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Compiled by Penny Papenfus                        email:                                           Updated 3-27-07

sources include newspapers, birth and/or death records.  No corrections in misspellings were done. Personal observations are enclosed in [].


Name                                          Birth                          Birth Location                  Father                                  Mother                          Reported By                             Race



Abbott, Cledith                         12-30-1891                 Findlay                         A. Abbott                                 Melissa Vinson              B. C. Walters                           w

Abbott, Francis R.                    7-3-1891                     Findlay                         George W. Abbott                   Ella J. Shank               J. H. Cook                               “

Adams, Archibald Neuton        6-14-1892                   Findlay                         Martin J. Adams                       Emily Schuches                      Cyrus M. Hassler                     “                      

Adams, Ora E.                         8-1867                         Findlay                         John Adams                             Martha Adams                                                            

Adams, Stanley                        12-8-1891                   Madison Twp               George Adams                         Mollie Newman          T. H. Bushong                         

Adams, ‘no name’ male            3-12-1892                   McComb                     William Adams                         Louise Morelock         G. M. Aukerman                     

Adkins, Thos. W.                     7-28-1891                   Liberty Twp                 George Adkins                         Dora Ward                        Wm Taylor                              

Agin, Jene Park                        6-23-1891                   VanBuren                     William R. Agin                        Jessie Taughtintaugh   J. B. Foltz                                

Alderich, M. J.                         1-21-1892                   Pleasant Twp                Madison Alderidge                   Violetta Butler               G. M. Aukerman                     

Alge, Austin C.                         5-17-1891                   Jackson Twp                William Alge                             Almira J. Bunel                E. Doty                                   

Allen, Beatrice                          10-27-1892                 Findlay                         Frederick Allen                         Agnes Mcfadden         Isaac Feller                              

Allen, Mary                              4-9-1892                     Findlay                         John Allen                                Mary Cusan                        W. W. Siddall                         

Alexandra, George Y.               1-19-1893                   Findlay                         Eli Alexandra                            Elizabeth Stoker  Wm. W, Fry                            

Almy, Hulda Gay                      9-25-1893                   Delaware Twp              C. C. Almy                               Myrtie J. Waltermire       S. C. Walker                           

Alspach, Edith D.                     6-20-1891                   Eagle Twp                    D. H. Alspach                          Mary E. Swisher            Wm Taylor                              

Alspach, John C.                      3-26-1892                   Washington Twp          John C. Alspach                       Eva A. Kissell              R. Anderson                            

Alspach, Ralph                         7-23-1891                   Findlay                          Lewis Alspach                         Charlotte Jacobs E. M. Randell                          

Altman, Arthur Ray                   8-5-1892                     Biglick Twp                  J. P. Altman                              Emma J. Pepple  J. A. Parker                              “

Altman, Charles                        2-16-1894                   Findlay                         Daniel Altman                           Amanda Solomon           John A. Thomas   [see Aultman]

Altman, John S.                        2-16-1894                   Findlay                         Daniel Altman                           Amanda Solomon           John A. Thomas   [twins]         

Altman, Sarah E.                      1863                            Findlay                         Saml Altman                             Barbara []                                                                       

Alward, ‘no name’ female         2-7-1893                     Blanchard Twp             F. E. Alward                            Francis Dukes              M. A. Loy                               

Altwies, Cordula T.                  5-16-1892                   Fostoria, Seneca C.      Nicholas Aultwise                     Mary Sendeblack      S. P. Bemisderfer                    

Ames, Mable Clair                   8-2-1892                     Findlay                         Charles O. Ames                      Luhanna Keel                 C. C. Grubb                            

Anderson, Clara May               7-30-1891                   Arlington                      William T. Anderson                 Mary M. Waltemire         J. B. Foltz                                

Anderson, Harry T.                  7-19-1891                   Findlay                         Frederick Anderson                  Laura Moses                C. M Hassler                        

Anderson, Ivan G.                    5-10-1894                   Madison Twp               William Anderson                     Mary Waltermire                                                      

Anderson, John                        6-9-1892                     Findlay                         James J. Anderson                    Mary Jordan              L. C. Smith                              

Antrim, Infant                            4-9-1892                    Findlay                         Charles Antrim                         Emma Fenstmaker        C, M. Hassler                         “

