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Compiled/transcribed by Penny Papenfus            Email:         updated: 3-27-07

Sources include death records, newspaper notices, research.   Misspellings in original documents have not been corrected.

[] indicates info not given on death record


Name                                                   Death Date                   Burial                                       Other Information



Abrams, Samuel                                   1-25-1867                                                                   b Fairfield C OH, married, blacksmith, cause []

Adams, Ora E.                                     9-22-1867                                                                   b.Findlay, age 1m, d/o John Adams & Martha Adams, cause-Colera Infantum

Adler, Catharine Rettig                         2-14-1902                   St Pauls                                    b 12-3-1825

Adler, John                                           6-15-1943                   St Pauls                                    b 2-21-1857

Adler, Margaret Beach                         10-24-1946                 St Pauls                                    b 11-29-1861

Adler, Martin                                        10-24-1946                 St Pauls                                    b 11-12-1832

Affeld, August                                      9-8-1909                     St Pauls                                    b 1-7-1834

Affeld, Augusta H. Thom                      7-16-1920                   St Pauls                                    b 11-23-1843

Affeld, Friedrick M.                              5-12-1891                   St Pauls                                    b 1-7-1866

Affeld, Wilhelm                                     9-6-1872                     St Pauls                                    b 1872

Affeldt, Bertha                                      1893                            St Pauls                                    b 1-31-1887

Affeldt, Frederick Ernest                       1-11-1901                   St Pauls                                    b 4-17-1837

Affeldt, Pauline Wilhelmina Marohn       10-13-1920                 St Pauls                                    b 5-22-1841

Agin, Albert M.                                    1943                            Hassan                                     b 1860

Agin, Anna E.                                       1942                            Hassan                                     b 1864

Agin, Charles                                        May 1966                    Hassan                                     b 5-24-1887

Agin, Elmer L.                                      8-22-1988                   Hassan                                     b 5-24-1900

Agin, Evan                                            1945                            Hassan                                     b 1929

Agin, Exie A.                                        1945                            Hassan                                     b 1866

Agin, Gladys F.                                    4-20-1909                   Hassan                                     b 1-24-1898

Agin, Ilo                                               3-2-1988                     Hassan                                     b 11-5-1891

Agin, Ira T.                                           4-29-1861                   Hassan                                     b 1-12-1857

Agin, Jesse W.                                     1944                            Hassan                                     b 1866

Agin, Jessie M.                                     1943                            Hassan                                     b 1865

Agin, Jonathan S.                                  1944                            Hassan                                     b 1864

Agin, Martha                                        1943                            Hassan                                     b 1869

Agin, Mary                                           5-17-1907                   Hassan                                     b 5-4-1828

Agin, Savillah                                                                            Hassan                                     b 9-30-1849

Agin, Silas B.                                        3-3-1902                     Hassan                                     b 2-28-1839

Agin, Walter V.                                    1918                            Hassan                                     b 1895

Agin, William                                        12-31-1891                 Hassan                                     b 5-2-1806

Agin, William R.                                   1919                            Hassan                                     b 1862

Alge, Philip                                           1950                            Bishop Cem.                            B 1869

Aller, Ada May                                    7-26-1893                   Bishop                                      b 7-16-1893

Aller, Delbert                                        Feb 1948                     Bishop                                      b. 1867

Aller, Mary Eva Elsea                           Jul 1947                       Bishop                                      b 10-24-1872

Allerding, Anthony                                1-16-1913                   Hassan                                     b 6-13-1841

Allerding, Catherine                              12-29-1901                 Hassan                                     b 2-7-1824

Allerding, Lucy M.                                2-19-1901                   Hassan                                     b 3-13-1854

Allerding, Margaret E.                          9-22-1872                   Hassan                                     b 2-5-1849

Allerding, Michael                                 1937                            Hassan                                     b 1861

Allerding, Michael                                 2-16-1859                   Hassan                                     b 3-15-1793

Allerding, Michael                                 8-27-1895                   Hassan                                     b 11-1-1819

Allerding, Roy B.                                  1935                            Hassan                                     b 1879

Allerding, Santha                                  1918                            Hassan                                     b 1848

Allerding, Yosanda                               3-26-1877                   Hassan                                     b. 3-15-1797

Alspach, Ann R.                                   10-12-1864                 Bishop                                      b 3-28-1854

Alspach, Berl B.                                   1950                            Bishop                                      b 1884

Alspach, Catharine                               8-8-1860                     Bishop                                      b 12-26-1852

Alspach, Cornelius                                1919                            Bishop

Alspach, David H.                                10-16-1920                 Bishop                                      b 4-6-1850

Alspach, Della                                      1924                            Bishop                                      b 1858

Alspach, Edward C                              7-18-1947                   Bishop                                      b 9-6-1875

Alspach, Elizabeth Hartman                  Sep 1905                     Bishop                                      b 1830

Alspach, Emma                                    4-4-1868                                                                     age 8, b Wyandot C, residence Amanda Twp, d/o [][], cause Spotted Fever

Alspach, Fred                                       1954                            Bishop                                      b 1878

Alspach, Frederick                               Apr 1954                     Bishop                                      b 1865

Alspach, George Franklin                     2-14-1973                   Bishop                                      b 6-19-1884

Alspach, George Washington                Jan 1928                      Bishop                                      b 1853

Alspach, Ingaba V.                               8-4-1856                     Bishop                                      b 1-22-1856

Alspach, J. B.                                       1923                            Bishop                                      b 1853

Alspach, Josiah Sr                                7-17-1860                   Bishop                                      b 1-5-1826

Alspach, Josiah Jr                                 4-5-1871                     Bishop                                      b 10-8-1860

Alspach, Joshua Douglas                      9-29-1940                   Lee Cemetery                           b 5-3-1861

Alspach, L H                                        11-20-1879                                                                 age 5y1m27d, b Findlay, cause Diphtheria

Alspach, Laura Loretta Hartman Swisher 10-6-1922                Bishop                                      b 1-11-1856

Alspach, Lydia                                     11-2-1858                   Bishop                                      b 1-16-1835

Alspach, Mary Taylor                           11-10-1863                 Bishop                                      b 1-23-1838

Alspach, Mary Ellen Swisher                10-22-1914                 Bishop                                      b 7-12-1850

Alspach, Noble Roy                             2-26-1891                   Bishop                                      b 12-2-1881

Alspach, Sarah Elida Beard                  1-27-1952                   Lee Cemetery                           b 4-27-1865

Altman, Sarah E.                                  9-20-1867                                                                   b.Findlay, age 4y, d/o Saml & Barbara Altman, cause-Diptheria

Andress, Jacob                                     10-14-1867                                                                 b Sussex NJ, age 69, married, farmer, s/o Jacob & Eliza Andress, cause []

Arnold, Ada                                         6-1-1880                     Hassan                                     b 5-16-1880

Arnold, B. Vida                                    1957                            Hassan                                     b 1868

Arnold, George W.                               7-11-1880                   Hassan                                     b 6-9-1879

Arnold, Harriet E.                                 3-10-1868                                                                   age 6y, b Eagle Twp, d/o George Arnold & [], cause Meningitis

Arnold, James H.                                  1945                            Hassan                                     b 1874

Arnold, Jane E.                                     1898                            Hassan                                     b 1841

Arnold, John T.                                    1922                            Hassan                                     b 1840

Arnold, Martha E.                                1907                            Hassan                                     b 1906

Arnold, Rilla M.                                    1921                            Hassan                                     b 1877

Arnold, S. Roscoe                                1937                            Hassan                                     b 1870

Arnold, Thomas W.                              4-9-1880                     Hassan                                     b 4-29-1868

Arras, Elizabeth H. K. Glick                 1944                            St Pauls                                    b Sept 1855

Arras, Johann B.                                   1932                            St Pauls                                    b Feb 1855

Arras, Lucinda A. Neff                         11-28-1937                 St Pauls                                    b 2-11-1859

Arras, Philip D.                                     7-16-1929                   St Paul’s                                   b 8-14-1853

Atkins, Pearl Parrish                             1931                            Hassan                                     b 1881

Atwood, Catharine                               3-16-1868                                                                   age 24, b Fairfield C. OH, married, cause Pulmonary

Augsburger, Glenna M.                         9-13-2006                                                                   b Mt Cory, age 86, d/o Glen Reiter & Eva Light

