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Compiled/transcribed by Penny Papenfus            Email:         updated: 3-27-07

Sources include death records, newspaper notices, research.   Misspellings in original documents have not been corrected.

[] indicates info not given on death record


Name                                                   Death Date                   Burial                                       Other Information



Mack, Frederick                                  4-13-1893                                                                   b Fairfield C OH, widowed, age 75y9m5d, cause Diabetes, reported by J H Campbell

Mains, J. S.                                          10-15-1867                                                                 b Indiana, age 17, single, farmer, s/o [][], cause Consumption

Mains, Joel S.                                       11-27-1867                                                                 b.Summerest, Perry C OH, age48, married, Farmer, s/o [][],cause Typhoid Fever

Mains, Sarah                                        12-18-1867                                                                 b. Fairfield C OH, age 56, married, d/o [][], cause []

Manes, Jacob                                       3-20-1888                                                                   age 94y2m7d, b Berkley C VA, cause Old age

Mann, Mary J.                                      9-13-1867                                                                   b. Findlay, age 4,d/o [] [], cause- Croup

Manning, Jane                                      9-20-1880                                                                   b PA, age 40, married, cause Lung Fever

Markle, Infant Male                              12-11-1887                                                                 Lived ½ hour, s/o B. F. & Katie Markle, Allen Twp, cause Unknown

Markley, Eva L.                                   5-3-1893                                                                     b Mt Cory, age 5y, d/o [] [], cause Diphtheria, reported by Joseph Brown

Markley, Pline M.                                 9-23-1881                                                                   b Ohio, age 17y7m1d, single, farmer, residence Union Twp, cause Typhoid Fever

Markwood, Lizzie                                1-10-1893                                                                   b Cass Twp, age 1y1m, parents [] [], cause Diphtheria, reported by C J. Harkness, [?sister to Nellie]

Markwood, Nellie                                1-1-1893                                                                     b Cass Twp, age 3y9m, parents [] [], cause Diphtheria, reported by C. J. Harkness

Marquardt, Fred                                   7-17-1891                                                                   b Delaware Twp, age 11m, parents [] [], cause Chol. Infantum

Marquardt, Infant                                 11-27-1892                                                                 b Delaware Twp, age [], parents Milton F. & Maggie M. Marquardt, cause [], reported by SC Walker

Marquart, Mary                                    3-20-1892                                                                   b VanBuren Twp, married, age 39, cause Consumption

Marquetbucht, James                            9-26-1891                                                                   b [], widowed, age 68, cause Hydroth----?

Marrow, Dennis                                   8-4-1881                                                                     b Ireland, age 76, single, laborer, cause Heart Disease

Marshall, David P.                                2-1-1882                                                                     b Ohio, age 20y6m11d, single, farmer, residence Union Twp, cause Typhoid Fever

Marshall, Isaac A.                                12-27-1881                                                                 b Ohio, age 53y6m14d, married farmer, residence Union Twp, cause Throat disease

Marshal, John A.                                  5-27-1887                                                                   age 29y7m14d, married, b Mt Olive, Clermont, occupation Doctor, cause Consumption

Martin, Carrell []                                  12-14-1892                                                                 b Allen Twp, age 2m11d, parents [] [] cause Pneumonia, reported by SD Spitler

Martin, Carrie Edga                              9-14-1891                                                                   b Mt Blanchard OH, age 2m, cause Chol. Infantum

Martin, Frankie                                     12-15-1887                                                                 age 7y10m4d, b Defiance C. OH, parents [] [], cause Chloroformed

Martin, Harrison                                   2-20-1881                                                                   b Delaware Twp, age 11y20d, cause Accident

Martin, James G.                                  1-9-1892                                                                     b PA, age 44, married, cause LaGrippe

Martin, Louie Jane                                1-25-1882                                                                   b Findlay, age 27y8m10d, widowed, cause Dropsy

Marvin, Florence Estella                       12-19-1886                                                                 age 7y21d, b Findlay, d/o James L. & Maggie M. Marvin, cause Diphtheria

Marvin, Lewis K.                                 5-1-1868                                                                     age 6, b Marion Twp, s/o [][], cause Typhoid Fever

Marvin, Lucy                                        5-23-1886                                                                   age 29y11m16d, married b. Eagle Twp, d/o Andrew & Lovine Bish, cause Pneumonia

Marvin, William                                    5-23-1880                                                                   b PA, age 81y10m8d, farmer, widowed, cause Old age

Martz, Rollin H.                                    5-12-1891                                                                   b Madison Twp, age 11, cause Accident

Mason, Elva May                                 5-23-1892                                                                   Stillborn, Findlay, d/o [] [], reported by W. W. Siddall

Mason, Joseph                                     4-11-1868                                                                   age 66,b MD, married, farmer, cause Palsy

Mason, Siloma                                     8-3-1879                                                                     age 29y5m7d, b Hancock C, married, cause Consumption

Masters, Eliza Jane                               3-14-1893                                                                   b Greene C PA, age 69y8m, cause Dropsy, residence Mt Blanchard [?related to Levi?]

Masters, Levi                                       1-23-1893                                                                   b Washington C PA, age 70y11m10d, married, mechanic, cause Cancer, reported by SC Walker

Mathias, Anna                                      12-19-1886                                                                 age 7y1m, b Findlay, d/o D. & Theresa Mathias, cause Croup

Mau, William Homer                            Jan 1947                      Lee Cemetery                          

May, Albert                                          2-10-1888                                                                   age3d, s/o [] [], cause Convulsions

Mayer, Merl                                         9-1-1887                                                                     age 5y7m, b Findlay, cause Fever

McClellan, Luther T                              11-29-1970                 Maple Grove                            age 75

McClister, Elisabeth                              7-26-1867                                                                   b. Westmoreland C PA, age 37, single, d/o John & Cath. McClister

McGaughey, Lydia                               5-14-1913                   Maple Grove                            age 79, b Plumville PA on 9-11-1834,cause Infirmities of old age