Apger,Geere L.                         12-5-1891                  Findlay                         Nathaniel Apger                       Zena Nogle                           Simpson Harris                        

Applegate, Harry Earl               9-7-1892                     Findlay                         Guss Applegate                        Maud Mann                        W. W. Siddall                         

Appenzeller, William                  12-15-1891                Findlay                         Chas. Appenzeller                    Maria E. Clemons         J. H. Cook                                

Archer, Zella May                    4-6-1892                     Portage Twp                Franklin Archer                        Saoma Rader               J. Nelson                                 

Armbrecht, Marcella M.           7-20-1917                   Findlay                         William Armbrecht                    Jennie Bair                                                                       

Armstrong, Russell                     3-15-1892                  Findlay                         Wm. H. Armstrong                   Louella C. Wright         W.W. Siddell                               

Arnold, Earl E.                         10-3-1891                   Orange Twp                 Henry Arnold                           Susan L. Greaser            I. Thompson                            

Arnold, Gerold O.                     5-30-1891                  Findlay                         Emanuel S. Arnold                    Ella Kate Brown           C. M. Hassler                            

Arnold, Jennette                        11-13-1891                Findlay                         J. H. Arnold                             Colista Helfrick             C.M. Hassler                          

Arnold, Sylvester E.                  6-6-1892                     Madison Twp               Francis Arnold                          Melissa Elms                 Holnas Wheeler                       

Arnold, Orval M.                      7-2-1891                     Jackson Twp                Rufus Arnold                            Mary E. Elsea                E. Doty                                   

Arras, Ada Leoda                    9-3-1891                     Orange Twp                 Peter D. Arras                          Elizabeth Wahl                I. Thompson                            

Arras, Amanda L.                     7-17-1891                   Eagle Twp                    Nicholas Arras                         Margeret Rauch   W. W. Creighton                     

Arras, Elvina                             12-8-1892                   Eagle Twp                    Henry Arras                             Joanna M. Crates  John B. Foltz                           

Arras, Martin                            10-5-1892                   Orange Twp                 Philip Arras                              Lacinda Neff                 C.A. Battles                            

Askam, Daughter                      5-10-1861                   Vanlue                          Augustus                                  Saville Unknown         [later married James Campbell]

Aukerman, Helen B.                 12-12-1891                 Pleasant Twp                Byron Aukerman                      Della Gorrell              G. M. Aukerman                     

Ault, Bernice                            8-21-1892                   Findlay                         Jerome Ault                              Anna Roberts                        M. L. Tisdale                           

Aultman, Alice May                  6-1-1892                     Eagle Twp                    Daniel Aultman                         Amanda Soloman           H. D. Bishop                           

Aunsbaugh, Infant Female         1865                            Hancock C                   Levi Aunsbaugh                        Malissa Aunsbaugh                                                      

Aurand, Guynell G.                   5-6-1891                     Jackson Twp                J. B. Aurand                             Mary E. Strother            E. Doty                                    “



Bails, John Wesley                    5-29-1853                   Hancock                      Abraham Lincoln Bails              Elizabeth Hart                                                                 w

Baker, Harold 'Lance'               2-11-1935                   Findlay                        Harold W. Baker                       Susie A. Grogg                                                               “

Barber, Donald Franklin            7-11-1920                  North Baltimore           Arthur R. Barber                       Esther B. Monasmith                                                      

Barnhill, Mary A.                      1845                            Liberty Twp                 Robt. Barnhill                           Nancy Barnhill                                                            

Baughman, Olive E.                  1862                            Hancock                      []                                              []                                                                                 

Beltz, Oscar                             11-16-1909                 Findlay                          Edward Beltz                          Lucinda Wolf                                                                

Bish, Lucy                                6-7-1856                     Eagle Twp                    Andrew Bish                            Lovine Bish                                                                       

Bishop, John S.                        9-13-1847                   Eagle Twp                                                                                           

Bishop, Charles                                                            Eagle Twp                    John S Bishop                          Angeline A Woodruff

Bosworth, Perry A.                  1-10-1929                   Mt Blanchard               Perry H. Bosworth                   Norine Goiner                                                             

Brown, Sarah R.                       8-[12]-1867                 Findlay                         []                                              [Sarah R. Brown]                                                

Bushong, C. Keith                    5-18-1929                   Findlay                         Clayton Bushong                      Madeline Mertz                                                   “



