A. PETTY.
Sergeant John W. MOORE.
Sergeant Edwin EDWARDS.
Sergeant Robert DELANEY.
Sergeant Brian P. CRITCHELL.
Corporal John A. CASHING.

William P. BABBETT, Theodore CREAGER, Henry COON, William De CHARMES, Charles F. DRESSEL, Alexander DRENNEN, John A. FORBES, Darius H. GATES, John W. HUSSEY, George C. JAMES, Michael J. KELLEY, Charles D. MARTINDALE, Charles MESSERCHMIDT, Isaac NEWMAN, Christopher ROTH, Clement SCHIVARTE, Theodore W. LEIB, Oliver H. P. TRACY, James VALENTINE, John A. WEST, Henry W. WILSON; Under- cook (colored), James MALONE.

Killed in battle. - Sergeant James F. CANADY; Corporals Kirkland W. CAVING, James M. NEWMAN, Frank B. BROWN, Henry DAGGETT, Frank H. HALLIDAY, William KROMER, Edward B. O'BRIEN.
Corporal Joseph KELT; Wagoner George W. KELLY; privates, Samuel N. COLLINGS, Henry M. LEWIS, Charles D. MURDOCK, Clement H. MARZERETTA, Edwin L. SMITH.

Discharged. - First Sergeants Thomas H. HUNT, Jonathan B. HOLMES; Sergeants William P. ANDERSON, Albert De VILLA, Charles D. JONES, Everett THROOP; Corporals Joseph A. CULBERTSON, Frank R. JONES, Israel LUDLOW, Charles LOOMIS, Channing RICHARDS; Drummer Alfred WEST; Privates William BRADFORD, Henry M. CIST, Josiah A. CHRISTINAN. George De CHARMES, Isaac H. DELONG, Frank R. DAVIS, Charles M. EVANS, Wood FOSDICK, Spencer FRANKLIN, James B. FAIRCHILD, Louis A. FOOT, Thomas FITZGIBBON. Theodore C. FITCH, Lee M. FITZBURGH, William M. L. GWYNNE, Dudley S. GREGORY, Welcome L. F. GATES, John W. GAMBLE, Henry F. HAWKES, Henry HOOK, George HADEL, William H. JENKINS, John KRUCKER, Charles KENSEY, David LOVE, Edward MANSER, Elias R. MANFORT, John E. MINER, James MOORE, Robert P. MOORE, Levi NEWKIRK Samuel H. PERRY, Walter W. PADDOCK, Edward S. RICHARDS, James R. REYNOLDS, Herman RODELL, Edwin F. SMITH, Thomas M. SELBY, Peter SHAW, John R. STEWART, Charles N. THOMPSON, Thomas D. VETACH, Byron D. WEST.

Transferred. - First Sergeant Frederick N. MELLEN; drum-major, Jacob A. FIFER; Chief Musician Benjamin F. PHILLIPS; Bugler George W. PYNE; Privates Henry HERMAN, James HENAHAN, Charles C. PECK, Josiah W. SLANKER, Julius L, STEWART.

On muster-in, but not no muster-out roll. - Private Herman F. ROENEL.

Captain Joseph A. ANDREWS.
Captain Henry MCALPIN.
Captain Jules J. MONTAGNIER.
First Lieutenant Charles B. RUSSELL.
First Lieutenant James K. REYNOLDS.
First Lieutenant Henry C. CHOATE.
First Lieutenant Jonathan B. HOLMES.
Second Lieutenant Thomas S. ROYSE.
Second Lieutenant Albert G. WILLIAMS.
Second Lieutenant Wesley B. MCLANE.

First Sergeant George B. YOUNG.
Sergeant Thomas M. CARR.
Sergeant Frederick J. MILLER.
Sergeant Guy C. NEARING.
Sergeant Henry M. PALM.
Corporal John HARVEY.
Corporal Louis N. KIBBY.
Corporal David SCHREIBER.
Corporal Frederick RODENBERG.
Corporal Henry W. KAHLE.
Wagoner Michael COLEMAN.