McGee, Marietta                                  c 11-26-1930              Houston Cem, Forest              

Mckee, Anna Wohlgamuth                   1906                            Maple Grove                            b 1872

Mckee, Arthur                                      1904                            Maple Grove                            b 1870

McKinnis, Charles                                11-21-1864                 Indian Green Cem                    age 67y11m2d

McKinnis, Eliza                                    6-6-1839                     Indian Green Cem                    age 1y3m, d/o John and Sarah

McKinnis, Elizabeth                              5-10-1886                   Indian Green Cem                    age 55y10m2d w/o Thomas

McKinnis, Elizabeth                              7-11-1845                   Indian Green Cem                    age 68y2m, w/o Robert                       

McKinnis, Isabella                                12-5-1904                   Indian Green Cem                    age 63y2m10d

McKinnis, Laura                                   10-20-1869                 Indian Green Cem                    age 1y6m1d

McKinnis, Martha                                7-9-1839                     Indian Green Cem                    age 3y2m1d d/o John & Sarah              

McKinnis, Mary                                   9-11-1869                   Indian Green Cem                    age 68y4m5d

McKinnis, Norman J.                           9-12-1853                   Indian Green Cem                    age 1y10m3d s/o John & Sarah

McKinnis, Phillip                                  7-23-1884                   Indian Green Cem                    age 47y8m6d

McKinnis, Robert                                 6-16-1858                   Indian Green Cem                    age 32y10m15d

McKinnis, Robert                                 8-22-1863                   Indian Green Cem                    age 86y5m1d h/o Elizabeth

McKinnis, Sarah                                   4-17-1849                   Indian Green Cem                    age 32y2m16d w/o John

McKinnis, Thomas                               1-20-1885                   Indian Green Cem                    age 68y2m24d

McVeal, P J                                         9-22-1879                                                                   age 75y, married, b PA, cause Rheumatism

Mead, Elam                                          12-6-1892                                                                   b Rutland, age 83, widowed, residence McComb, cause Old Age, reported by A.J. Ewing

Measel, Fernando                                 7-2-1881                                                                     b Ohio, age 39y1m, married, residence Arcadia, cause Erysipelas

Meeks, Rev. John A.                            7-6-1886                                                                     age 82y7m6d, b Virginia , cause Heart Disease

Mergenthaler, Mary                              5-11-1880                                                                   b Germany, age 38, married, residence Washington Twp, cause Heart Disease

Mertz, Sarah                                        3-15-1881                                                                   b Vanburen, age 42y10m, married, cause Childbirth

Mertz, Sarah Ann                                 11-26-1886                                                                 age 35y6m1d, married, b. Wells C, IN, cause Pneumonia

Meshka, Amelia                                   3-4-1893                                                                     b Germany, died Chicago, residence Findlay, age 30, cause Violent, reported by J H Cook

Messamore, John                                 1-22-1881                                                                   b Jackson Twp, age 21y9m10d, single, Saloon keeper, cause Consumption

Messinger ?, William Jr                         2-27-1889                                                                   cause Suicide , unknown poison taken.

Metzler, Adell                                       1-23-1887                                                                   age 23y6m11d, single, b Washington Twp, cause Typhoid Fever

Metzler, Elizabeth                                 11-30-1886                                                                 age 18y1m28d, single, b Orange Twp, cause Typhoid Fever

Metzler, Henry H.                                 4-30-1892                                                                   b Columbia C OH, married age 51, cause Heart Trouble, reported by Isaac Fellers

Metzler, John W.                                  8-7-1891                                                                     b Washington PA, age 26, single, cause Complication

Michaels, J. W.                                    10-1-1887                                                                   age 9y10m11d, b Amana Twp, cause Typhoid Fever

Micheaux, Infant []                               4-15-1892                                                                   Stillborn, Findlay, parents Camel Micheaux & Eugenia Zeller, reported by M L Tisdale

Miller, Claude Allen                              11-17-1887                                                                 age 4y5m, b Porlan MI, s/o James & Alice Miller, cause []

Miller, Daniel                                        2-21-1912                                                                   age 45, cause suicide, gunshot to head

Miller, Edgar                                        5-5-1880                                                                     b PA, age 2y11d, residence Delaware Twp, cause Measles

Miller, Eloier                                         9-14-1881                                                                   b NY, age 58y7m10d, housekeeper, residence Portage Twp, cause Sick Stomach

Miller, George Frederick                      7-20-1880                                                                   b Vanburen, age 10m18d, s/o [] [], cause Spasms

Miller, George M.                                 7-19-1887                                                                   age 80y8m2d, married, b Germany, cause Bright’s Dis.

Miller, Mary                                         7-4-1867                                                                     age 3w; d/o M. D. Miller

Miller, Mary                                         11-6-1891                                                                   age 75y2m10d, married, cause Congestion of Lungs, residence Portage Twp

Millheim, Lucy                                      4-13-1892                                                                   b [], age 2y6m5d, cause []

Mills, Patt                                             4-18-1881                                                                   b Ireland, age 27, male, single

Minnick, Joseph                                   6-13-1880                                                                   b PA, age 58y6m, single, residence Vanburen, cause Gravel

Minutte, Antone T.                               10-26-1886                                                                 age 36y11m, b. Munchen Bayena, cause Consumption

Mitchel, Hilda Irean                              6-9-1892                                                                     b Pleasant Twp, age 2y2m9d,  cause Drowned, reported by E E. Hickerson

Mitchel, Jane Irene                               9-12-1881                                                                   b Pleasant Twp, age 27y1m, single, cause Consumption

Moffitt, Infant []                                    2-22-1881                                                                   b Blanchard Twp, age 1d, child of Rinaldo Moffitt & Jane McClish, cause Not Known

Moffitt, Infant [Twin A]                         8-20-1880                                                                   Stillborn, Blanchard Twp, child of D. H. & Serena M. Moffitt