Clark, Lorenzo                         7-13-1867                   Hancock                      []                                              []                                                                                  w

Clymer, Thomas L                    5-30-1928                   Benton Ridge               Avery Clymer                           Geraldine Williamson                                                       

Codner, Margaret                                                         Findlay                         Frank Codner                           Gertrude Routson                                                           

Codner, Virginia L.                   9-1-1925                     Findlay                         Frank Codner                           Gertrude Routson                                                           

Coleman, Infant Female            11-20-1867                 Findlay                         Levi Coleman                           []                                                          Stillborn                                               

Coleman, Thomas                     7/28/1920                                                     

Cook, Homer                           1866                            Union Twp                   []                                              []                                                                                 

Coppes, Thomas R.                  8-9-1923                     Findlay                         Theophilus Coppes                   Jane Rader                                                                       

Cornwell, Franklin J.                 1864                            Union Twp                   []                                              []                                                                                 

Cramner, Frances Louise          4-27-1924                   McComb                     Isaac Cramner                          Elsie Butcher                                                                       

Crawfis, Everett C                    2-22-1930                   Findlay                        Everett C. Crawfis                     Edna Stuber                                                                       

Crist, Leora Rebecca                9-25-1907                   Eagle Twp                    John M. Crist                           Cora McClelland

Crosby, George B. II               1935                             Findlay                        Dr. Harold O. Crosby               Lucille                                                                          “

Crozier, Betty                          11-23-1924                  Findlay                        Roy G. Crozier                          Hazel Lucille Oman                                                   

Crozier, Roy G.                       5-31-1895                    Eagle Twp                  George Crozier                          Etta Deeds                                                                       



Decker, John                            [1860-1867]                Hancock C                   James Decker                           Mary Decker                                                             w

Delong, Alberta I.                     11-20-1920                 Chillicothe OH            Clarence P. Delong                    Hazel M. Houbeil                                                            “                                                          

Dukes, John W.                        1854                            Hancock C                   Rich. Dukes                              Mary Dukes                                                                       




Ernst, Richard L.                      10-12-1915                 Findlay                         Ed Ernst                                   Katherine McCahan                                                         w

Evans, Delilah                           1866                            Hancock                      []                                              []                                                                                 



Farling, Albert A.                      4-30-1880                   Findlay                         []                                              []                                                                                  w

Fellabaum, Armeda                  2-19-1875                   Findlay                         []                                              []                                                                                  “

Fellabaum, Charles                   2-26-1881                   Jackson Twp                []                                              []                                                                                 

Fellers, Clayton Verl                 3-10-1908                   Findlay                         John Fellers                              Amy Jones

Fellers, Dorothy                                                            Findlay                         Jacob Fellers                            Mary Powell

Fellers, Seely J.                                                            Findlay                         Jacob Fellers                            Mary Powell

Fields, James                            1935                             Mt Cory                                                                      Elizabeth                                                                            

Fields, Perry Clark                   4-30-1880                   Delaware Twp              []                                              []                                                                                 

Firmin, George W.                    1-2-1875                     Findlay                         []                                              []                                                                                 

Fischer, Daniel P.                      3-3-1892                    Findlay                        Daniel Fischer                            Sophia Teets                                                               

Fischer, William                        10-13-1878                 Madison Twp               []                                              []                                                                                 

Fishel, Catherine                       2-10-1880                   Findlay                         []                                              []                                                                                 

Folk, Ellen                                1-4-1864                     Union Twp                   []                                              []                                                                                 

Folk, Nevada Belle Mrs           2-2-1869                     Hancock County                                                                                                          [husband is C. O. Folk]

Foltz, Reuben B.                       2-21-1871                   Cass Twp                     []                                              []

Foltz, Silas Monroe                  8-27- 1866                  Benton Ridge                Peter Foltz                                Amanda Hissey

Foreman, Conrad                     1811                            Hancock C                   []                                              []

Foreman, Lodema                    [1832-1842]                Allen Twp                    Conrad Foreman                      Eliza Foreman

Foreman, Opal                         1-9-1912                     Eagle Twp                    Raleigh D. Foreman                  Alice Catherine Wyer

Foster, Carrie Blanche              1-20-1882                   Delaware Twp              []                                              []

Fox, Minnie                              3-16-1880                   Washington Twp          []                                              []                                              [? Sister to Nellie]