John ALVER, William R. BARTLETT, Christian BEHRENS, Alonzo BURGOYNE, John C. BAGOTT, William BARNES, Thomas M. CLEVELAND, John CLINE, Carlton C. CABLE, Rush DRAKE, John DUFFEY, William E. DOHERTY Charles FITZWATER, Emil FITZ, Albert GOETLE, Horace GATES, John KEISS, Sebastian LERG, James MITCHELL, Daniel T. MILES, Hiram MARSH, Henry MILLER, William M. OWEN, Robert RIPPON, Robert ROWELL, Louis N. RIES, Adam ROHE, Josiah H. STRATTON, Samuel F. SMITH, Andrew SCHUTTENHELM, Moses THAUNHAUSER, James WARREN, Edward WELLS, James B. WATKINS, Richard J. WILLIAMSON, John A. ZEIGLER, Undercooks (African), Daniel JENNINGS, Pink BEAGLER.

Killed In battle. - Corporals Philip B. HELFENBEIN, David H. MEDARY, Edwin H. ROWE; privates, Richard R. ALLEN, John BOERST, Albert HARDY.

Missing in action. - John LOGAN, Benjamin LEWIS.

Died. - Privates, John AUFDERHEIDE, Michael BEHRMAN.

Deserted. - Corporal Charles W. TOLLE; Privates Squier D. GRAY, Ellis E. LLOYD, Jacob HOUCK, William A. MALLANCE, Noah H. PHILLIPS, Edwin STACE, Joseph SCHOLER, John WILSON.

Discharged. - First Sergeants George W. CORMANY, Charles H. FOSTER, James Y. SEMPLE; Sergeants Hibbard H. HENDRICKS, Stephen A. THAYER, Edward B. WARREN; corporals, Edward BRETTMAN, John R. TAYLOR; musician, Gustavus FRANKE; privates, Edwin H. ANDREWS, John COLLINS, Theophilus DAVIS, Edward F. GETTIER, John HELFENBEIN, Jacob HANNANUM, Hugo HOCHSTEDTER, Henry P. JONES, Henry KEISS, Joseph LOESER, William J. SOUTHER, Paul MERKER, John P. MARVIN, Arthur PARKER, Henry E. ROBERTS, Samuel D. SCHROLEY, Frederick H. SMITHORST, William H. WINDELER, Samuel WINRAM.

Transferred. - Sergeant William J. THORP; Corporals Ebenezer HANNAFORD, William ROWELL; Privates Robert ANDREWS, Charles BURKHARDT, Anson CLAPPER, Edwin A. HANNAFORD.

Captain Richard SMITHGATE.
First Lieutenant Francis H. EHRMAN.
First Lieutenant John R. KESTNER.
Second Lieutenant Charles GILMAN.
Second Lieutenant Leonard BOICE.

First Sergeant Matthew H. HAMILTON.
Sergeant John C. POPE.
Sergeant Francis H. THIEMAN.
Sergeant William BOYD.
Corporal Edward P. THORNE.
Corporal James JORDAN.
Corporal Merwin CROWE.
Corporal John SYKES.
Corporal John HEFFERMAN.

Frederick ARBERDALE, William BENTE,- Anton BROWN, John CALLAHAN, John COLLINS, Henry F. ENGALS, James ESTELL, David FITZGIBBON, Joseph T. FOX, Hugh P. GADDIS, William J. HADSKEYS, Henry HANE. David HENSON, Kayran HORAN, Casper KELLER, John LURCH, William LEICKHARDT, William LIDELL, George LIND, Francis LUDWEY, Edward LUTHEY, Mitchell S. MORSBECK, Bernard C. MYERS, Thomas J. RYAN, George SANTHOFF, Ernest SCHRIEBER, Francis SCOTT, Augustus SEIVER, William L. SMITH, Henry STOCKLIN, Jacob STOCKLIN, Alfred H. SULSER, Lawrence SWARTZ, Bernard UHLING. Under-cook Nathaniel BURNETT.
Sergeant Bernard O'FARREL; Privates Gustave BETTGE, John BURKE, Joseph DAVIS, Clements DULLE, Joseph M. DONOHUE, John FARMER, William H. HOLDER, Joseph W. HASLEN James W. HITCHENS, Charles KEEVER, John B. MCGEE, James B. MEEHAN, Herman MOSLER, George MOORE, George MACKLEY, Gustave RHEIN, Frederick SMITH, Joseph TRICKLER, William H. Van PELT, George WALTERS.