Moffitt, Infant [Twin B]                         8-20-1880                                                                   Stillborn, Blanchard Twp, child of D. H. & Serena M. Moffitt

Moffit, Richard                                     11-10-1880                                                                 b Arcadia, age 1y9m23d, s/o [] [], cause Croup

Moll, Clara J. E.                                   1-15-1881                                                                   b Ohio, age 24y7m9d, married, residence Amanda Twp, cause Lung Disease

Moomey, Carl J.                                  12-26-1972                 Maple Grove                            b 12-1-1900

Moomey, George E.                             3-5-1881                                                                     age 7m15d, b Pleasant Twp, cause Chol. Infantum

Moor, John W.                                     9-22-1891                                                                   b Orange Twp, age 2m19d, parents [] [], cause []

Moore, Amos                                       9-16-1887                                                                   age 80y2m7d, b Fairfield C OH, married, cause Paralysis

Moore, Arthur Melville                         3-3-1881                                                                     b Delaware Twp, age 3y3m23d, cause Brain Fever

Moore, Byron K.                                 10-24-1880                                                                 b Amanda Twp, age 2y8m5d, s/o [] [], cause Croup

Moore, Clarence L.                              1-23-1892                                                                   b OH, age 2y, parents [] [], cause LaGrippe

Moore, Harrett Ann                              11-11-1891                                                                 b VA, married age 61, cause Dropsy

Moore, Infant []                                    4-7-1893                                                                     b Washington Twp, age 1d, parents W. S. & Saville Moore, cause Unknown, reported by L. C. Boyd

Moore, Julian [female]                          4-13-1868                                                                   age 7W, b Findlay, d/o [][], cause Heart Disease

Moore, Lulu                                         7-22-1892                                                                   b Rawson Oh, age 1, d/0 [] [], cause Unknown, reported by Geo F Cramer

Moore, Mary A.                                   5-24-1886                                                                   age 46y10m12d, single, b Butler C OH, cause dropsy

Moore, Mercy                                      5-19-1867                                                                   age 62, b[], residence Delaware Twp, widow, cause Apoplexy

Moore, Ross W.                                  12-14-1892                                                                 b Biglick Twp, age 55y11m11d, s/o Jno Moore & Agnus Roller, cause LaGrippe, reported by A J. Parker

More, Samuel Albert                            10-21-1887                                                                 age 27y8m17d, b Biglick Twp, s/o Andrew & Nancy Moore, cause Typhoid Fever

Morehart, Elizabeth                              10-11-1880                                                                 b Ohio, age 69y11m4d, married, residence Amanda Twp, cause Congestion

Morford, Emma M.                              11-12-1892                                                                 b Findlay, age 27, married, cause Consumption, reported by J H Cook

Morgan, Harold                                    January 1979                                                                wife: Albert I. DeLong Haas

Morgan, Infant []                                  9-18-1881                                                                   Stillborn, Delaware Twp, child of Perry Morgan & Lydia L. Smith

Morris, Clara Belle                               5-6-1881                                                                     b Delaware Twp, age 5y4m20d, d/o [] [], cause Chol. Infantum

Morris, Washington                              10-8-1867                                                                   age 68, married, farmer, residence Cass Twp, cause Rheumatism

Morrison, Earl E.                                  1-25-1881                                                                   b Blanchard Twp, age 6, s/o [] [], cause Croup

Morrison, George D.                            3-29-1888                                                                   age 21y10m14d, single, b Greensburg PA, cause Consumption

Morrison, Infant []                                9-16-1880                                                                   b [], Findlay, age [], child of Jas. Morrison & Mary A. Beard, cause Strain

Morrow, Amanda                                 12-26-1867                                                                 age 18, married, b Hancock C, residence Arcadia, cause Fever, Confined

Moser, Paul Frederick                          4-10-2001                   Lee Cemetery                           b 6-11-1926

Mosier, Henry                                      3-12-1881                                                                   b VA, age 71y5m7d, married, farmer, residence Marion Twp, cause Typhoid fever

Mosier, Mina                                        9-2-1886                                                                     age 5y11m17d, b Findlay, d/o Mike and Mary Mosier, cause Diphtheria

Mosier, Paul Barnhart                           6-8-1887                                                                     age 1y2m8d, cause Measles

Mountford, Rose                                  5-25-1892                                                                   b Wheeling VA, age 3y7d, residence Findlay, d/o [] [], cause spinal trouble, reported by W W. Fry

Moyer, Florence G.                              11-6-1879                                                                   age 5y6m18d, b Findlay, cause Croup

Moyer, Infant []                                    1-27-1892                                                                   child of Mr & Mrs Amos Moyer

Moyer, Wallace                                    1-14-1892                                                                   age 44d, born OH, parents [] [], cause Pneumonia

Mulhern, Elizabeth                                5-15-1892                                                                   b Ireland, age 68, residence Findlay, Married, cause Heart Failure, reported by C C. Grubb

Mulholand, Margaret                            2-16-1880                                                                   age 6y11m23d, b Findlay, cause Diphtheria

Mulholand, Minnie                                2-11-1880                                                                   age 11y1m29d, b Findlay, cause Diphtheria [related to Margaret?]