Fox, Nellie W.                          8-11-1875                   Washington Twp          []                                              []                     

Fox, Ollie Dell [Fe]                   11-4-1878                   Union Twp                   []                                              []

Fox, Sabina                              4-1867                         Union Twp                   John C. Fox                             Debba Fox                                                                        “

Fry, Stanford S.                        11-29-1866                 Arlington Oh                 []                                              []



Gangle, William C.                    1-30-1912                   Pleasant Twp               John Gangle                              Blanch Kieffer                                                              w

George, Amanda Jane              2-9-1836                     Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, Benjamin Franklin        7-23-1849                   Hancock C                   Joseph George                         Mary C Hammond

George, Elizabeth Jane              3-17-1841                   Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, Hannah                       3-11-1832                   Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, Henry                          Dec 1833                     Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, Israel Wheeler             12-27-1850                 Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, John                            9-1-1838                     Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, Mary Catherine           11-14-1847                 Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, Nelson Franklin           3-9-1844                     Amanda Twp               Peter George                            Mary Woodruff

George, Rebecca                      4-22-1843                   Hancock C                   Joseph George                         Mary C Hammond

George, Sarah Elizabeth            11-17-1854                 Amanda Twp               Joseph George                         Mary Woodruff

Gilmer, Joseph                          1854                            Delaware Twp              John Gilmer                              Susan Gilmer                                                              “

Grauel, James                           11-11-1913                 Allen Twp                    George Merl Grauel                  Eva Grace Oaks

Greetham, Eleanor M.             8-31-1912                                                                          



Hartman, Mildred C.                1-2-1918                     Arlington                      Adam Hartman                         Martha Rauch                                                               w

Hawley, Dr. B.G.                     11-21-1925                 Findlay OH                 Fred Hawley                              Ruth Baldwin                                                                        “

Heckerman, Charles F.             9-9-1856                     Liberty Twp                 Frank Heckerman                     Katherine Long

Heckerman, Florence Gail        2-5-1892                     Blanchard Twp             Charles F. Heckerman              Margaret Virginia Powel

Hockengerger, Infant Male       [11-30] 1867               Hancock C                   L. Hockenberger                      []                                              [? Stillborn]



Johnston, Edson B.                   7-15-1917                   Hancock County         Wilbert Johnston                        Edith Roebuck                                                                      w



Keller, William S.                     1864                            Union Twp                   []                                              []                                                                                  “

Kelley, Infant Male                   10-1867                       Pleasant Twp                Henry Kelley                            Malissa Kelley

Kennedy, James Harrison        1837                             Monroe County           

Kimmel, Raymond Ira               10-22-1925                 Hancock County          Carl E. Kimmel                         Mabel M. Boutwell

King, Edwin A.                         3-12-1892                   Hancock County          Robert Leffler King                   Lola Askam

Kutz, Franklin H.                      11-25-1867                 Liberty Twp                 []                                              []



Lauck, Ruth E.                         11-22-1923                 Findlay                         Lester Lauck                            Alice Hickerson                                                         “

Lefferson, Grace G.                  9-5-1896                     Biglick Twp                  William Lefferson                      Julia Dyson

Lewis, Stanley E.                      5-23-1933                   Hancock County          Arthur Lewis                            Reva George

Longbrake, Julia Ann                10-8-1909                   Arlington                      Jacob Longbrake                      Esther Hook

Luneack, Clara Anna Elizabeth 1-19-1899                   Madison Twp               Adam Luneack                         Mariah Bormuth



Mann,Mary J                            1863                            Findlay                         []                                              [].                                                                                 w

Markley, Eva L.                       1888                            Mt Cory                       []                                              []                                                                                  “

Markwood, Lizzie                    12-10-1891                 Cass Twp                     []                                              []

Markwood, Nellie                    4-1-1889                     Cass Twp                     []                                              []

Marquardt, Fred                       8-17-1890                   Delaware Twp

Marshal, John A.                      1859                            Amanda Twp               []                                              []

Martin, Carrie Edga                  7-14-1891                   Mt. Blanchard

Martin, Harrison                       2-1-1870                     Delaware Twp              []                                              []

Martin, Luella C.                      11-1-1909                   Columbus Grove         Homer Martin                            Matilda Williams