Aunsbaugh, Infant Female                     10-23-1867                                                                 b. Hancock C, age 2, d/o Levi & Susan Aunsbaugh, cause []

Austin, Florence A.                               8-7-1867                                                                     b. Florence,Washington C. PA, age 25, married, cause-Consumption



Baban, Mary                                        1-18-1910                                                                   b5-1-1840 Ireland, age 69y8m17d; d/o John Carr & Madelia Kane; cause- Catarrhl Pneumonia

Babcock, Harriet D.                             4-16-1910                                                                   b.2-28-1840 Akron OH, age 70y1m11d; d/o Talmon Beardsley & Temperance Spicer; cause-Pneumonia

Backer, Clara                                       6-25-1910                                                                   b 1-13-1886 Findlay, age 24y5m12d, d/o Jacob S. Backer & Lana Karg, cause Typhoid Fever

Backey, Lydia Ziegenfus                       1930                            St Pauls                                    b 11-26-1885

Bails, John Wesley                               1-15-1910                                                                   b 8-29-1863 OH, 46y4m15d; s/o Abraham Lincoln Bails & Elizabeth Hart; cause-complication of diseases

Baker, Ben H.                                      Apr 1986                     Hassan                                     b 12-6-1888

Baker, Charles R.                                 Feb 1970                     Hassan                                     b 11-1-1883

Baker, Edna G.                                    1943                            Hassan                                     b 1892

Baker, Ephriam Wesley                        1929                            Clymer, Union Twp                  age 94, b 1-28-1834, “Pioneer citizen of Hancock C”, residence Mt Cory,

Baker, Florydon                                   8-29-1910                                                                   b. 3-8-1851OH, age 59y7m24d, parents Isaac Baker & Rosana Betlow, cause Apoplexy

Baker, Goldia G.                                  Dec 1980                     Hassan                                     b 9-13-1889

Baker, Hannah                                     1927                            Hassan                                     b 1845

Baker, Inez c.                                       May 1984                    Hassan                                     b 2-27-1890

Baker, Infant []                                     7-10-1910                                                                   Stillborn, child of James Baker & Minnie C. Feucht, Findlay,

Baker, William M.                                May 1970                    Hassan                                     b 3-20-1885

Baker, William S.                                 1929                            Hassan                                     b 1845

Ballard, Frances                                   9-5-1872                     Hassan                                     b 1-17-1802

Ballard, Nancy C Burns                        10-3-1907                   Hassan                                     b 1-1-1827

Bame, John G.                                      1-28-1910                                                                   stillborn s/o Sam Bame & Sarah Diller

Barnett, Catharine                                 3-1-1853                     Hassan                                     3-1-1789

Bauer, August                                       c8-24-1959                 Clymer, Union Twp                  b 1880

Bauer, Blanche                                     c3-26-1953                 [Clymer]                                   b 1882, husb August

Bauer, Charles G.                                                                     Clymer, Union Twp                  b 1914, s/o August & Blanche Bauer

Bauer, Minnie A.                                  c8-2-1997                   Maple Grove, Findlay               wife of Otto

Bauer, Otto Charles                              c3-29-1955                 Maple Grove, Findlay               b 1891

Baughman, Olive E.                              8-26-1867                                                                   b. Hancock C, age 5y, d/o [] [], cause-Pernicious Fever, Heningitis [prob. Meningitis]

Baum, Anna Eliza                                 6-14-1910                                                                   b. 7-8-1833 OH, age 76y11m8d, d/o James Exby & Mary Conn, cause Heart Disease

Baumgardner, Ada Blanche                  1-9-1968                     Hassan                                     b 9-3-1888

Baumgardner, Carl R.                           1-12-1959                   Hassan                                     b 9-21-1886

Baumgardner, Christena                        1916                            Hassan                                     b 1848

Baumgardner, Elnora                            1971                            Hassan                                     b 1878

Baumgardner,Ezra                                1949                            Hassan                                     b 1877

Baumgardner, Gladiolus                        May 1970                    Hassan                                     b 2-21-1885

Baumgardner, Henry                             8-6-1876                     Hassan                                     b 4-10-1873

Baumgardner, Isabella N.                     9-2-1905                     Hassan                                     b 12-27-1876

Baumgardner, Joel                                1921                            Hassan                                     b 1845

Baumgardner, John                               1948                            Hassan                                     b 1871

Baumgardner, Kate                              1969                            Hassan                                     b 1885

Baumgardner, Moses                            1945                            Hassan                                     b 1873

Baumgardner, Sarah                             1927                            Hassan                                     b 1873

Baumonk, John                                       4-30-1884                 Maple Grove, Findlay                                      

Baumunk, Bertha                                  1949                            Arlington Cemetery                   b 1863, husband Peter Baumunk

Baumunk, John Adam                           8-11-1910                                                                   b 8-3-1822 Germany, age 88y8d, s/o Unknown Baumunk & Elizabeth M. Mink, cause Putrid Bronchitis

Baumunk, Peter                                    1939                            Arlington Cemetery                   b 1858,

Barchlett, Lucy Ardella                         8-16-1910                                                                   b 8-6-1910, age 10d, d/o Willard Barchlett & Hallie Fisher, cause Erysipelas

Barber, Donald Franklin                         8-16-2006                 Huntingdon PA                          age 86

Barnard, Joseph D.                               1-22-1910                                                                   b 3-11-1836 Mass., age 73y10m11d, s/o Joseph Barnard & Sarah Johnson; cause-Dilatation of heart

Barnhart, Henry F.                                  1-9-1910                                                                   b.5-5-1844 OH, age 66y8m4d, s/o Wm. Barnhart & Sarah Fisher; cause- Organic heart disease

Barnes, Ray D.                                     6-6-1910                                                                     b 1-19-1910 OH, age 4m17d, s/o John A. Barnes & Maggie Beamer, cause Colic

Bates, Caroline S.                                 9-20-1910                                                                   b 3-23-1837 Vermont, age 73y5m27d, d/o C F Sturtevant & [] Morey, cause Chronic Endocarditis

Bayless, Andrew J.                               11-13-1867                                                                 age 4m, b Biglick Twp, s/o [], cause Diphtheria

Beach, Lucy Ann                                  7-1-1910                                                                     b 7-6-1830 Lehigh C, PA, 79y11m25d, d/o Daniel Mosier & Mary Polly Sieberling, cause Arteriosclerosis

Beach, Mary Catherine                         3-9-1910                                                                     b.3-4-1840 Foreign Country; age 70y5d, d/o Geo. Wertenberger & [] Hartman, cause-Senile Pneumonia

Beach, Mary Elizabeth                          3-8-1910                                                                     b. 9-1-1909 Ohio, age 6m8d;d/o Frank Beach & Eva M. Treece, cause-Malnutrition

Beals, Eva Eslie                                    2-28-1910                                                                   b.12-20-1888 OH,21y2m20d;d/o Frank Keister & Susie Hand; cause- Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Bear, Infant Male                                  6-25-1868                                                                   age 4d, b Jackson Twp, s/o Alferd & Elisabeth Bear, cause []

Beard, Ruth A.                                     6-17-1910                                                                   b 7-10-1857 OH, age 52y11m7d, d/o Frederick Vanlue & Rebecca Brown, cause Ca [cancer] Spleen

Beck, Terrilla B.                                   1-26-1915                                                                   b Cygnet OH 1888, age 26, d/o R H Beck, residence Findlay, cause Tuberculosis

Bennet, Rufus H.                                  3-25-1868                                                                   age 64, b PA, residence Jackson Twp, cause Diabetes, Direct

Bennington, George S.                          5-27-1910                                                                   b 11-10-1825 OH, age 84y6m17d, parents Unknown & Elizabeth Bennington, cause Paralysis

Benway, James                                     2-18-1910                                                                   b 1843 OH, s/o Stephen Benway & Unknown, cause- Chronic Cystitis

Bentz, Julias                                          4-13-1910                                                                   7-21-1859 Tiffin OH, age 51y8m22d; s/o Henry Bentz & Kathren Nagel; cause Pneumonia                     

Biel, Luella C. Martin                              8-12-2006                 East Swanton Cem, Swanton     age 96

Beamer, William                                   3-24-1910                                                                   b.6-7-1836 OH, age 73y9m17d; s/o Wm. Beamer & Mercy Smart; cause- Organic Heart Disease