Mull, Infant Female                               9-26-1867                                                                   b.Union Twp 9-26-1867, d/o G.W. & B Mull, cause- Stillborn

Mull, Sarah J.                                       8-29-1867                                                                   b. Fairfield C OH, age 42, married, d/o [] [],cause Tuberculosis

Mullen, Mary                                        8-10-1891                                                                   b Maryland OH, married , age 64, cause Softening of the Brain

Mumma, Don Elias                               1-1-1888                                                                     age 1y2m, s/o E L E & S A Mumma, cause Pneumonia

Mungen, Katy                                      3-18-1879                                                                   age [], cause Consumption

Mungen, Oliver                                     2-1-1878                                                                     age 45y10m12d, married, Capt Co. H 57 Reg., cause Consumption

Mungen, Rebecca                                 12-10-1879                                                                 age [], housewife, cause Typhoid

Mungeon, William                                 1887                            Maple Grove                            b 1821

Mungeon, William J.                             12-8-1879                                                                   age 11y10m12d, b. Findlay, cause Membranous Croup

Murdick, Sarah Jane                             9-18-1887                                                                   age 45, married, residence Delaware Twp., cause Cancer

Murray, John P.                                    9-12-1892                                                                   b VA, age 46, married, residence Findlay, occupation Mfgr., cause Accident, r/by C C. Grubb

Murrin, Pearlie                                      1887                                                                            age 4y, cause Membranous Croup

Musgrave, Abigail E.                            2-11-1888                   Earlywine, Delaware Twp         age 20y10m13d, single, Residence Delaware Twp, cause Typhoid Fever

Musgrave, Ada                                     2-27-1892                   Eagle Creek, Vanburen             b. Richland C, age 27, married, cause LaGrippe

Musgrave, Adaline                                2-21-1851                   Earlywine, Delaware Twp        

Musgrave, Arthur                                 9-19-1937                   [? Earlywine, Delaware Twp]    age 62, b. Hancock C, cause Complication of diseases.

Musgrave, Henry                                  12-21-1876                 Earleywine, Delaware Twp

Musgrave, Hiram                                  9-23-1899                   Earleywine, Delaware Twp      

Musgrave, Hiram                                  1-23-1916                   Eagle Creek, Vanburen

Musgrave, Jefferson                              4-7-1858                     Earleywine, Delaware Twp

Musgrave, Martha S.                            5-5-1887                     Castor, Delaware Twp             age 37y11m18d, b Delaware Twp, married, cause Dropsy

Musgrave, Mary                                   9-22-1900                   Adams, Delaware Twp

Musgrave, M. Dale                               12-9-1870                   Adams, Delaware Twp

Musgrave, Sylvester                             8-8-1871                     Earlywine, Delaware Twp        

Musgrave, Thomas                               6-26-1880                   Earlywine, Delaware Twp         b Ohio, age 53y3m21d, residence Delaware Twp, [s/o William ?], cause Not Reported

Musgrave, Wesley                                6-18-1913                   Dunkirk                                    b Hancock C, d Indiana, s/o Hiram

Musgrave, William H.                           1-26-1915                   Castor, Delaware Twp             b Hancock C, age 69, cause Heart trouble, Civil War Vet, brother Hiram

Musgrave, William Sr.                          4-9-1893                     Earlywine, Delaware Twp         age 86y11m22d, b VA, widowed, cause Old age, reported by JW Cooper

Musser, Delila J.                                   11-15-1880                                                                 b Madison Twp, age 6y8m8d, d/o [] [], cause Diphtheria

Musser, Oringe Eugene [Fe]                 3-20-1887                                                                   age 25y4m21d, single, b Madison Twp cause Consumption

Myers, August                                      6-29-1880                                                                   b Germany, age 45y2m12d, laborer, residence Findlay, cause Consumption

Myers, Chester E.                                3-3-1976                     Maple Grove, Findlay

Myers, Estella F.                                  4-26-1893                                                                   age 1y5m25d, residence Biglick Twp, d/o [] [], cause Pneumonia, reported by A J. Parker

Myers, Isaac H.                                    9-16-1891                                                                   b Lancaster OH, married, age 77y6m16d, cause Paralysis

Myers, Jacob                                       8-11-1867                                                                   b.Ann, Baltimore C, MD, age 63, widower, s/o [] [], cause- Bronchitis, Syncope

Myers, Josephine Beasley                     1-11-1916                   Maple Grove                            b 6-2-1878

Myers, Kate                                         7-9-1892                                                                     b Findlay, age 19, d/o [] [], single, cause Infla. Of the Bowels, reported by W.W. Siddall

Myers, Lillie                                         10-1-1892                                                                   b Findlay, age 9d, cause Bowel Trouble, reported by Isaac Fellers

Myers, Lyria                                         c10-20-1933               McComb Cemetery                 

Myers, Mary                                        1-30-1892                                                                   b Wurtenberg, married, age 70, cause LaGrippe

Myers, Mary A. Thomas                      1902                            Union                                       b 1858

Myers, Mary E.                                    3-1-1893                                                                     b Jackson Twp, age 31y5m19d, married; cause Abscess of Bowels, reported by J F Gruber

Myers, Noah                                        4-6-1887                                                                     age 44, residence Cass Twp, cause []

Myers, Ruben                                       5-15-1893                                                                   b Fairfield C OH, age 73, married, cause old age, reported by W. W. Siddall

Myers, Sarah                                        11-26-1891                                                                 b Fostoria OH, married, age 42, cause Remittent Fever

Myers, Sophia                                      4-22-1868 [duplicate says 4-26-1868]                         age 13y, b Oh, residence Blanchard Twp, servant, d/o [][], cause Fever Typhoid [Typhoid Poisoning]



Neibling, Col James M.                        2-21-1869                   Maple Grove                            b 1828

Nelson, James                                      5-1-1868                                                                     age 2y, b Portage Twp, s/o John & Martha Nelson, cause Billious Pneumonia

Noler, Anna                                         2-21-1889                                                                   age 18y, res Arcadia, cause Inflammatory rheumatism

No Name Infant                                   9-28-1867                                                                   age 15d, b Washington Twp, cause Erysipelas

Norris, George W.                               10-7-1867                                                                   b Garfield C OH, age 56, married, farmer, s/o George & Eleonor Norris, cause Dropsy

Norway, George E.                              12-6-1981                   Pleasant Hill                              b 1-18-1921

Norway, Joseph Everett                       11-3-1944                   Pleasant Hill                              b 11-24-1897

Norway, Mildred N. Digby                   3-10-1989                   Pleasant Hill                              b 12-9-1897

Now, Helen Irene Alexander                6-2-1996                     Maple Grove                            b 2-16-1907

Now, Herbert Orville                            5-2-1998                     Maple Grove                            b 4-14-1905