Martz, Rollin H.                        5-12-1880                   Madison Twp              

Marvin, Alice I.                        6-12-1922                   Eagle Twp                  Eugene L. Marvin                       Lela G. Hartman

Marvin, Florence Estella           11-28-1879                 Findlay                         James L. Marvin                       Maggie M. Marvin

Mathias, Anna                          5-18-1879                   Findlay                         D. Mathias                               Theresa Mathias

May, Albert                              2-7-1888                     Findlay                         []                                              []

Mayer, Merl                             2-1-1882                     Findlay                         []                                              []

McClellan, Luther T                  10-9-1895                   Eagle Twp                    Harry McClellan                       Blanche Yates

McCullough, Charles H.           12-31-1884                                           

Messamore, John                     4-12-1859                   Jackson Twp                []                                              []

Metzler, Adell                           6-12-1863                   Washington Twp          []                                              []

Metzler, Elizabeth                     10-3-1868                   Orange Twp                 []                                              []

Michaels, J. W. [?sex]              12-21-1877                 Amanda Twp               []                                              []

Miller, Daniel                            1868                            Pleasant Twp

Miller, Erma N                         10-7-1902                   Houcktown                  Clarence Miller                         Eva Orwick                                                                        “

Miller, George Frederick          9-2-1879                     Vanburen                     []                                              []

Miller, Mary                             6-1867                         Hancock C                   M. D. Miller                             []

Mitchel, Jane Irene                   8-12-1854                   Pleasant Twp                []                                              []

Moffitt, Ada M                        6-5-1882 

Moffitt, Richard                        1-18-1879                   Arcadia                        []                                              []

Moor, John W.                         7-12-1891                   Orange Twp                

Moore, Arthur Melville             11-10-1877                 Delaware Twp              []                                              []

Moore, Byron K.                     2-19-1878                   Amanda Twp               []                                              []

Moore, Ross W.                      1-3-1837                     Biglick Twp                  []                                              []

More, Samuel Albert                2-4-1860                     Biglick Twp                  Andrew Moore                        Nancy Moore

Morris, Clara Belle                   12-17-1875                 Delaware Twp              []                                              []

Morrison, Earl E.                      1875                            Blanchard Twp             []                                              []

Mosier, Mina                            10-16-1880                 Findlay                         Mike Mosier                            Mary Mosier

Mosier, Paul Barnhart               3-31-1886                   Findlay                         []                                              []

Mumma, Don Bliss                   10-1-1886                   Jackson Twp                E. L. E. Mumma                       S. A. Mumma

Mungen, William J.                   1-27-1868                   Findlay                         []                                              []

Musgrave, Abigail                     3-29-1867                   Delaware Twp              []                                              []

Musgrave, Arthur                     3-28-1875                   Hancock C                   Hiram Musgrave                       Adeline Guysinger

Musser, Delila J.                       3-7-1876                     Madison Twp               []                                              []

Musser, Oringe Eugene [Fe]     10-31-1866                 Madison Twp               []                                              []

Myers, Betty Jane                     10-25-1929                 Hancock C                   Floyd Myers                             Gertrude Irene Robinson                               

Myers, Kate                             1874                            Findlay                         []                                              []



Oakes, J.  [fe]                          6-1867                         Pleasant Twp                John Oakes                              Rachel Oakes                                                              w

Osthimer, Mary                        1865                            Allen Twp                    Joseph Osthimer                       Eva Osthimer



Painter, Reed R                       3-22-1916                                                                                                                                                                                            “

Parr, Mary Elizabeth                 3-6-1907                     Hancock C                   Benj. F. Parr                            Elma Pearl Codner

Pasold, Elizabeth                      1854                            Findlay                         Constant Pasold                       Hannah

Pendleton, Ronald L.                6-4-1941                     McComb                   Willis Pendleton                          Helen Richard

Pifer, Henry                              1865                            Findlay                         John Pifer                                 Harriet Pifer

Preble, Violet C.                      11-24-1894                  McComb                    Albert Preble                             Gertrude Guear

Pressnell, Lucille                       2-9-1909                     Findlay                         Ezra Pressnell                           Nellie Stevens

Price, Nelson Poe                     7-13-1909                   Findlay                         Peter N. Price                          Mazelle Poe



Renninger, Infant Male              9-23-1867                   Blanchard Twp             J. Renninger                              Rebecca Renninger                                                         “