Beaver, George K.                               4-16-1910                                                                   b.8-6-1832 Snyder C. PA, age 77y8m9d; s/o Modist Beaver & []; cause- Hypostatic Pneumonia

Beck, Andrew                                      7-15-1850                   Zion Bloom, St Pauls, Amanda Twp 

Beck, Frances Louise Cramner             8-18-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay               b 4-27-1924 McComb, d/o Isaac & Elsie Butcher Cramner, husb Kenneth

Beck, Kenneth H.                                 4-5-1997                     [?Maple Grove ]                      

Beck, Mary                                          6-16-1910                                                                   b 9-29-1812 PA, age 97y8m17d, d/o Israel Rushon & Unknown Barefoot, cause Apoplexy

Beensaert, Julius                                   6-19-1910                                                                   b 9-1883 Lichterveae Belgium,  26y9m?d, s/o Felix Beensaert & Melina Popa, cause Accidental Drowning

Belden, James                                      2-25-1891                                                                   age 25, s/o A R Belden, res Findlay, married, cause Consumption

Bell, Dorothy P. Edinger                       10-5-2003                   Maple Grove, Bluffton              age 88. wife of Harold T,

Bell, Harold T.                                      7-12-1998                  Maple Grove, Bluffton              age 83

Bell, James                                            8-30-1897                                                                  age 67              

Bell, James Thomas                               4-1-1943                    Hassan Cemetery                     b 1873

Bell, Kathryn J.                                      8-24-1982                  Maple Grove, Bluffton              age 71, wife of Maurice L.

Bell, Lesta Vermillion                             6-4-1932                    Hassan Cemetery                     wife of James T. b 1882

Bell, Maurice L.                                     8-6-1991                   Maple Grove, Bluffton              age 83

Bell, Nancy Coulter                              3-25-1895                   Hassan                                     b 8-9-1837

Bell, Ohland                                         8-27-1901                   Hassan                                     b 7-10-1861

Bell, Patty Ann                                     5-6-1866                     Hassan                                     b 5-11-1835

Bell, William R.                                     9-16-1901                   Hassan                                     b 4-27-1829

Bellinger, Sheldon L.                             2-25-1910                                                                   b. 3-19-1858 Henry C.OH, age 51y11m6d, s/o Wm Bellinger & Jerusha Cousins; cause-Apoplexy

Beltz, Oscar                                         10-11-1983                 Knollcrest                                 age 73

Bender, Eveline R.                                5-3-1899                     Hassan                                     b 5-21-1831

Bender, Peter G.                                  8-28-1883                   Hassan                                     b 6-15-1826

Benner, Anna M.                                  9-15-1852                   Lee                                          age oy2m24d

Benner, Catharine F. Moyer                 5-24-1863                   Lee                                          age 55y0m0d, husb Frederick

Benner, Enos Wilson                            5-10-1858                   Lee                                          age 10y9m24d

Benner, Frederic                                   3-8-1867                     Lee                                          age 63y10m2d

Benner, Harriet C.                                3-2-1867                     Lee                                          age 20y4m26d

Benner, Israel                                       10-12-185_                 Lee                                          age 0y5m12d, s/o Frederic & Catherine Benner

Bergman, Jeremiah                               Oct 1847                     Hassan                                     b Apr 1843

Bergman, Mary A.                                2-11-1851                   Hassan                                     b. 8-31-1838

Bergman, Solomon                               5-15-1852                   Hassan                                     b 10-29-1836

Berlin, Josephine W.                             8-20-1920                                                                   age65, bWaldron MI, d/o J. N Wilcox, husb Henry S, married 1868, to Findlay 1878, cause Neuralgia Heart

Berthaume, Nora Edna                         2-5-1910                                                                     b.11-29-1882 Portsmouth OH, 28y2m9d;d/o John Ellis & Margurite Schwardt; cause-Internal Hemorrhage

Bibler, John Lewis                                9-12-1910                                                                   b 9-26-1841 Hancock C, 68y11m16d, s/o David Bibler & [] Orwick, cause Heart trouble

Bickham, Yeatman                               1-22-1892                                                                   age 52

Bigger, Francis                                     9-30-1874                   Hassan                                     b 11-22-1852

Bigger, Mary M.                                   1920                            Hassan                                     b 1847

Bigger, Matthew                                   2-28-1886                   Hassan                                     b 12-28-1808

Bigger, Retta M.                                   1945                            Hassan                                     b 1878

Bigger, Ruah M.                                   1906                            Hassan                                     b 1877

Bigger, Stephen H.                               1929                            Hassan                                     b 1847

Bigger, Wallace                                    2-2-1885                     Hassan                                     b 1-9-1885

Bigger, Willa S.                                    10-21-1868                 Hassan                                     b 11-6-1859

Binkley, Ida M.                                    1936                            Hassan                                     b 1892

Binkley, Ray W.                                   1961                            Hassan                                     b 1892

Binkley, William N.                               1950                            Hassan                                     b 1865

Binley, Fannie                                       1-12-1910                                                                   b. 11-19-1830 PA, age 80y 1m 24d, d/o Benj. Wise and Lyda Opp; cause-accidental burns

Bish, Alva L.                                        12-25-1976                 [knollcrest]                               wife Julia Ann

Bish, Julia Ann Longbrake                    9-24-2006                   Knollcrest                                 age 96, b Arlington, d/o Jacob & Esther Hook Longbrake

Bishop, Clark                                       10-6-1881                   Hassan                                     b 10-6-1881

Bishop, Emanuel                                   1938                            Hassan                                     b 1857

Bishop, Eva                                          1955                            Hassan                                     b. 1882

Bishop, Hannah J.                                 1931                            Hassan                                     b 1848

Bishop, John S.                                    1-23-1909                   Bishop                                      b 9-13-1847 Eagle twp, cause Heart trouble

Bishop, Mary E.                                   3-17-1865                   Hassan                                     b 10-22-1864

Blackford, No Name                            2-29-1880                                                                   age 11months, born Findlay, parents [], cause Lung Fever

Blackman, Edith Enola Insley                11-27-1944                 Maple Grove                            b 1-6-1872 Wood C, d/o George D Insley & Mary Feller

Blosser, Barbara E.                              10-1-1964                   Hassan                                     b 6-18-1880

Bly, John                                              2-19-1910                                                                   b10-5-1847 OH, age 62y4m13d, s/o Jacob Bly & Julia Minehart; cause- Acute Peritonitis

Boen, Elizabeth                                     3-4-1868                                                                     age 16, b Findlay, d/o [][], cause Brain fever

Bolton, Grace E.                                    4-18-1884                                                                  age 5 months; lung fever: d/o S.H. & Lucretia Bolton      

Bookmiller, John                                   c3-20-1909                

Bope, James A.                                    10-25-1908                 Maple Grove                            b 1832, LTC

Bosse, Edward                                     6-27-1910                                                                   b 8-24-1864 OH, age 45y10m3d, s/o Christian Bosse & Rosa Arras, cause Appendicitis

Bosworth, Margie L.                            10-20-2005                 [Knollcrest]                              husb Perry

Bosworth, Perry A.                              9-19-2006                   Knollcrest                                 b Mt Blanchard, age77            

Boulware, Hilliard D.                            1-27-1910                                                                   b. 7-15-1849 SC, age 60y6m12d; cause Dropsy; parents unknown

Bowers, Catherine                                3-18-1910                                                                   b. 2-19-1838 Harrison C. OH, age 72y26d; d/o John Tennar & Mary Tipton, cause-Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Bowers, Infant                                      7-16-1910                                                                   age 1hour, b Van Buren Twp, child of Darius Bowers & Elizabeth Bradford, cause Marasmus

Bowers, Levi                                        9-30-1910                                                                   b 8-12-1857 OH, 53y1m18d, s/o Samuel Bowers & Mary Renshler, cause Organic Heart Lesion

Bowman, Catherine                              7-30-1910                                                                   b 1-1-1825 OH, age 85y6m29d, d/o John Workman & Unknown, cause Apoplexy

Boyd, Richard W.                                3-15-1910                                                                   b.7-19-1822 Washington C. PA, age 87y7m26d;s/o Thomas Boyd & Mary Scott, cause-Albuminuria