Oakes, J.                                              8-30-1867                                                                   b.Pleasant Twp, age 2m, d/o John & Rachel Oakes, cause Cholera Infantum

Oman, Mrs Joseph                               6-20-1884                                                                   age 70, cause dropsy

Orwick, Jessie May Launder                5-24-1947                   Maple Grove                            b 12-2-1882

Osthimer, Mary                                    12-29-1867                                                                 b Allen Twp, age 2, d/o Joseph & Eva Osthimer, cause Croup

Otley, Lavina May Copus                     10-17-1918                 Maple Grove                            b 2-7-1887

Outhwaite, Mrs William                        4-22-1893                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 73, b PA, residence Findlay Main St & Lima St., attended English Lutheran Church

Overholt, Christian                                1-11-1868                                                                   age 81, b Bucks C PA, married farmer, res. Washington Twp, cause Kidney Disease

Overholt, Jacob                                    9-14-1867                                                                   b.S. Huntington,Westmoreland C PA, age 20, student, residence Westerville, Franklin C OH,         

                                                                                                                                                s/o [] [], cause Bloody Flux



Pageloff, Grace M. Hettrick                  4-16-1992                   Highland Gardens, Belvidere IL   age 85

Painter, Nevada                                    4-16-1868                                                                   age 1y, b Pleasant Twp, d/o Sarah Painter, cause Scrofuls

Papenfus, Robert G.                             8-9-1976                     Maple Grove                            b 11-13-1921 Seneca C, father of my husb Stephen, cause Heart Attack

Pardee, Almod                                     5-5-1868                                                                     age 73, b [], res Delaware Twp, single, Millwright, cause Enlargement of Spleen

Parker, Archie J.                                  2-28-1868                                                                   age 1y, b Findlay, s/o [] [], cause Infl. Of Lungs

Parker, Harriet S.                                 6-26-1909                                                                   b 9-21-1828 NY, age 81y9m5d, widow, d/o Stephen Logen & Margurite Oaks, cause Apoplexy

Parr, Juanita A. Garcia                          3-28-1998                   Pleasant Hill                              b 5-12-1926

Parr, Mary Elizabeth                             5-16-1909                                                                   b 3-6-1907 Hancock, age 2y2m10d, d/o Benj. F. Parr & Elma Pearl Codner, cause Phrenitis

Parrott, Denton C.                                10-21-1933                 Maple Grove, Findlay               age 74, proprietor of Pop corn wagon & The Pie Shop on S Cory St, cause Apoplexy

Patterson, Helen                                   3-3-1976                     Benton Ridge Cemetery

Patterson, Mary                                    6-24-1884                   Echo, Mt Blanchard                  age 86y11m

Patterson, William                                 8-16-1909                                                                   b 3-24-1809 [?] OH 72y4m25d, married, s/o James Patterson & Mary Nelson, cause TB Bowels & Kidney

Paulin, Trixie Boegle                             5-11-1913                   Maple Grove

Paxton, Grace Dolly Gardner                8-13-1957                   Maple Grove                            b 2-14-1888

Paxton, James T.                                  2-25-1937                   Maple Grove                            b 6-30-1877

Peet, Miller E.                                      9-27-1879                                                                   age 3y0m1d, b Findlay, cause Typhoid pneumonia

Perkins, William                                    11-23-1909                                                                 b 4-22-1839 Franklin C OH, 70y7m1d, Broker, s/o Lemuel Perkins & Unknown Scoril, cause Apoplexy

Perry, Mary Farmer                              9-26-1853                   Duke Cemetery, Marion Twp    age 39 y 3m 5d , husband James Newton Perry

Perry, Sabrina                                      11-19-1862                 Indian Green Cemetery             d/o James N. and Catherine Boylan Perry Age 1y 8m 27d

Perry, Tatta M.                                     9-8-1909                                                                     b 2-14-1845 OH, age 64y7m24d, married, d/o I. J. Baldwin & Elizabeth Willie, cause Uterine Cancer

Peters, Margarette Myers                     7-12-1909                                                                   b 4-27-1830, age 79y2m15d, widow, d/o Adam Myers & Catherine Bingard, cause Gangrene foot

Philippe, Frederick                               2-7-1868                                                                     b Germany, age 23, single, saddler, cause Consumption

Phifer, Edwin                                        2-22-1891                                                                   age 11, s/o Mr & Mrs Edwin Phifer, res Findlay, cause Inflammation of Bowels

Pifer, Henry                                          12-30-1867                                                                 b Findlay, age 2, s/o John & Harriet Pifer, cause Congest. Of Lungs

Platt, Joseph                                         9-30-1867                                                                   b. Unknown, age Unknown, married, Miller, parents [][], cause Obstruction Bwls.

Poe, John                                             9-22-1909                                                                   b 11-22-1849 OH, Married, Attorney, s/o Robert Poe & Jane Wilson, cause Brights Disease

Poole, Peter J.                                      10-17-1909                                                                 b 10-10-1849 Canada, age 60y7d, Oil Produc, s/o Wm Poole & Mary Jones, cause Tumor of Brain

Pore, Martha                                        c2-3-1893                                                                   res VanBuren Twp

Porter, Elizabeth M. Eschbaug              12-1-1938                   Maple Grove

Porter, Frances L.                                12-27-1982    

Poth, John                                            11-1-1909                                                                   b 11-24-1853 Germany, 55y11m7d, s/o Andy Poth & Elizabeth Hildesibeich, cause Killed by T&OC train

Povenmire, Forrest M.                          2-10-1868                                                                   age 1y, b OH, s/o [][], cause sinking chills

Powel, Delores Mathews                      11-7-1984                   Maple Grove                            b 12-6-1936

Powell, Bateman B.                              9-5-1920                     Benton Ridge                            age 87, b Fairfield C 2-14-1833, wife Eliz. Whitehurst 1857 Fairfield C, cause “paraoysis”

Powell, Daniel L                                   2-12-1912                   Powell Cem                             

Powell, Elizabeth                                  2-22-1889                   Benton Ridge                            age 60, wife of Rev John Powell, resident of county over 45 yrs.