Rieck, Barbara Jo                     5-8-1928                     Findlay                         Carl Rieck                                Edna Campbell

Reiter, Glenna M.                     6-12-1920                   Mt Cory                       Glen Reiter                               Eva Light

Robinson, John                         1-1867                         Hancock C                   J. Robinson                              A. M. Robinson

Routson, Charles                      10-18-1924                 Findlay                         Arthur J. Routson                     Della Dunn

Routson, James Keith               5-30-1930                   Findlay                         Reginald Leon Routson             Nellie Gertrude Beery

Routson, Marilynn J.                 2-17-1919                   Findlay                         Reginald Leon Routson             Nellie Gertrude Beery

Rummel, Katie M.                    1866                            Findlay                         []                                              []



Saums, Dale L.                         9-28-1892                   Findlay                       Eilliam Saums                                                                                                                 w

Schaaf, Harold                         8-14-1899                   Delaware Twp            John G. Schaaf                           Cynthia Davis                                                                “

Schlaact, Gracie                       4-3-1899                     Madison Twp             Charles Schlaact                          Katie [Catherine] Hull

Schlack, Charles                       11-5-1863                   Arlington                      Karl Schlaak                            Pauline

Schlaak, Chloa                         2-14-1900                   Eagle Twp                  Wm. Schlaak                             [Catherine] Baumunk

Schlaak, Clinton L.                   6-12-1892                   Eagle Twp                    Wm. Schlaak                            Cath. Baumunt                       by C. C. Grubb                                               

Schlaack, Hulda                       6-23-1910                   Madison Twp               Charles Schlaack                      Catharine Hull

Schlaack, Rollo B                     9-8-1900                     Madison Twp               Charles Schlaack                      Catharine Hull

Schwab, Lawrence Tomas        1-5-1900                     Delaware Twp            W. T. Schwab                           Bertha L. Bash

Scothorn, William Abraham      1-18-1900                   Orange Twp               Warren W. Scothorn                  Florence Pachert

Sechler, Rhoda                         10-27-1899                 Orange Twp                John C. Sechler                         Florence Sechler

Shafer, Albert Venton               6-3-1899                     Marion Twp                Samuel Shafer                           May Shafer

Shafer, Ella A.                          7-22-1885

Shafer, Virgil R.                        7-22-1899                   Portage Twp                J. W. Shafer                             Mary E. Wolford

Shank, Mary Bernice                10-20-1899                 Rawson                        Frank Shank                            Rose Crist    

Sharninghause, Ralph G.           4-7-1900                     Pleasant Twp               Geo. Sharninghause                   Jennie P. Mowery

Shasteen, Bonny Fern               2-15-1934                   Toledo OH                  Don O. Shasteen                       Fern Struble

Sheldon, Fred                           3-13-1900                   Jackson Twp               E. J. Sheldon                             O. M. Allison

Sheller, James C.                      3-9-1900                     Cass Twp                    F. P. Sheller                              Nettie B. Crozier                                                 “

Sherick, Clarence A.                8-1-1890                     Liberty Twp                 Peter Sherick                            Clara Aurand

Sheridan, Florence Cecilia        4-8-1899                     Findlay                         John Sheridan                           Daisy Pentzer

Sherrick, David William            4-7-1899                     Liberty Twp                 John H. Sherrick                        Elizabeth L. Eddinger

Shilling, Irvin Orvill                    4-13-1899                   Orange Twp                Adam Shilling                            Dora Good

Shine, Benjamin Gale                12-21-1899                 Mt. Cory                      B. F. Shine                               Cindarella Hews

Shoemaker, Infant Female        7-26-1867                   Union Twp                   J. Shoemaker                           J. Shoemaker

Siford, Franklin F.                    2-10-1900                   Cass Twp                    Louis Siford                              Jessie Comer

Sink, Carl                                 7-25-1899                   Delaware Twp              Nelson Sink                             Laura E. Musgrove

Sites, Flossy Erl                        3-9-1900                     Blanchard Twp             Elijah Sites                               Mary Wilison

Slusser, Infant                           2-12-1900                   Washington Twp[Hardin] Ira A. Slusser                       Olive Sager

Smith, Albert Leroy                  8-3-1899                     Findlay                         Grant Smith                              [  ] Alspach

Smith, Carey Fay                      6-27-1899                   McComb                     Geo. J. Smith                            Phoebe Miller