Boyles, Amy C.                                    3-16-1910                                                                   b.10-18-1854 OH, age 55y5m28d; d/o Hirim Cox & [] Harrington; cause Diabetes

Boyles, Anna McKinnis                        1901                            Indian Green Cemetery             b 1832

Breitigam, Daniel Albert                        5-23-1944                   Lee Cemetery                           b 7-2-1908

Breitigam, Fern Lee                              8-2-1951                     Lee Cemetery                           b 5-23-1887

Breitigam, John Wesley                         10-16-1970                 Lee Cemetery                           b 10-27-1879

Brice, James                                         1-20-1904                   Maple Grove                            b 1842, Col

Bricker, Nicholas S.                             8-7-1907                     Arcadia                                   

Bright, Mary                                         5-9-1910                                                                     b 9-30-1823 PA, age 86y7m9d, d/o George Gear & Catherine Myers, cause Arteriosclerosis

Brooks, Violet C. Preble                      12-22-1976                 Sugar Ridge, Leipsic                 age 82

Brown, Elisha                                       7-23-1870                   Lee Cemetery                           b 7-10-1795

Brown, Estella Gertrude                        7-26-1910                                                                   b 7-21-1888 OH, age 22y5m5d, d/o Wm. H. Brown & Melinda Fox, cause Diffuse TB

Brown, Jerry                                        10-5-1998                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 55

Brown, Joseph                                     3-5-1868                                                                     age 24, b Delaware Twp, married, cause consumption

Brown, Joshua                                      12-5-1883                   Lee Cemetery                           b 4-12-1788

Brown, Sarah R.                                   8-12-1867                                                                   b.Magnolia, Carroll C.OH, age 22, married, cause-[? childbirth complication see next Sarah R. Brown]

Brown, Sarah R.                                   9-19-1867                                                                   b. Findlay, age 1m, [? d/o Sarah R. Brown listed above], cause []

Brunner, John                                       1-10-1868                                                                   age 3d, b Hancock C, s/o [] [], cause []

Bryan, Jacob J.                                     3-18-1910                                                                   b 10-27-1830 W. Moreland, PA; age 80y4m21d, s/o Andrew Bryan & Sarah Borders, Cause-LaGrippe

Buerkle, Caroline C. P.                         3-23-1868                                                                   age 1m, b Findlay, d/o [][], cause Infl. Of Brain

Bugner, Martin J.                                  4-4-2005                     Pleasant Hill                              b 6-2-1932

Buhler, Francis J.                                  8-24-1867                                                                   b. Germany, age 41, married, Mason, s/o [][], cause Dropsy

Bunn, Nancy J.                                     8-13-1867                                                                   died Putnam C, b. Hancock C, age 24, married, d/o [][], cause-Purepal Fever

Bunnell, Glen                                         3-3-1976                    Riverview Cemetery, Mt Cory

Burman, Miss Sada                              4-20-1884                                                                   age 16, sick about 2weeks

Burnap, Benj.                                       9-18-1910                                                                   b 1-30-1837 Columbus ,73y7m18d, s/o Daniel G. Burnap & Harriet Baker, cause Valvular Heart Disease

Burns, Patrick                                       7-12-1910                                                                   b 1834, age 76, s/o Frederick Burns & Unknown, cause Ca [cancer] on the ear

Burrell, Elsworth F.                               9-2-1910                                                                     b 3-7-1907 OH, age 3y5m25d, s/o John Burrell & Ina Russler, cause Enterocolitis

Burrell, Maurine                                    1-3-1910                                                                     b3-9-1900 OH, age 9y8m24d, d/o Wm. A. Burrell & Mary E. Hartman; cause-Hemorrhage of  Bowels

Bushong, C. Keith                                8-27-2006                                                                   age 77, US Army Korea

Bushong, Lawson Ray                          9-8-1910                                                                     b 9-7-1889, age 21y1d, s/o Thomas H. Bushong & Johana Cline, cause Ptomaine Poison

Bushong, Lydia                                     11-12-1867                                                                 age 24, b Hancock C, cause []

Businger, George                                  9-17-1937                   Hassan Cemetery                     Coldren funeral home with Rev J J Anglemyer

Byal,  Eliza Jane                                    9-22-1878                                                                   age 67, b Stark C OH, married, occup Milliner, cause Cancer

Byal, Elizabeth Newstutter                    1-22-1859                                                                  

Byal, John                                            7-13-1859                                                                   age 67



Cain, Clarence R. “Stoney”                   10-4-1981                   Harman Cem, Gilboa                age 68, b 10-1-1913, residence Columbus Grove,

Cain, Elmer                                          7-13-1975                                                                   age 85, b 12-22-1889 Paulding C, wife Mary, residence Ottawa

Cameron, Anna E.                                7-23-1909                   Keller Cem, Eagle Twp            age 58, d/o William Cameron

Cameron, Samuel                                 11-7-1867                                                                   age 22, b Tuscarawas C OH, married, res- Arlington, s/o A & Lydia Cameron, cause Congestion of Brain

Cameron, William                                 9-18-1896                   Keller Cem, Eagle Twp           

Campbell, Mrs. James                          1929                            Lee Cemetery                           age 68, d/o Augustus & Saville Askam, b Vanlue 1861,

Carey, Martha                                      2-26-1868                                                                   age 71, b North Bend Hamilton C OH, married, cause General Debility

Carlin, Maud May                                1-9-1880                                                                     age 5m15d, b Findlay, parents [], cause Cholera Infant.

Chadwick, Nancy                                 1-17-1892                                                                   age 77, son was Frederick Perry, Allen twp.

Cherry, Catherine Murtz                       4-25-1854                   Lee Cem.

Cherry, Evelyn L                                  c7-20-1989                 Maple Grove

Cherry, Frank B                                   c11-5-1942                 Maple Grove

Cherry, Frankie                                    9-27-1882                   Maple Grove

Cherry, George Burton                         c4-11-1938                 Maple Grove

Cherry, Geraldine                                 c 4-25-1997

Cherry, Glenn M                                  c7-12-1971

Cherry, Gusta                                       c12-14-1994

Cherry, Guy                                         c2-18-1949

Cherry, Harry                                       c12-1-1942

Cherry, Helen                                       c11-8-1985

Cherry, Irene Mason                            c 12-25-2001

Cherry, J R                                           6-2-1956                     McComb

Cherry, James B                                   []                                  McComb

Cherry, James Lewis                            c10-13-1938               McComb

Cherry, Jennie Rowe                            1907                            McComb

Cherry, Jess H                                      9-26-1903                   McComb

Cherry, Jessie                                       1-5-1871                     Lee Cem                                  age 92y5m28d, Early Pioneer, b Berks C PA 1778, wife Catherine Murtz

Cherry, John                                         c2-27-1919

Chesley, Cyles E                                  2-22-1891                   Columbus Ohio                        age 22, res Findlay, cause Consumption

Clark, Lorenzo                                     7-23-1867                                                                   10d

Clark, Ralph Hickle                              7-25-1987                   Lee Cemetery                           b 5-9-1909

Clayton, Nellie                                      2-24-1889                                                                   age 18 months, b Findlay, d/o Samuel Clayton, cause pneumonia

Clelland, Lillian Cora                            3-28-1880                                                                   age 14y0m15d, b Findlay, cause Brain fever

Cline D F                                             7-13-1879                                                                   age 31y8m3d, b. PA, single , occup grocer, cause Consumption

Cline, Infant                                          1-16-1880                                                                   stillborn, Findlay,  parents John Cline & Rosella Tucker

Cline, Rosila [Tucker]                           1-19-1880                                                                   age 26y8m8d, married, housekeeper, cause Childbirth

Clymer, Thomas L.                               8-17-2006                   Benton Ridge Cemetery            age 78

Coen, Jane                                           11-26-1867                                                                 age 62, b NY, widowed, residence Jackson Twp, cause Typhoid fever

Cole, James M.                                    3-3-1868                                                                     age 11y, b Marion Twp, s/o W W & Amanda Cole, cause Meningitis, Spotted Fever

Cole, King William                               c 2-26-1930                Powell Cem

Cole, Ralph Dayton                              10-15-1932                 Maple Grove                            b 11-30-1873

Cole, Roland                                        5-7-1868                                                                     age 23, b Ashland C, single, s/o James & Rachel Cole, residence Marion Twp, cause Spotted fever