Powell, Elizabeth Pasold                       4-15-1910                   Maple Grove                            b1854 Findlay, husb William, cause Paralysis of Heart

Powell, Fannie Bender                          2-13-1912                   Findlay                                     age 48, wife of Isaiah, mother Mary J Bender, d Tulsa Okl, cause Burns from lantern explosion [gas filled]

Powell, George                                     1-28-1893                                                                   age 74, res Liberty Twp, Wood C.

Powell, Henry W.                                 8-19-1920                                                                   age 86, B Fairfield C, d Toledo w/daughter Mrs Clark Bowman, residence prior Rawson, Mt Cory

Powell, Mrs Isaiah                                2-11-1912                   Maple Grove                            d Tulsa Okl

Powell, Jacob J                                    5-12-1913                   Pleasant View Cem                  age 55 cause Bright’s Disease, father H W Powell, siblings: Ira, E D, T E , Ida Benner, Zera

Powell, Jacob S.                                   4-5-1920                     Bishop                                      age 58, cause Cerebral Hemorrhage,

Powell, Mary J.                                    5-9-1909                                                                     b 1-10-1828 OH, 81y3m29d, d/o Allen McCahan & Sarah Rodgers; Cerebral Hemorrhage, Ca left breast

Powell, Peter H.                                   7-20-1920                   Maple Grove                            b c1837 Eagle Twp, s/o Peter & Elizabeth Powell.

Powell, Phillip                                       4-23-1910                   Flick Cem                                age 87 b Fairfield C Oh

Powell, Sarah Ellen                               1-24-1909                   Benton Ridge                            b 9-8-1868 Putnam C, age 44y 4m 23d, d/o Wm. & Sarah Ellen Pfahler, cause Rheumatism of Heart

Pratt, Daniel M.                                    3-28-1909                                                                   b 4-10-1863 OH, 45y11m18d, Divorced, s/o Daniel Pratt Sr & Elizabeth Sanderson; Convulsions Epileptic

Pratt, Erastus                                        9-12-1867                                                                   b.Unknown, age unknown, married, farmer, cause Typhoid Fever

Pratt, Laura                                          4-8-1868                                                                     age 9y, b Vanlue, d/o [][], cause Infl. Of Brain

Pressnell, Lucille                                   2-14-1909                                                                   b 2-9-1909 Findlay, age 5d, d/o Ezra Pressnell & Nellie Stevens, cause Internal Hemorrhage

Pressnell, Mary "Katie" Varner             8-14-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 83, d/o William & Ethel Wright Varner

Price, Adam                                         1939

Price, [no name, male]                          3-5-1868                                                                     age 7y, s/o N. Price, cause []

Price, Mary M. Fischer                         2-25-1909                                                                   wife of Adam, b 11-30-1870 Crestline OH, d/o Louis Fisher & Anna Baumonk, cause Heart Dilatation

Price, Clara Anna Elizabeth                   8-23-2006                   Arlington Cemetery                   age 107, maiden: Luneack, husb. A. Reed Price     

Price, Nelson Poe                                 7-15-1909                                                                   b 7-13-1909 Findlay, age 2d, s/o Peter N Price & Mazelle Poe, cause Inanition

Pulson, Mary                                        9-22-1867                                                                   b Unknown, age 35 married, d/o [][], cause []

Putnam, Eli                                           2-14-1909                                                                   b 7-15-1857, age 52y10m, Merchant, s/o David Putnam & Elizabeth Shoupe, cause Softening of Brain



Radabaugh, Mary                                 c10-20-1933               Maple Grove, Findlay

Ramsey, Catherine                                8-1867                                                                         b. PA, age 72, married, cause-Dropsy, Old Age

Ramsey, Sarah A.                                 12-7-1867                                                                   b Fiatt C PA, age 56, married, d/o [][], cause Typhoid Fever

Ray, Ann marth                                    2-15-1868                                                                   age 7y, b Liberty Twp, residence Union Twp, d/o [] [], cause Dropsy of brain

Reber, Jacob                                        4-5-1920                     Maple Grove                            age 75, b Hancock C, res Findlay 35y, wife Nancy A Bryan 1866. son Frank, daughter Nancy A

Redfern, Joseph                                    8-4-1907                                                                     b 2-14-1812 Muker, Yorkshire, England, age 95y5m18d, widow, s/o Francis Redfern & [], cause stroke

Reed, Henry                                         2-26-1891                   sent East                                   age 30, glass worker, residence with Mother in Findlay, cause Consumption

Reichley, Betty Jean Myers                   8-19-2006                   St Paul Cem. Jenera                 b. 10-25-1929 Hancock , d/o Floyd & Gertrude Irene Robinson Myers, husb Elmer

Reichley, Elmer Winfred                       9-4-1975                     [?St Paul Cem]                        

Renninger, Infant Male                          10-6-1867                                                                   b.Blanchard Twp, age 14d, s/o J. & Rebecca Renninger, cause []

Renninger, Rebecca                              11-27-1867                                                                 age 34, married, b Union C PA, residence Benton, cause Disease of Heart, dropsy

Rettick, Philip                                       9-29-1867                                                                   b. Germany, age 46, married, wagon maker, s/o [][], cause-Consumption

Rettig, Erma N.                                    9-1-2006                     Knollcrest                                 age 103,b. Houcktown, maiden: Miller

Reves, Ross                                         4-12-1868                                                                   age 40, b OH, married, cause Liver Complaint

Reynolds, Berton O.                             7-1-1980                     [Maple Grove ?]                      