Killed in battle. - Corporal Alves KAELIN.

Died. - Drummer William SCHOCK, Corporal Hibbard P. WARD, Privates Francis KELLEY, William TAAFFE, Herman VOLKERS.

Discharged. - John R. KESTNER, John CROTLY, William BROWN, August PETERS, Francis R. FRESCH, Ezekiel CRAVEN, Francis FARLEY, Thomas KERWIN, J. H. ACHTERMEYER, George M. BACKUS, Rufus E. BYAM, William A. BALDWIN, Dennis COLLINS, James COLLINS, Charles GAUCKLER, Frederick B. KING, Joseph KUNKLE, Horace A. KELLEY, Henry W. KRUSE, William KOCHLER, Herman KLUFFLER, William L. MACKENZIE, Martin MEEHAN, Francis M. MURPHY, Thomas OLIVER, Michael ROGER, Simon B. RICE, John K. SMITH, James W. SHARP, Andrew SCHUBE, John SAQUENS, Theodore WAGER, Edward WILLIAMS, Joseph WEISBROD.

Transferred. - Privates, Edwin AYRES, Adolph IMAUS. James M. PEAK, William WHITESIDE.

On muster-in but not on muster-out roll. - Privates John R. AUCHTUMYER, William BURT, Jasper KELLEY.

~pg 97~

Captain Ezekiel H. TATEM.
Captain Charles B. RUSSELL.
First Lieutenant John C. PARKER.
First Lieutenant George W. MORRIS.
Second Lieutenant Thomas H. BOYLAN.
Second Lieutenant Harry GEE.
Second Lieutenant Joseph L. ANTRAM.
Second Lieutenant William R. GLISAN.

First Sergeant William F. BOHNING.
Sergeant William BOWERS.
Sergeant Evel WEST.
Sergeant Amos WILLOUGHBY.
Sergeant Dennis O'BRIEN.
Corporal William A. CLOCKENBURG.
Corporal William A. YATES.
Corporal William DRIPS.
Corporal John TURNER.
Musician William A. CORMANY.
Musician Oliver D. BLAKESLEE.

Joseph ANTER, George W. BROWN, August BRISTOL, John BUTCHER, Herman BROCKMAN, Frederick BASTIAN, Charles H. BANSLEY, Luther CARPENTER, William F. DILL, Frank DELLAR, William DARBY, Joseph DESAR, Hugo EDLER, William F. FAILOR, John FARRELL, Alexander K. GREEN, Conrad HERRING, Thomas HERRING, Reinhold HOFFMAN, Antone IMER, Frank KORTE, John J. LODGE, Thomas J. MOYAN, A. W. H. MARTHEUS, John METCHLEY, Frank A. MANUS, Thomas H. B. MCNEIL, George F. MOSHER, William C. REES, Thomas J. RICE, George RICHARTER, Andrew REMLINGER, Michael RENNER, Frederick SPECK, William SAXON, Frederick SOGHAN, George G. SABIN, Thomas .SCANNELL, William VONT, William H. WEEKS, Stephen H. WEEKS, Martin WEIDERRECHT, John L. WILLIAMS, John WAKEMANN.

Killed in battle. - Sergeant James F. MCGREGOR; Privates Joseph IMM, George KOPP, Augustus G. YOUNG.

Died - Anthony CANELL, Adam HUGEL, Joseph POST, Samuel W. STEPHENSON, Charles Van WAY, Simon WEEK.

Discharged - First Sergeants James H. COCKNOWER, George F. MARSHALL, James W. MOYAN; Corporals Hume WALLACE, William HAWKINS, James JOHNSON, Giles D. RICHARDS; Privates John BIRMBAUM, John C. BENDER, Christopher C. CONES, Albert DRIPS, Charles DELEON, Jacob GROSS, Samuel KELLER, Henry H. LANIUS, Frederick LANCASTER, Charles MITCHELL, John E. REES, John F. WOLFIK, Thomas WOLCOTT, George W. WEISE, William W. WILLIAMS, William R. GLISAN.

Transferred. - Corporal Liberty H. JINKS; Privates Frederick H. ALMS, William F. DOEPKE, George W. LAWRENCE, Levy L. PRITZEL, Killian STRASSHER, Edwin D. SMITH, Nicholas STUMPPF, Edward ULM.