Coleman, Infant Female                        11-20-1867                                                                 b [Findlay], age 0d, d/o Levi & [] Coleman, cause [] [? Stillborn since no days of life recorded]

Coleman, James                                   9-20-2006                   []                                              b 9-2-1934 Dale SC, s/o William and Dora Pinkney Coleman

Conley, Abraham W F                         2-5-1868                                                                     age 7m, b Liberty Twp, s/o Emanuel & Emily Conley, cause Enteritis

Cook, Homer                                       11-28-1867                                                                 b. Union Twp, age 1, s/o [][], cause Cholera Infantum

Cooper, Amos                                     8-18-1879                                                                   age 72y4m22d, b Perry C OH, cause Brain Disease

Coppes, Thomas R.                              8-29-2006                   Knollcrest                                 age 83

Copus, Cora Alta Sprague                    11-30-1939                 Maple Grove                            b Jun 1869

Copus, Winfield Scott                           5-15-1835                   Maple Grove                            b 12-23-1861

Corder Marcella                                   2-11-1912                   VanBuren Cem                        

Cornwell, Franklin J.                             10-12-1867                                                                 b. Union Twp, age 3, s/o [][], cause Poison

Cornwell, Rachel                                  8-7-1907                                                                     b 5-4-1843 VanBuren Twp, d/o Peter & Francis Yearger. Husb- Daniel C., cause Complication of Diseases

Coulter, Ella                                         4-5-1920                     Maple Grove                            b Findlay brother George B Coulter,

Crawfis, Elsie M. Horten                      12-9-1991                   Arlington Cemetery                   age 80

Crawfis, Everett C. Jr.                          3-26-1978                   Memory Gardens [knollcrest]    age 48

Cromley, Lizzie L.                                2-15-1880                                                                   age 21, b Johnstons Is., married , res Findlay, cause Consumption

Crouther, Alice May                             7-5-1879                                                                     age 8m23d, b Findlay, parents [], cause Cholera Infant.

Crow, Betty Crozier                             8-14-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay                age 81

Crow, Richard P. "Dutch"                     4-16-2005                   Maple Grove Findlay               wife: Betty

Crozier, Hazel Lucille Oman                 3-22-1971                                                                   husband Roy

Crozier, Roy G.                                   12-22-1976                  Maple Grove, Findlay              age 81



David, William                                      6-20-1879                                                                   age 5days, b Findlay, parents [], cause Convulsions

Davis, David Thomas                            Sept 1914                    Maple Grove                            b Feb 1851

Davis, Donald Wheelock                      Jul 1915                       Maple Grove                            b Nov 1879

Davis, Dorothy Bickham                       8-2-1957                     Maple Grove                            b 10-31-1878

Davis, M Lulu                                       12-6-1879                                                                   age 6y9m24d, res Findlay, cause Diphtheria

DeBrandt, Helen Smith                         c11-26-1930               Maple Grove                           

Decker, Amanda Jane Moomey            8-12-1929                   Maple Grove                            b 3-19-1857

Decker, Anna Bibler                             3-21-1901                                                                   b4-23-1825 Fairfield C, husb Simon

Decker, John                                        11-21-1867                                                                 b. Hancock C, age [infant or child], s/o James & Mary Decker, cause Croup

Decker, Simon                                     11-30-1856                                                                 b Aug 1823 Fairfield C OH, wife Anna Bibler

Deeds, Henry Sr                                   1-22-1892                   Fleck Cemetery                        age 82, Pioneer Settler, b York C PA, res Fairfield C Oh at 16, then Union Twp 1833, cause Pneumonia

Denison, James                                     5-11-1913                   Maple Grove                           

Downing, Nancy Smith                         9-5-2006                     Private                                      age 82, husband Robert

Downing, Robert Blackford                  1-18-1998                                                                  

Dulgar, Alice I. Marvin                         8-24-1982                    Zion Bloom Cemetery Vanlue   age 60

Dukes, Emma                                       4-10-1868                                                                   age 12y, b Blanchard Twp, d/o Lewis Jr & Laura Dukes, cause Fever

Dukes, John W.                                    7-30-1867                                                                   b. Hancock C, age 20, single, farmer, s/o Rich. &Mary Dukes, cause-Fever



Eagle, Jacob Thornton                          9-11-1929                   Maple Grove                            b 6-27-1843, PVT

Ebaugh, Ann                                         1-24-1868                                                                   age 8, b North Liberty, d/o [][], cause Spasms, Indirect

Egbert, Mary L Shafer                          2-6-2004                     Lee Cemetery                           b 8-18-1921

Ence, Elizabeth                                     8-7-1879                                                                     age 79y6m, widowed, b Germany, cause Heart Disease

Ernst, Richard L.                                  8-7-1991                      Memory Gardens, [Knollcrest]  age 75

Evans, Delilah                                       7-5-1867                                                                     b.Hancock C, age 1y, parents [][], cause []                                                                                                    

Everett, Elmer F                                   2-12-1912                   Maplewood                              d Denver CO

Ewing, Anna M.                                   1959                            St Michaels                              b 1876

Ewing, David                                        11-6-1861                   Indian Green Cem                    age 21y4d

Ewing, Jacob                                        5-18-1866                   Indian Green Cem                    age 68y6m

Ewing, Judson                                      11-13-1862                 Indian Green Cem                    age 6y20d

Ewing, Sophia                                      6-21-1884                   Indian Green Cem                    age 84, b 12-8-1799, cause dropsy, obit states Worden Cemetery confirming previous name for Indian Green

Ewing, Sophia                                      c9-12-1941                 McComb                                




Farling, Albert A.                                  2-26-1881                                                                   age 4d, b Findlay, cause Unknown

Farmer, Sarah                                      9-22=1882                                                                  age 72y4m16d, married b Ohio, cause Catarrh in head

Fellabaum, Armeda                              11-1-1880                                                                   age 5y8m10d, b. Findlay, cause Diphtheria

Fellabaum, Charles                               3-27-1882                                                                   age 1y1m1d, b Jackson Twp, cause Croup

Fellers, Hugh                                        5-2-1883                                                                     age 58, married, b Unknown, cause Unknown

Fellers, Amy Erdine Jones                     7-26-1943                   Maple Grove, Findlay               b 6-16-1870 Bethesda OH, d/o Abner Jones & Susan Woods, cause Uremia

Fellers, Cecil A.                                    11-19-1957                 Maple Grove, Findlay               s/o John and Amy Jones Fellers

Fellers, Clayton Verl                             1-20-1989                   Maple Grove, Findlay               s/o John and Amy Jones Fellers

Fellers, Jacob                                       1-21-1892                   Maple Grove                            age 85, b PA, s/o Frederick Fellers & Susanna Rabinalt, cause La Grippe

Fellers, Mrs Jacob                                11-13-1888                                                                 res Findlay, East Lima St

Fellers, John H.                                    7-26-1941                   Maple Grove, Findlay               b 9-13-1853 PA, age 87, wife Amy Jones, cause Old Age

Fellers, Leora Rebecca Crist                 5-7-1991                     Maple Grove, Findlay               wife of Clayton

Fellers, Marian O. Belleman                  7-30-1984                   Maple Grove, Findlay               wife of Cecil, d/o John Bellman and Clara Reese. B 3-22-1899 Milton PA

Fellers, Mary Powell                             c11-16-1888               Maple Grove                            b 1813 OH, d/o Peter Powell, Esq., husband Jacob

Fellers, Samuel J.                                  3-15-1909                   [S Dakota]                               age 75, b OH,Civil War Vet, res Garden Prairie SD, sibs Timothy & Jacob Fellers, Mrs G D Insley

Fellers, Timothy                                    4-6-1920                     Maple Grove                            age 72, b Hancock C, s/o Jacob Fellers & Mary Powell

Fenstermaker, Martha                          3-8-1881                                                                     age 41y7m8d, married, b.Ohio, cause Child Bed Fever

Fetzer, Jacob                                        7-10-1881                                                                   age 44y7m, born Germany, ;married, bricklayer, cause Accident

Fetzer, Peter                                         12-4-1880                                                                   age 30y2m24d, married, b. Germany, cause Injury on Head

Fields, James                                        8-9-2006                      Clymer Cemetery, Mt.Cory     age 71

Fields, Perry Clark                               7-6-1880                                                                     age 2m7d, b. Delaware Twp, cause Whooping Cough