Smith, Nancy                            6-8-1924                     Findlay                         Chester P. Smith                       Doris Wilcox

Smith, Julia Jane                                                           Findlay                         Chester P. Smith                       Doris Wilcox

Smith, Lauren E.                       9-24-1906                   Liberty Twp                 Samuel Smith                            Alta Berkley

Snyder, F. C.                           10-15-1899                 Jackson Twp                 J. H. Snyder                             F. Enfield

Snyder, Harry Rasco                7-18-1899                   Delaware Twp              Abraham Snyder                      Martha Greeno

Snyder, Infant                           10-1-1899                   Madison Twp               Alexander M. Snyder               Sadie L. Hartman

Solt, Hazel M.                          7-12-1899                   Madison Twp              Henry H. Solt                            Ollie Wilch                                                                        “

Solomon, Daniel                       4-29-1852                   Findlay

Spacht, Lois M.                        10-13-1881                 Williamstown                 Repha Spacht                          Florence Unknown

Sparling, Gerald Saffell             12-6-1899                   Pleasant Twp                D. B. Sparling                          Cora L. Saffell

Spence, Howard McKinley      4-3-1899                     Near Shawtown            Thomas H. Spence                  Emma E. Williams

Spitler, Harvey G.                     8-11-1899                   Pleasant Twp                Harvey T. Spitler                      Grace A. Wolford

Spoon, Dorothy Bell                 9-17-1917                   Findlay                         Grover Cleveland Spoon          Mary Helen Street

Stafford, Wayne                       3-24-1916                   McComb                      Roy Stafford                            Mae Hemry;

Stark, Irene                              10-10-1899                 McComb                      W. J. Stark                             Ina B. Harding

Starr, Amarilla                          1906                            Columbus Grove                                                        

Stauffer, Anna                          9-13-1899                    Delaware Twp             Samuel Stauffer                        Elizabeth Seigentaller

Steen, Ernest Ray                     2-20-1900                   Portage Twp                 Edw. R. Steen                        Sadie E. Dillinger

Steen, May                               4-30-1899                   Portage Twp                 Chauncey Steen                      Augusta C. Stahl

Steinman, Gerald L.                  1910                            Hancock County     

Stonehill, George Noah             6-3-1899                     Orange Twp                 James W. Stonehill                  Clara Klingler

Stratton, Bertena                      6-15-1899                   Orange Twp                 Myron Stratton                        Nora Bell

Strouse, Phyliss Gail                 1-6-1900                     Pleasant Twp                Lewis Strouse                         Della LOonno

Strouse, Ralph W.                    10-13-1909                 McComb                      Ray Strouse                            Stella Burgoon

Stout, Helen M.                        8-16-1899                   Washington Twp           C. L. Stout                             Maud Hosler                                                                        “

Swank, Rose Ella                     10-7-1899                   Pleasant Twp                Frank Swank                          Sarah Spence

Swank, Virgie     [Fe]               7-27-1899                   Jackson Twp                C. W. Swank                          Clemma Sebring                                                 “

Sweet, Infant Male                   1866                            Findlay                         Wm. Sweet                              Rebecca Sweet                                                   b



Thomas, Ruth O.                      10-31-1913                 Hancock C                   Charles “Guy” Thomas             Ethel May Hartman                                                           w

Thompson, Helen E.                 2-3-1918                     Arlington                      Ben Thompson                         Emma Doepker                                                           “



Vermillion, Lesta                       3-28-1882                   Ada OH                         James Vermillion                     Henrietta

Von Stein, Margaret Amanda   10-23-1912                 Vanburen Twp             Henry Von Stein                       Clara Arras

Von Stein, Samuel H.                                                   Vanburen Twp             Henry Von Stein                       Clara Arras

Von Stein, Emma                                                          Vanburen Twp             Henry Von Stein                       Clara Arras



Wagner, Helen                         4-23-1909                                                                                                                                                                                           “

Wieger, Nally                           1862                            Findlay                         Conrad Weiger                         []

Wisner, Ruth B.                        6-19-1903                   Findlay                          George Wisner                       Augusta Weyer

Wyant, Jacob Ervin                  10-15-1839                 Cass Twp



Yearger, Rachel B.                   5-4-1843                     Van Buren Twp            Peter Yearger                           Francis []                                                                        w