On muster-in but not on muster-out roll. - Privates, Levi L. O'BRIEN, Jacob SPECK.

Captain Samuel C. ERWIN.
Captain William E. SHENDEN.
First Lieutenant John F. HOY.
First Lieutenant James M. DONOVAN.
First Lieutenant James F. GRAHAM.
First Lieutenant Frank S. SCHIEFFER.
Second Lieutenant George W. MORRIS.
Second Lieutenant Henry C. CHOATE.

First Sergeant Abram R. LEMMON.
Sergeant James LAWLER.
Sergeant William FISHER.
Sergeant Joseph TURLEY.
Sergeant William LIEKE.
Corporal Pulaski W. FULLER.
Corporal Alex. RIGLER.
Corporal Peter MABIS.
Corporal George HEWSON.

Joseph ADE, George W. ADAMS, Israel ARNOLD, George W. BOWEN, Christopher C. BOWEN, Anthony W. BOWEN, John BENEDICK, Miles BLAKE, Reuben D. BURGESS, Henry A. BROWN, Mannie D. BROWN, James CARR, Patrick CORCORAN, Eugene DISERMS, Andrew DEILMAN, Charles ECKHART, Adam EMMERT, George W. FISHER, John FISHER, Adam HESS, John HOBAN, John G. JAGER, John KINCELLA, Wilbarforce KNOTT, John KAUFLIN, Joseph LONGANBACK, John E. LONG, Abiel LEAVER, James H. LYONS, Richard LAMBERT, Andrew MISER, Robert PORTER, John P. ROBENSTEIN, Benjamin F. SNELL, John H. SIMMONS, John B. SAMPSON, Joseph SOMMERS, Samuel SCHRODER, William SCHRODER, Oliver SAFFIN, George T. SEELEY, John C. SPIEDEL, Abram A. TRUESDALE, Horatio TUCKER, Enoch WEST, Robert WISE, William WISE, William BETTS, Valentine CUMMINGS, John CLIMER, Jasper GRAHAM, Charles IRELAND, John JOUNGHAUS, Henry MORGAN, Hugh O'DONNELL, John O'NEIL, Joseph O'CONNER, John QUINN, Albert S. RITCHIE, Henry STANLEY, Daniel WILGUSS.

Killed in Battle. - Privates Robert DAVIS, Charles DAVIS, Charles DEEKMYER, Simeon SHATTUCK, Michael SCHAUB, Robert E. TRUXWORTH.

Died. - Corporal Benjamin F. TERRY, Privates Edward H. HALL, Agathon OTTO.

Discharged. - Sergeant Earl W. STIMSON, Corporals Charles WILLIAMS, Robert HOWDEN, Privates Charles H. BALDWIN, Oliver CHAMBERLAIN, John E. CRAIG, Herman FASTROM, Joseph L. FERDON, Matthew GROGAN, Thomas GREENWOOD, Carl KORNER, Samuel J. LAWRENCE, Samuel PIERSON, Nicholas RUDOLPH, Joseph REBEL, Samuel SKELTON, John HARRISON, Matthew SMITH, James L. TERRY, Ulrich WAHRENBURGER, Benjamin V. WILLIAMS.

Transferred. - Sergeants Joseph L. ANTRAM, Leonard BOICE, James F. GRAHAM, Corporal Peter H. BRITT, Privates Nelson A. BRITT, George BENN, John HOLLISTER, Peter KREPS, Archibald MANGAN, Fairfax W. NELSON, SHERWIN S. PERKINS, Henry B. STITES.

On muster-in but not muster-out roll. - Privates James H. CLYMER, Matthew GWINN, Junius E. LONG, Junius H. LYONS.

Captain Charles H. BRUTTON.
Captain Justin M. THATCHER.
First Lieutenant Charles H. HERRON.
First Lieutenant James F. IRWIN.
First Lieutenant Jesse C. La BILLE.
Second Lieutenant Frank S. SCHAEFFER.