Fillabaum, Daniel                                  11-7-1880                                                                   age 13y11m23d, b Ashland C. Oh, cause Diphtheria

Fink, Elbert                                          3-1-2004                     [?Bishop Cemetery]                 

Fink, Eliza                                            9-20-1880                                                                   age 48y6m24d, married, b Ohio, cause Unknown

Fink, Infant [?sex]                                 9-5-1881                                                                     Stillborn Marion Twp parents S. W. Fink & Caroline Hollewell

Fink, Marcella Armbrecht                     8-20-2006                   Bishop Cemetery                      age 89, d/o William & Jennie Bair Armbrecht, husb Elbert

Firmin, George W.                                4-12-1881                                                                   age 6y3m10d, b. Findlay, cause Tubercular meningitis

Fishel, Catharine                                   7-30-1880                                                                   age 5m20d,b. Findlay, cause Chol. Infantum

Fischer, Anna                                       10-3-1930                   St Paul’s, Vanburen                 

Fischer, Charles Henry                         1926                            St Paul’s, Vanburen

Fischer, Daniel P.                                 10-18-1980                 Van Horn Cemetery                 age 88

Fischer, Frank G.                                 2-18-1964                                                                   wife Agnes Warnecke

Fischer, Louis                                       1915                            St Paul’s, Vanburen                  wife Anna Baumunk

Fischer, William                                    4-9-1881                                                                     age 2y6m28d, b Madison Twp, cause Croup

Fisher, John                                          8-11-1867                                                                   b.Prussia, age Unknown, married, s/o [] [], cause Diptheria, Syncope

Fisher, Peter                                         12-22-1867                                                                 age 83, b Lancaster C PA, residence Arcadia, widowed, cause Erysipelas

Fleming, Charles B.                              1-4-1994                     Knollcrest                                 age 80

Flenner, Daniel                                     4-29-1882                                                                   age 74y8m24d, married b. Maryland, cause Old Age

Flick, Elizabeth                                     6-22-1881                                                                   age 82y3m, b. PA, cause Paralysis

Foard, Infant []                                     9-22-1882                                                                   age 7d, b Marion Twp, parents Albert N. Foard & Elizabeth Ford, cause not known

Fogelsong, Soloman                             1-9-1883                                                                     age 79y1d, married, b. Ohio, cause Typhoid Fever

Fogler, Adaline                                     8-20-1880                   Elm Grove Cemetery                age 42y8m10d, married, B. Findlay, cause Bronchitis [wife of Noah Fogle]

Fogle, Catharine Altman Moomey         1-4-1901                     Elm Grove Cemetery[Maple Grove] b 4-15-1835, 3rd wife of Noah Fogle

Fogle, Noah                                         10-9-1901                   Elm Grove Cemetery                b 10-10-1823, wife Adaline, and Margaret

Fogle, Margaret Cook                          2-28-1857                   Elm Grove Cemetery                b 8-1-1823, husb Noah, married 9-4-1845 Fairfield C OH

Fogle, James F.                                    1-8-1890                     Elm Grove Cemetery                b 7-10-1853 s/o Noah

Fogle, Mary V                                      11-31-1862                 Elm Grove Cemetery                b 6-5-1859, d/o Noah

Folk, Ellen                                            11-5-1880                                                                   age 16y10m1d, b. Union Twp, cause Typhoid Fever

Folk, Lottie Lee                                    3-5-1880                                                                     age 6y5m10d, b Findlay, parents [], cause Brain Fever

Folk, Nevada Belle                               9-10-1919                   [? Arlington]                             born 2-2-1869, husband C.O.Folk

Foltz, Dorothy E. Fry                             8-21-2006                  Tawa/Flick, Union twp             age 98 Born 11-14-1907, Ontario

Foltz, Harley L.                                    2-12-1880                                                                   age 11m12d, b Findlay, parents [], cause Brain Disease

Foltz, Henry M.                                                                        Mt Blanchard                           s/o Silas Foltz

Foltz, Infant [? Sex]                              7-10-1880                                                                   b. Eagle Twp, Stillborn

Foltz, Pearl E.                                                                           Mt Blanchard                           d/o Silas Foltz

Foltz, Philip                                          2-19-1891                                                                   age 75y11d, res Vanburen Twp 45y, cause Progressive paralysis

Foltz, Reuben B.                                   10-6-1882                                                                   age 11y7m13d, b Ohio, cause Diphtheria

Foltz, Silas Monroe                              8-16-1943                   Mt Blanchard                           age 76, cause Cerebral hemorrhage

Ford, Eleanor H.                                  5-19-1868                                                                   age 77, b Martinsburg, Bukley C VA, widow, cause Old Age

Ford, Ruth O.                                       9-8-2006                     Maple Grove, Findlay               age 92, husb Richard

Ford, Richard                                       12-29-1969                 [Maple Grove]                                                            

Foreman, Conrad                                 8-7-1867                                                                     b. Hancock C, age 56, farmer, s/o [] , cause-Typhoid

Foster, Carrie Blanche                          1-27-1882                                                                   age 7d, b Delaware Twp, cause Catarrhal Fever

Fox, Minnie [? Sister to Nellie]             5-8-1883                                                                     age 3y1m22d, b Washington Twp, cause Measles

Fox, Nellie W.                                      5-2-1883                                                                     age 7y9m22d, b Washington Twp, cause Measles

Fox, Ollie Dell  [Fe]                              8-18-1880                                                                   age 2y10m14d, b. Union Twp, cause Croup

Fox, Sabina                                          8-18-1867                                                                   b.Union Twp, age 4m, d/o John C. Fox & Debba Fox, cause-Infla. Of  Brain, Exposion.

Frederick, John A.                                8-10-1881                                                                   age 68y10m9d, married b Ohio, cause Brain Disease

Frederick, Sarah B.                              8-24-1881                                                                   age 6y6m6d, b.Ohio, cause Chol. Infantum

French, Geo. D.                                   8-27-1881                                                                   age [], single, b Ohio, cause Not Known, residence Union Twp

Frey, Susan                                          2-4-1882                                                                     age 29y, married , b Blanchard Twp, cause Hectic Fever

Frost, Elisabeth                                     9-6-1867                                                                     b.Pleasant Twp, age 31, married, d/o [] [], cause Congestion Lungs

Fruit, Conrad                                        3-17-1868                                                                   age 23, married, farmer, b Baden Germany, cause Typhoid Fever

Fry, Stanford S.                                    3-8-1883                                                                     age 16y3m9d, single, b Arlington Oh, cause lung Fever

Fuhrer, Donald J.                                  2-11-1986                   [Arlington Cemetery]                wife Mildred C

Fuhrer, Mildred C.                               9-23-2006                   Arlington Cemetery                   age 88, b Arlington, d/o Adam and Martha Rauch Hartman

Fulton, John F.                                     4-24-1881                                                                   age 73y10m24d, married, b. Germany, cause Dropsy

Furgison, Emma B.                               3-3-1881                                                                     age 24y8m12d, married, b. Biglick Twp, cause Consumption



Gallegher, Mrs E D                               4-25-1893                                                                   age 26, husb Rev. E.D.,

Gamble, Kathryn                                  8-19-2006                   cremated, Mason City IA         age 90, formerly of Findlay

Gangle, William C.                                12-10-1991                McComb                                 age 79

Ganne, Phyamia                                    1-2-1868                                                                     age 1y, b Seneca C, cause, congest. Of Brain

Garber, Pete sr.                                    1-27-1892                                                                   age abt 81, res Biglick twp, son was Chris Garber County Comm.,

Gates, Eli R.                                         c 10-20-1933              Maple Grove, Findlay

Gault, I.                                                8-5-1907                     McComb                                 age 65, Civil War Vet, cause effects of back wound received in the war.