Reynolds, Grace G.                              10-3-1981                   maple Grove, Findlay                age 85, b Biglick Twp, husb Berton

Rhinehamer, Emily H. Lee                     1929                            Alspach Cemetery                    age 97, b OH 5-17-1832, d/o Henry Lee, wife of Edward W. Rhinehamer, cause Infirmity of age

Rice, Infant male                                   4-9-1868                                                                     age 20d, b Findlay, s/o Wm. & E M. Rice, cause []

Ricksecker, John W.                            7-3-1953                     Maple Grove                            b 5-4-1883

Ricksecker, Viola May Williams           11-18-1949                 Maple Grove                            b 5-31-1890

Ritter, Conrad                                      5-12-1913                   Maple Grove                           

Robbins, Aldaline                                 6-20-1884                   Maple Grove                            age 58, husb Jackson Robbins, cause cancer

Roberts, L. D.                                      3-4-2006                     Maple Grove                            b 3-31-1935

Roberts, William James                         9-27-1977                   Maple Grove                            b 1-23-1891

Robinson, John                                     8-5-1867                                                                     b.Hancock C, age 8m, s/o J. & A. M. Robinson, cause-Whooping Cough

Rodabaugh, Lois M. Spacht                 12-22-1976                                                                 age 95

Routson, Charles                                  8-28-2006                   Bechtel Cemetery, VB              age 81

Routson, Charles Leon                         5-23-1925                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 68, b Hancock C, s/o Joel J. Routson & Rhoda A. Marvin, wife Laura Morehart

Routson, Cleon Floyd                           7-27-1916                   McComb                                 b Hancock C, s/o John J. Routson & Eliza Dillinger, wife Maude E. Kelley

Routson, James Keith                           5-17-2005                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 74,

Routson, Jane [Campbell]                     10-14-1867                                                                 b PA, age 66, married [J.J. Routson], parents [][], cause Old Age

Routson, Joel Joseph                            10-4-1901                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 81, b Columbiana C. OH, s/o David Routzon & Elizabeth Campbell

Routson, Laura E. Morehart                 4-12-1920                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 59, b Vanlue, d/o Josiah Morehart & Mary P. Beck

Routson, Maude E. Kelley                    1-17-1978                   McComb                                 b Hancock C, husb Cleon Floyd Routson, married 1-14-1904

Routson, Rhoda Ann Marvin                 3-20-1894                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 62, b Luzerne PA

Routzon, David                                     10-17-1855                 Maple Grove, Findlay               age 85, b Berks C PA, s/o Johannes Routzong & Elizabetha M.  Repp

Routzon, Elizabeth                                8-26-1859                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 75, b PA, husb David, married 1818 Columbiana C OH

Rowe, Daniel                                        8-26-1867                                                                   b.Northampton PA, age 76, married, s/o Unknown, cause Congestive Chills

Rummel, Katie W.                                8-20-1867                                                                   b.Hancock C, age 1, d/o []

Rummell, Mary                                     9-23-1867                                                                   b.Richland Twp, Wyandot C, age 20, single, Housemaid, d/o John Rummel, cause-Congestion



Sage, Daniel P.                                     1-15-1868                                                                   age 67, b NY, residence Arcadia, married, grocer, cause Typhoid fever

Sager, Infant [sex?]                               12-24-1899                                                                 age [], b Findlay, parents D D Sager & Georgiana Pugh, cause Cyanosis

Saltzman, Alice Matilda                        5-19-1963                   Union                                       b 11-30-1878

Saltzman, Anna                                     5-30-1918                                                                   b. France, d/o John Rupp & Mary Becklair, cause Arteriosclerosis

Saltsman, Jerusha                                 8-22-1908                                                                   age 83y1m6d, b Water Loo NY, d/o John Davis & Elizabeth Vander---, cause Dropsy

Sampson, David Hinkle                        5-23-1918                   Krout Cemetery, Jackson Twp   b. OH, s/o Levi Sampson & Elizabeth  Krout, cause Pulmonary Tuberculosis                        

Sampson, F R                                      7-6-1899                                                                     age 10y11m21d, male, b Mt Blanchard, parents [], cause Cerebro Spinal Meningitis

Sampson, Levi                                      3-13-1877                   Krout Cemetery, Jackson Twp           

Sampson, Malinda M. Hoy                   3-20-1935                   Krout Cemetery, Jackson Twp

Sampson, Rachel E.                              10-3-1908                                                                   age 55y3m26d, married, b Amanda twp, cause Tuberculosis

Sands, Iva E                                         11-6-1902                                                                   age 18y6m3d, bFairfield C,res Portage twp,d/o Solomon Sands & Sarah Phiester, cause Typhoid Pneumonia

Sanner, Elizabeth                                  2-5-1900                                                                     age  61y8m4d, widow, b Conto Benanan, cause Cancer

Sanner, Rose                                        3-6-1903                                                                     age 4y6m29d, b Mt Cory, parents [], cause Infla of Spinal cord

Sauser, Ray                                          4-22-1881                                                                   age 1m12d, b Findlay, res Allen twp, parents [], cause []

Sauser, Sarah J.                                    5-20-1881                                                                   age 31y4m, b Oh, res Allen Twp, married, cause Consumption

Saul, Durrella D                                    11-28-1908                                                                 age 34y9m28d, b Hancock C OH, married , cause Scarlet Fever

Saums, Dale L.                                     3-3-1976                     Maple Grove, Findlay               age 83

Schaufler, Cory Dell                             4-22-1881                                                                   age 5y0m10d, b Portage twp, parents [], cause Lung Fever

Schlaack, Carl                                      10-17-1902                 St Pauls                                    age 79y3m17d, b 2-3-1823 per tombstone, Germ, wife Pauline, cause Inflammation of Bladder

Schlaack, Catherine                              6-24-1961                   St Pauls                                   

Schlaak, Catherine Elizabeth                 7-31-1918                                                                   b 1867 OH, d/o Adam Baumont [Baumunk] & Margaret Beach, husb F. Wm,  cause Dilated Heart

Schlaack, Charles                                 11-24-1930                 St Pauls                                    age 62, s/o Karl & Pauline Schlaack

Schlaak, Clarence                                 1-28-1900                                                                   age 2y5m3d, b Madison Twp, , cause Pneumonia

Schlaak, Clinton                                   8-2-1978                     California                                  age 86, cause Heart Attack

Schlaack, Della S                                 4-4-1905                     Arlington                                  age 18y2m9d

Schlaack, Elizabeth                               12-15-1947                 Arlington

Schlaak, Frederick William                   5-5-1932                     Arlington                                  age 74, b Germany 9-16-1857, s/o Karl & Pauline Schlaak.