First Sergeant William H. READ.
Sergeant Otto BREWER.
Sergeant William E. JACKSON.
Sergeant John A. SEIGLE.
Sergeant John E. HEWITE.
Corporal John B. MILLER.
Corporal Edward LAWRENCE.
Corporal August NEARMAN.
Corporal William R. WOOD.
Corporal Frederick LINNUBRINK.
Corporal Milton LUNBAEH.
Corporal James WOOD.
Corporal Thomas MANNING.
Musician Joseph LEFEBER.
Teamster John MCCLUNG.

Harry BLAKE, Edward BEADY, John BATTELL, Lewis DESBORDES, David DOWNEY, Henry EONS, Michael ENRIGHT, James R. IRWIN, Frederick FINER, George HOFFMAN, Bernard KLOTTE, William KEISEMEIER, Ernst LAWRENCE, John LAWRENCE, Henry LEONARD, John LINCIMAN, Peter LAGALY, Herman LINNIS, Franklin LEFEBER, James LEFEBER, Augustin MARTIN, Milton MCCULLY, Perry MCADAMS, Joseph T. NEPPER, Seth G. PERKINS, Jonathan REAMS, Joseph RUFF, Henry ROHLMAN, Gustave STUBE, Levi SOMMERS, Henry SMITH, Anthony SCHAEFFER, Frederick TERPBORN, Clement THUSING, Stuart TERWILLIGER, Daniel TOOMIRE, William WITTE, Peter WEST, William WOLF, Charles YOUNG, James YOST, William YOUNG, Michael CARRIGAN, William GLOEB, Louis KOLP, Michael MILLER, William OVERUND, George W. PLUMMER, Irvina ROLLINS, John R. RAMSEY, Larkin SMITH, David J. DECAMP, Jesse C. La BILLE, Daniel A. GRIFFIN, Vere W. ROYSE, John R. FAUKEBERGER, Edward P. PERKINS, Jacob CRITES, Casper N. GUNTHER, George HEARTH, Thomas NOBLE, Henry NEARMAN, Henry PETERS, Charles ROCAP, George W. M. VANDEGRIFT.

~page 98~

Killed in Battle. - Privates Thomas BROWN, James H. DRAUS, Lewis EVERS, Joseph HOOTH, Joseph TOOMIRE.

Died. - Privates Christopher ARK, William BROCKSMITH, Edwin CRAWFORD, Gottfried HEILEMAN, Andrew OVERTHAL, John Q. ROOT, Henry WILLIAS.

Under-cooks (African). - Carter HUGHES, William POPE.

Transferred. - First Sergeants William E. SHERIDAN, Albert G. WILLIAMS; Corporal Frederick HIPP; Privates Joseph Arumar AMBRUSTER, Frank BUTSCH, Joseph FURST, Charles HOTTENDORF, Thomas NEALD, John RUFF, William SIMPSON, Toby SAYLER, Jacob WEAVER.

On muster-in, but not on muster-out roll. - James H. DEANS, Herman PLACKE, Seth G. PERKINS, George STUBE, Robert WOOD.

Captain A. O. RUSSELL.
Captain William S. GETTY.
First Lieutenant Jules J. MONTAGINER.
First Lieutenant Henry C. CHOATE.
First Lieutenant George W. CORMANY.
Second Lieutenant James F. IRWIN,

First Sergeant Abraham J. PRICE.
Sergeant John W. EASLEY.
Sergeant Herbert SULLIVAN.
Sergeant Henry F. HOWE.
Sergeant John PEET.
Corporal Dewitt C. HAYES.
Corporal Charles S. DUNN.
Corporal Harry SIMMONS.
Corporal Charles A. HUCKER.
Corporal John SULLIVAN.
Corporal Thomas BURNETT.
Corporal William LOTZE.
Corporal George W. MILLER.
Drummer Jacob BRAUNS.

Joseph BURKHARDT, Peter BALSER, Walter BALDWIN, Hamer BRADBURY, William BODIE, Charles BOUTWELL, Thomas CRAMWELL, William E. COLLINS, Joshua CAIN, Andrew M. DUNN, Daniel A. EAGAN, Atlas B. FISHER, Horace FISHER, Andy FENHOFF, John S. GILSON, William GANARD, Peter HOFSASE, Nicholas KEHR, Andrew KELLER, John H. LOOKAM, Rudolph MACKZUM, Robert C. NELSON, William C. PERKINS, Albert G. PARENT, Benjamin POST, John RICHARDS, George RHYNEARSON, George W. KNOB, William B. ROWE, Isaac H. STURGIS, William H. STURGIS, Anson W SCHENCK, William F. SULLIVAN, John R. SULLIVAN, William H. SERVISE, John SINGER, James A. TAYLOR, James H. WILLIS, Peter WALTON, Henry ZWIBRICK, Alexander BARCLAY. Henry BERRUTTER, Ebon R. R. BILES, H. W. H. DICKMAN, Thomas FENNELL, James J. GELDEA, Isaac HUFF, William MORRINGTON, Charles MCDOUGHTIN, Robert NOLAN, Michael P. WAY.