George, Catherine Wise                        10-16-1851                 Lee Cemetery                           b 1777, married Johan Henry George July 1797 Northampton C PA

George, Emily                                       5-9-1868                                                                     age, 43, b Summitt C, married, cause consumption

George, Johan Henry                            7-7-1860                     Lee Cemetery                           b PA, wife Catharine

George, Joseph                                    2-11-1889                   Lee Cemetery                           b 1817 OH

George, Mary C. Hammond                 8-4-1893                     Lee Cemetery                           b 9-20-1821 York C PA, d/o Mordicai Hammond & Zillah Gilbert, Husband Joseph

Giblin, Daughter                                    1-21-1892                   Maple Grove, St Michaels        age 3, d/o Peter Giblin, cause diphtheria

Giegenfusz, George Adam                    4-6-1920                     St Pauls                                    age 68, b Germany 3-30-1852, immigration 1891, cause Bright’s disease and Gall Stones

Giegenfusz, Mary Pifer                          1900                            St Pauls                                    husb George

Gilmer, Joseph                                      8-3-1867                                                                     b Delaware Twp, age 12, parents John & Susan Gilmer, cause Typhoid Fever.

Glick, Sherman                                     1-29-1868                                                                   age 4y, b Amanda Twp, s/o [][], cause Infl. Of Brain

Grauel, James                                       9-19-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay               b Allen Twp, age 92, s/o George Merl Grauel & Eva Grace Oaks

Green, Susan                                        1-26-1868                                                                   age 8, b Union Twp, d/o [][], cause Pneumonia

Greer, Lonnie Harold Jr.                       11-16-1973                  Knollcrest                                age 6, my nephew, son of my sister Peggy

Greiner, Crystal                                    12-20-2005                 Maple Grove                            age 17, d/o Luann Greiner Greer- my niece in law, cause Smoke Inhalation from house fire.

Grisell, Mrs T J                                     2-21-1891                                                                   age 37. res Findlay, married, 2 children, cause Heart Disease

Guyer, Tennyson                                  4-12-1981                   Maple Grove                            b 11-29-1913, Senator



Haas, Cloyce                                         4-30-1965                  [?Dunkirk Cemetery, Blanchard Twp]  Wife: Alberta I. DeLong

Haddox, Infant male                             2-2-1868                                                                     age 1d, b Blanchard Twp, s/o Lewis [& J. C.] Haddox, cause []

Haddox, J. C.                                       2-2-1868                                                                     age 26, b Fairfield C OH, married, residence Blanchard Twp, cause Uterine &c

Halley, Timothy D.                                c2-26-1984                 Van Buren Cem           

Hallowell, John A                                 2-14-1868                                                                   age 20, single, b OH, cause Pulmonary

Haman, Caal                                        2-26-1891                                                                   age 35, married, res Findlay, cause struck by board in abdomen at mill few days prior.

Hamilton, Martha                                  11-24-1867                                                                 b New Kent C VA, age75, widow, d/o Wm. Barne & [], cause Pneumonia

Hammond, Mordecai                            2-25-1855                   Krout Cem, Jackson Twp         b1790 MD,

Hammond, Zillah Gilbert                       2-4-1877                     Krout Cem, Jackson Twp         b 1797 PA, wife of Mordecai, brother Aquilla Gilbert,

Hammond, Zilla                                    5-19-1853                   Krout Cem, Jackson Twp         [? d/o Thomas Hammond]

Hamprecht, August                               9-16-1937                   Maple Grove, Findlay               Barnhart Funeral Home, Rev W E Turner officiating

Hanes, Philemon                                   5-29-1868                                                                   age 40, b [], married, saloon keeper, cause Consumption

Hanna, Margaret Ann                           7-2-1868                                                                     age 40, married, b Ross C OH, cause Confined Dropsy

Hardty, Oliver S.                                  10-23-1898                 Maple Grove                            b 1829

Hardy, Nancy Ellen Keller                    12-17-1930                 Maple Grove                            b 3-7-1839

Harris, Nancy                                       9-29-1867                                                                   age 72, b Belfast Ireland, res-Jackson Twp, widow, cause Diareah, Old Age

Harritt, Elizabeth Hagerman                  4-25-1891                   Maple Grove                            b 8-30-1808

Harritt, John                                         4-7-1875                     Maple Grove                            b 2-11-1806

Hartley, Mahitable                                12-5-1867                                                                   b PA, age73, widow, Weaver, s/o [][], cause Old Age

Hartman, Agnes A                                1973                            Maple Grove                            b 1892

Hartman, Alyson Anne                          10-26-1987                 Maple Grove                           

Hartman, Catherine Powell                   2-12-1914                   Maple Grove                            b 1838

Hartman, Catherine Maria Benedum     8-16-1866                   Maple Grove                            b 1-16-1798

Hartman, Edgar E.                                1957                            Maple Grove                            b 1928

Hartman, Edgar L.                                1986                            Maple Grove                            b 1902

Hartman, Elsie Bogart                           1968                                                                            married Ray P. in 1912

Hartman, George                                  7-26-1910                   Maple Grove                            b Dec 1834

Hartman, Gerald                                   1985                            Maple Grove                            b 1907

Hartman, Henry                                    10-12-1920                 Maple Grove                           

Hartman, Jessie B.                                1965                            Maple Grove                            b 1879

Hartman, John Henry                            8-16-1866                   Maple Grove                            b. 4-2 1798

Hartman, Joseph H.                              1968                            Maple Grove                            b 1889

Hartman, Joy L. Wilson                        8-12-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 89 born 9-17-1916

Hartman, Maryjane Sarah Keller           7-9-1918                     Maple Grove                            b 9-21-1840

Hartman, Morse E.                               1966                            Maple Grove                            b 1878

Hartman, Ray P.                                   10-4-1981                   Truro Cem , Columbus Grove   b 10-4-1890 Putnam C, age 01, s/o John H. & Martha Pettit Hartman, wife Elsie

Hartman, Tina Stringfellow                    1-24-1892                                                                   age abt 29, res Rawson, sister of U K & Frank Stringfellow Findlay, cause Consumption

Harvey, Anne                                       10-5-2003                   Knollcrest                                  age 79

Harvey, Irvin                                        1-16-1880                                                                   age 8m6d, res Findlay, cause Bowels

Heckerman, Charles F.                         8-16-1943                   Benton Ridge Cemetery            age 86, cause stroke

Heckerman, Florence Gail                    6-14-1993                   Benton Ridge Cemetery            age 101, single, d/o Charles and Margaret Heckerman,

Heckerman, Harry L                             4-7-1884                     Benton Ridge Cemetery            s/o Charles & Margaret Heckerman

Heckerman, Margaret Virginia Powell   10-22-1033                 Benton Ridge Cemetery            age 74, husb Charles F, cause dropsy

Heminger, Barbara Jo                           8-24-2006                   cremated                                  b 1928, maiden: Rieck

Hicks, Horace Greeley                         2-12-1945                   Kalida Cem                              age 87, b Putnam C 8-17-1857, parents John & Margaret Hicks

Hissher, Lon Otto                                 9-9-1879                                                                     age 1m10d, b Findlay, parents [], cause [not stated]

Hissong, J F                                         7-18-1920                   McComb                                 age 78, Soldier in Civil War, wife Caroline Decker

Hockengerger, Infant Male                   11-39-1867                                                                 b Hancock C, age 0d, s/o L. Hockenberger, cause [? Stillborn]

Hockler, Barbara Ann                          5-11-1868                                                                   age 13y, b Allen Twp, d/o [][], cause Fever

Holden, Thomas                                   2-10-1912                   Maple Grove                           

Horn, George J.                                    4-4-1920                                                                     b Cass twp 3-4-1838

Hosafras, Frederick                               9-10-1919                 Lutheran St.Trinity Church Cemetery, Jenera

Hoskinson, Jenny M.                            1-5-1868                                                                     age 21, b Licking C OH, cause Consumption

Houck, Milford                                     10-16-1995                 [?Houcktown Cem]

Houck, Virginia Codner                        8-21-2006                   Houcktown Cem. Jackson Twp b. Findlay 9-1-1925, d/o Frank & Gertrude Routson Codner, husb Milford

Houpt, Jasper James                             3-11-1880                                                                   age 7y8m0d, res Findlay, cause Pneumonia

Howard, Lida Preston                          2-21-1912                                                                   age 56, husb BB, sons Leo & Harry, b Grafton OH, cause Pneumonia                   

Hoy, Mrs Smith H.                               1929                                                                            age 66, cause Tuberculosis

Hoyt, Lucy                                           7-20-1867                                                                   b. Ohio, age 45, married, d/o [][], cause Chronic Abcess

Huffman, Salinda R.                              2-23-1880                                                                   age 46y1m19d, b NY, married, occup housekeeper, cause Heart Disease