Under-cooks (African). - John JENNINGS, George WASHINGTON.

Killed in battle. - Private John HUDDLESTON.

Died. - First Sergeant George W. RIDENOUT, Sergeant William H. LOYD, Corporal Oliver P. ROCKENFIELD, Privates Jeremiah A. COLWELL, Samuel P. STALLCUP, Robert TAULMAN.

Discharged. - Sergeant Louis SCHRAM; Corporals William A. CLARK, Walter LAWRENCE, Julius C. SCHENCK; Privates Alfred BURNETT, Joseph BIGGERS, Augustus CLEMENTS, William H. EBERLE, William J. GRAHAM. Gottlie HEIRTSBRUNER, Charles HEBEL,. William R. JOYCE, Joseph METZLER, Ambrose A. PHILIPS, Alexander SCHENK, August SCHRAITMAN, William H. SLOAN, James J. WAGNER, Joseph MCMURMES.

Transferred. - First Lieutenant James F. IRWIN, Privates Gustave BINDER, Silas S. DUNN, John FENHOFF, William R. GOODNOUGH, Frederick HAHA, Joseph KATCHING, Joseph LONG, Maley LEMINGS, Frank PARSNIP, Milton PARVIN, Michael G. RYAN.

Captain Henry H. TINKER.
First Lieutenant John W. MORGAN.
First Lieutenant William E. SHERIDAN.
First Lieutenant Joseph L. ANTRAM.
First Lieutenant James F. MELINE.
Second Lieutenant Solomon BIDWELL.

First Sergeant Benjamin F. HOPKINS.
Sergeant Joseph H. MCCLINTOCK.
Sergeant Charles A. HALLER.
Sergeant Joseph S. WEHRLE.
Sergeant Joseph GANG.
Corporal Albert SPEECE.
Corporal Benjamin D. HALL.
Corporal Joseph R. NORTHCRAFT.
Corporal Frank P. WINSTELL.
Corporal Frank D. WENTWORTH.
Corporal John A. BONNER.
Corporal Henry SHAFFER.
Bugler William SCHMITT.
Musician John F. DRESSEL.
Wagoner George HARRISON.
Corporal Ashmad CHARLES.

Thomas ARMSTRONG, James F. ATTEE, William E. ALIEN, John CRONIN, Joseph O. CLARK, Joseph CHLOE, John W. DOUGLASS, Henry DUVALL, William C. ELLIS, August FRIDAY, Henry FRAZIER, Henry FRILLMAN, George GREENFIELD, Lewis HAHN, Herman HINKLEY, John F. HANLEY, Hannibal M. HOPKINS, Thomas KENNEDY, Henry KEITH, Patrick LOGUE, Robert MENAH, Daniel MCGILLICUDY, John MEIER, Absalom MAXWELL, Joseph NEVILL, James O'MALLEY, Cannville PEYROT, Hiram C. PAGE, Stephen ROSS, Joseph KOHLER, Charles SCHUSTER, Killian STROSSER, Richard THOMSON, James B. WILLETS, George W. WHIPPY, George WHISTLER, Robert ANDREWS, William CARRINGTON, Henry CAHLENBURG, John MALEY, John D. NEWMAN, Nicholas STUMPF, Antonia SMITH, Henry C. THATCHER, John WILSON.

Killed in Battle. - Privates, Valentine MERDIAN, Charles WALTERMUT.

Missing in Action. - Michael MUNLY.

Died. - Privates, John CHRIST, Henry RUSHER, Martin SEEBAUR, Benjamin WORRELL.

Discharged. - Sergeant William H. PIERCE, John MITTER, Samuel WALKER, William A. REAM, Joseph SANDHEIGER, Levi THOMPSON, Levi H. BANKER, John J. BOZLE, William BOINGARD, Deloraine BROWN, Eugene BROWN, Bryan C. EAGER John M. GAY, Lawrence GAY, Max HENDRICKS, John HOLLISTER, John G. KING, Joseph LEGRAND, Owen MURPHY, Levi L. PRITZEL, John RILEY, David SINGER, Andrew SULLIVAN, Edward ULM, Anthony WALSH.

Transferred - Privates, Joseph HAHN, Samuel LAWRENCE, Maley LEMING, Ferdinand SHVENPEDDER. Edward M. SHOEMAKER.

On muster in, not on muster out roll. - Privates, W. A. BOUREGARD, Levi .H. BARCHUS, Robert DAVIS, Lawrence GUISE, George HOFFMAN. Arthur IMER, John JAGER, George WILLASON, John O'NEIL, Joseph REILLY, Avoni ROLLINS, William H. H. STOUT, Henry WILLIAMS, Constantine ZIMMERMAN.

Captain James BENSE.
Captain Benjamin F. WEST.
First Lieutenant Richard SOUTHGATE.
First Lieutenant George T. LEWIS.
Second Lieutenant Walter LAWRENCE.
Second Lieutenant Josiah W. STANKER.

First Sergeant William S. WOOLVERTON.
Sergeant John HANLEY.
Sergeant Ferdinand MCDONOUGH.
Corporal William LANGENHEIM.
Corporal William CRAWFORD.
Corporal Charles FAHLBUSH.
Corporal Richard GARWOOD.
Corporal Henry HARMEYER.
Corporal Frederick LARKCOM.
Musician Edward FRIKE.
Teamster Frederick SHOENCK.

Otto ANNER, Newton BURKNELL, Henry BUDDENBAUM, Frank BRAHM, George BRUNER, Adolph BRUNER, Edward P. CATLIN, Benjamin CLARK, Joseph DREHR, Antone FRAVE, Joseph GUTZWEILER, Edwin GREEN, August GRASS, Adolph HOF, Jacob HAUSER, Gottlieb HELLER, James V. HIRLEZ, David HUMMEL, Roland O. JONES, William JURGANS, Dennis H. KENEDY, Christopher KOHLI, John C. LUNCH, Jacob LIESE, Jacob LANDIS, Eli MILLER, Hiram MOSIER, William L. MAY, John MCGLONE, James MARTIN, August NISCHAN, Timothy RYAN, John L. REA, Matthias SEIBERT, Christopher SCHWEITZER, William C. WEBBER, Sylvester WEBBER, Wil-

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liam YAGER, John ZIMMERMAN. Under-cook (African) George WASHINGTON. Peter BRUNER, Frederick BECK, John BUCKHART. Michael CONNELL, Samuel ERUMIGER, Robert FENLEY, William GEISEL, John LITTLE, Jacob LITZEL, Thomas MARSHALL, John OYSTERBAG, Robert H. PENCE, Michael S. WITMER, Meritz ZINK.

Killed in Battle. - Privates Daniel E. MCCARTY, Heinrich NORTMAN, Samuel PULVER, Jacob RAPPELLEE, Frederick SPRINGMEYER, Gasquire YEHLE.

Missing in Action. - Privates James CARSON, William MAYGAFFOYGAN.

Died. - Privates Max ESSINGER, Jacob HILLFECKER, William WENZEL.

Discharged. - Privates George T. LEWIS, Wesley B. MCCLANE, Henry C. CHOATE, Henry GIBSON, George S. LA RUE, Thomas LONG, Edward RODERIJA, John WILLIAMS, Frederick BENDER, Thomas CARTWRIGHT, Frederick ELERMAN, William FENISTALL, Frank GERHARDT, Edward HOF, Otto HOF, Frederick HECKERT, John JACKSON, John MUHLER, John STORKER, Orlando M. SMITH, William T. SWIFT, William Z. THORBURN, James WILSON.

On muster in, not on muster out roll. - Privates, Cornelius COLLINS, John BRAUNS, William LYONS, Joseph FETZ, Linck MORRIS.