Hughs, Elizabeth                                   3-5-1868                                                                     age 57, residence Benton, married, cause Pneumonia

Hughs, Nelson  H,                                2-12-1868                                                                   age 4y, b Delaware Twp, residence Mt Blanchard, cause Spotted Fever



Ireley, Infant male                                 5-7-1868                                                                     age 2 hr, b Findlay, s/o John & Caroline Ireley, cause []

Ish, B. Donn                                         12-26-1991                 [Maple Grove]

Ish, Ruth E.                                          9-25-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 82, b Findlay 11-22-1923, husband B. Donn Ish



Jackson, Pearl B.                                  2-28-1984                   Maple Grove

Jacobs, James W.                                 3-11-1868                                                                   age 17y, b OH, residence Biglick Twp, single, cause Meningitis, Asphyxia

Jacobs, Levi V.                                    3-23-1868                                                                   age 5y, b Hancock C, res Marion Twp, s/o Levi & Elizabeth A. Jacobs, cause []

Jacobs, Morris                                     2-26-1891                                                                   age 33, residence Marion Twp, cause Pulmonary disease

Jacobs, Selestial                                   2-6-1868                                                                     age 9y, b Hancock C, res Marion Twp, d/o John & Susannah C. Jacobs, cause []

Johnston, Edson Burnell                        10-19-1980                Cremated                                 age 63

Jordan, Mary B.                                   2-25-1891                                                                   age 75, wife of Dr J H Jordan, sister Mrs Squire Carlin,

Joy, Clarence                                       5-12-1879                                                                   age 6m, b Findlay, cause lung fever



Kawal, Infant son                                 1929                            Maple Grove Findlay                s/o John Kawal

Keller, William S.                                 12-19-1867                                                                 b Union Twp, age 3, s/o [][], cause Spasmodic Cough

Kelley, Infant Male                               12-26-1867                                                                 b Pleasant Twp, age 2m, s/o Henry & Malissa Kelley, cause Fever

Kellman, Estella Lavina Corder             1-15-1993                   Maple Grove                            b 7-31-1900

Kemble, Samuel                                   5-22-1868                                                                   age 25, b Columbiana C, single, res Biglick Twp, s/o Samuel & Jane Kemble, cause Consumption

Kempel, Albert                                     11-15-1945                 Arlington Cemetery                   age 85, b 1860 Pittsburg PA, wife Katharyn, cause infirmities

Kempel, Andrew I.                               1961                            Arlington Cemetery                   b 1894, wife Maude , s/o Albert & Katharyn Fischer Kempel

Kempel, Evelyn R.                                [6-24] 1974                 Arlington Cemetery                   husb John A. Kempel, b 1906

Kempel, John A.                                  10-3-1996                   Arlington Cemetery                   b 1909, s/o Albert & Katharyn Fischer Kempel

Kempel, Katharyn Fischer                    10-19-1939                 Arlington Cemetery                   age 67, b 8-4-1872 OH, d/o Louis & Anna Baumunk Fischer, cause Myocarditis

Kempel, Maude V.                               [1993-2003]                Arlington Cemetery                   b 1893, husband Andrew I. Kempel           

Kennedy, Charles Henry                       2-16-1845                   Maple Grove, Findlay               b. 1875

Kennedy, Clement J.                            3-31-1922                   St Paul's VanBuren

Kennedy, Cora M. Good                     9-8-1959                     Fountain Cemetery, Washington Twp Fostoria

Kennedy, Daily L.                               6-23-1873                    Clymer Cemetery, Union            b 1872

Kennedy, Delia Elizabeth                      9-1-1940                     Maple Grove, Findlay               maiden: Fenton

Kennedy, Emma                                    8-19-1947                                                                

Kennedy, Emma E. Grossman              1916                            St Paul's VanBuren                   wife of Melvin.

Kennedy, Forest C.                              1881                            Clymer Cemetery, Union          b/d same year

Kennedy, Franklin J.                             4-20-1925

Kennedy, James Harrison                     9-11-1919                   Maple Grove, Findlay              age 82                

Kennedy, J. W.                                     9-16-1942

Kennedy, Melvin E.                               9-5-1963                    Maple Grove, Findlay              b 1883

Kennedy, Nettie                                   8-26-1922                   Maple Grove, Findlay

Kennedy, Richard Viletta                    11-12-1924                   Fountain Cemetery, Washington Twp Fostoria

Kennedy, Rosa May Dunn                    5-1-1907                     Maple Grove, Findlay              wife of Charles Henry

Kennedy, Susannah Ann                       2-14-1923                   Maple Grove, Findlay              maiden: Oman

Kennedy, William                                 9-20-1935                   Maple Grove, Findlay

Kimber, William P.                               1-7-1868                                                                     age 22, b Bellefountain Logan C OH, single, watchmaker, cause Consumption

Kimmel, Raymond Ira                           9-17-2006                   Thompson Cem, Bluffton          age 80

Kimmel, Wheeler                                  3-3-1976                     Bloom Cemetery, Vanlue

Kimmons, Mary A                                2-18-1880                                                                   age 39y, b Fairfield C, single, housekeeper, cause Lung fever

King, Edwin A.                                     7-30-1984                   Memory Gardens                     age 92, wife Helen M Wetmore married 2-5-1916 [died 11-5-1969]

Kingsley, Walter                                   2-12-1912                   Maplewood                              killed by a train at N Baltimore

Kinney, Charles E.                                4-8-1929                     Fountain, Fostoria                    

Kinney, Charles Wesley                        c3-2-1933                   Maple Grove, Findlay               wife Emma Walkers

Kinney, Jane M.                                   2-27-1891                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 58, residence Findlay, married, cause Crysepelas

Kinney, Mary Jane                               4-22-1893                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 32, husb Charles, residence Cass Twp, 3 children

Kipps, Anne                                         8-5-1907                                                                     age 24, cause Tuberculosis

Kneedles, William                                 12-16-1867                                                                 age 47, b Franklin C OH, married, residence Portage, s/o John Kneedles, cause Consumption

Krabill, Mrs Charles                             2-12-1912                   West Independence                  res Arcadia

Kretzinger, Helen C.                             8-16-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay              d/o Fred & Blanche Harris Oglesbee age 93

Kretzinger, W. Cecil                             4-15-1999                                                                   husband of Helen

Kutz, Franklin H.                                  11-29-1867                                                                 b Liberty Twp, age 4d, s/o [][], cause []

Kwis, L. George                                   7-6-1879                                                                     age 9y5m2d , res Findlay, cause Brain Fever



Lafferty, John                                       3-10-1868                                                                   age 72, b OH, married, residence Delaware Twp, cause Typhoid Pneu., Indirect

Laglia, Nellie C.                                    5-2-1998                     Lee Cemetery                           b 1-19-1922

Langan, Mrs O M                                12-23-1892                                                                 married, 3 sons, 1 daughter, cause heart trouble

Lawhead, Infant male                            4-28-1868                                                                   age 2d, b West Ind. Hancock C, s/o John W & Catherine Lawhead, cause Asphyxia

Lear, George Raymond                        8-24-1982                   Maple Grove, Findlay               born 8-1-1906 Wyandot County

Leath, Mary                                         11-18-1867                                                                 b. Mass, age 82, widow, d/o [][], cause Old Age

Lee, Rucina                                          8-6-1867                                                                     b.Union Twp, age 20, married, d/o [] [], cause Pernicious Fever

Lee, Z.P.                                              1-24-1916                   Lee Cemetery                           b 7-18-1828

Lee, Zilla A.                                         4-16-1894                   Lee Cemetery                           b 4-10-1824

Lewis, Stanley E.                                  8-25-2006                   Knollcrest                                 age 73, US Army Korea,

Limengrover, Matthias                          7-21-1867                                                                   b. Germany, age 47, married, Plasterer, s/o [] [],cause-Insanity, Cut throat

Loach, Eunice J.                                   8-21-2006 Fla             cremated                                  age 81, long time resident of Findlay

Loudenslager, Fern Evelyn                    8-9-2004                                                                     age 95

Loy, George Frederick Eyster               3-27-1856                   Indian Green, Pleasant              b 6-2-1816 Frederick MD, wife Margaret Cusac  married 12-27-1838 Marion C. OH

Lunn, Benjamin Richard Lee                 7-11-1998                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 23