Captain Charles M. CLARK.
Captain James M. DONOVAN.
First Lieutenant August B. D. MERBACK.
First Lieutenant Charles C. BECK.
Second Lieutenant Justin M. THATCHER.
Second Lieutenant Edward F. GETLIER.
Second Lieutenant Josiah W. STANKER.

First Sergeant George B. NICHOLSON.
Sergeant Jethro F. HILL.
Sergeant William S. SQUIRES.
Sergeant William GAINES.
Corporal Albert KIMBLE.
Corporal Joseph H. COHAGAN.
Corporal Nehemiah V. PENNINGTON.
Musician Lewis HATT.

Christopher ALBERT, George W. BOWLBY, John H. BOWLBY, John A. BARTH, Louis C. BREHM, George BUSKIRK, Henry BECKMAN, Robert S. CULBERTSON, Francis I. CULLOM, Charles CUNNINGHAM, Henry ELSING, Frederick EGGERMAN, Constantine FECKER, William GOODWIN, Joseph GRAU, John HAFLING, Isaac B. HART, Daniel HENRIE, Peter HOFFMAN, Jacob HOFFNAGLE, Lorenz HUBER, John A. ROO, August KREYENHAGEN, John C. LEISTNER, William A. LOHU, Theodore B. MCDONALD, Frank MEIER, Pedro MONTALDO, John MOORHOUSE, Theodore OSTMAN, Thomas PARKER, Reason REGIN, Clark C. SAUNDERS, Henry E. SCHOLLE, John LEITZ, Henry SHELTON, George W. G. SHIPMAN, Henry SHOCKMAN, Joshua TOMSON, Samuel WALKER, Charles WARNER, Frederick WEHKING George W. YEAGER, Gerhard JUMWEILDE, Frank CHRISTMAN, Clements DULLE, Wesley W. LONG, Charles WEIDEMAN, George K. WILDER.

Killed in Battle. - Sergeants Thomas G. DRAKE, John H. OSLING; Corporal Henry F. FAUK; Privates Louis F. FAUTZ, Theodore WESSELMAN.

Died. - Corporals Henry G. KREYENHAGEN, Joseph MARTIN; Privates Henry L. FORD, Frank GUHRA, George KELSCH, David KLEIN, Jacob NIKEL, Alexander SCHIDTMAN, Raimond WELLING.

Discharged. - First Sergeant James F. MELINE; Sergeant H. E. W. BACKUS, Henry N. CONDEN; Corporals James F. BARGULOW, Charles DONNELLY. Privates George AANDREWS Theodore AUSTIN, Frank CRESTS, David D. DAVIS, Henry C. DAVIS, Henry GAUCKSTADT, Joseph HADDOCK, Christopher H. KUHN, Jefferson MCCLURE, William A. ROEBUCK, Mortimer SINGER, James F. SMITH, Freeman C. TRYON, Harrison WALTZ, Thomas S. WITHERELL.

Transferred. - First Sergeant Henry GEE, Sergeant William PAPERBROOK, Musician John H. BUCHTEL, Privates John M. DARKE, Charles E. LEWIS, Alexander LOVE, William MCBRIDE, Andrew MURPHY.

On muster in, but not on muster out roll. - Privates Thomas BRAUN, Frederick A. BEMIS, John J. CORDRY, William CAMP, Carneal CONGER, Henry C. FOWLER, Stephen GROVE, Joseph L. GIBSON, Charles HEINE, Thomas JOHNSON, F. H. LANCASTER, Frederick MARTIN, Peter MOLLOY, John RUT, Frank ROSS, Luke RAPPLEE, James W. ROE, Thomas F. RICKER, Francis SUTCHS, Edwin THOMAS, Diedrick EVERS, John FAGRU, Barnard KLENBERG, William LAMONT, Frederick MADEKE, George MCLAUGHLIN, Conrad MILCHER, Albert MALLOY, Michael NOLAN, Jacob SCHAFFNER, Julius WINER, Engelhart WOLFER, Jacob WEIBER, Frederick KRAUSE, Louis STAHL, Martin ERHARDT.

Transferred. - Sergeant Newton MCKEE, Corporal George B. CRIST, Privates Frederick BOTTLES, Victor LIEST, Jacob MATTERN, Darius CROSLINE, Rinhard CRIST, Samuel DOATWART, Sandy SMITH (under-cook, African).

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