Schlaack, Grace                                   11-19-1928                 St Pauls                                    age 29, cause Tuberculosis

Schlaack, Henry C                               2-23-1912                   Arlington

Schlaack, Hulda                                   2-29-1984                   St Paul , Arlington                    age 73, d/o Charles Schlaack and Catherine Hull, teacher, never married

Schlaack, Ida M                                   1945                            St Paul

Schlaack, Infant Male                           9-19-1882                   Arlington                                 

Schlaack, Ira E.                                    10-10-1909                 Arlington

Schlaack, Ira Clare                               8-19-1882                                                                   age 6 days, b Madison Twp, cause Direct

Schlaack, Mary                                    6-11-1880                   St Pauls

Schlaack, Paulinea                                4-16-1908                                                                   age 81y, widow, b Germany, [husband Carl], cause Asthma

Schlaack, Rollo B                                 11-28-1970                 St Pauls                                    age 70

Schmehl, Dorothea                               5-26-1918                                                                   b Germany, d/o Andrew Yearling & Eva Elizabeth Bash, cause Gangrene Left Foot

Schrier, Edward                                   12-26-1882                                                                 age 10months, b Findlay, parents [], cause Croup

Schubert, Albert G.                              4-11-1918                                                                   b. Biglick Twp, s/o Leander Schubert & Susan Grove, cause Mitral Insufficiency

Schuyler, James                                    2-8-1901                                                                     age 86y8m25d, b OH, married, cause Old Age

Schwab, Mary B.                                 6-5-1918                                                                     b Germany, c/o [] Marquet & [] Steinman, cause Mitral Insufficiency

Schwab, Sarah                                     10-28-1902                                                                 age 37y6m4d, b Findlay, married, cause Cancer

Scott, Alfred D                                     9-5-1900                                                                     age 7months, b VanBuren, parents [], cause Cholera Infantum

Scott, Clara Brice                                 4-15-1902                                                                   age 25y3m19d b Elk City, cause Peritonitis

Scott, Harrold E.                                  10-16-1881                                                                 age 1y11m, b Oh, res Delaware twp, parents [], cause Consumption

Scott, Mary A                                      6-30-1902                                                                   age 59y10m20d, b Wood C, res McComb, cause Cancer

Scott, Susan Louisa                              2-20-1882                                                                   age 33y1m0d, b Oh , single, res Delaware twp, cause Consumption

Searfoss, Jacob                                    11-13-1882                                                                 age 65y1m1d, b Pickaway C, res Marion Twp, married, cause Consumption

Sebastian, Anna                                    1-6-1903                                                                     age 64y8m6d, b Stark C OH, res Arlington, married, cause Typhoid Pneumonia

Sechler, Dorsie Cleo                             12-10-1899                                                                 age 10y0m7d, b Orange Twp, cause Cebro [Cerebro] Spinal Meningitis, parents []

Seitz, Rebecca                                      8-8-1882                                                                     age 72y9m26d, b Fairfield C, res Portage twp, single, father Spitler, cause Old Age

Semler, Johan Peters                            6-2-1872                     Maple Grove                            b 4-12-1807

Sessions, ?ilford [M or W]                    8-28-1907                                                                   age 1m5d, b Findlay, s/o George Sessions & Nocy Tussing, cause Dropsy

Setzer, Peter                                         1878                                                                           

Shafer, Alva                                         10-15-1881                                                                 age1y9m9d, b Oh , res Cass Twp, parents [], cause Diphtheria

Shafer, Cecyl Wayne                            6-8-1918                                                                     b. 1916 OH, s/o J. H. Shafer & Eva LaRue, cause Accidental Drowning

Shafer, Helen Elizabeth                         4-4-1918                                                                     b OH, child, d/o Chas. O Shafer & Verna Rinebolt, cause Lobar Pneumonia

Shaffer, Alexander J.                            8-18-1918                                                                   b 1853 Perry C OH, s/o Joe Shaffer & Martha Paden, cause Cancer of Stomach

Shaffer, Mark G.                                  3-26-1918                                                                   Infant, s/o M. G Shafer, & Mildred Kavanaugh, cause Enteritis

Shank, Henry                                       4-20-1918                                                                   b OH, s/o Henry Shank & Cordelia Yates, cause Cerebral Hemorrhage

Shank, Henry Edger                             7-5-1918                                                                     b. 1918 Hancock C, s/o Ross A. Shank & Ethel Faye Crouse, cause Congenital heart leak

Shaufleberger, Lena                              3-30-1883                                                                   age 5m14d, b Washington Twp, parents [], cause Croup

Shaw, Maybel                                      10-14-1902                                                                 age 23y0m1d, b Blanchard twp, parents John C Shaw & Sarah F Conine, cause Consumption

Shaw, Mary                                         2-16-1883                                                                   age 54y7m5d, b Trumble C OH, res Orange twp, cause Diabetes

Shaw, Sarah F                                      2-22-1918                                                                   b June 1848

Sheets, Martha                                     9-20-1908                                                                   age 82y,1m6d, b Washington C PA, d/o James Campbell & Jenette Wilson, cause Old Age

Shepp, Mertie                                      10-10-1881                                                                 fe, age 3y, b Oh, parents [], res Infirmery, cause Spasms

Shepard, Howard                                 2-13-1908                                                                   age 20y10m16d, b Findlay, single, clerk, cause Heart

Shepperd, Howard                               2-12-1908                                                                   age20y10m20d, b Wyandot C OH, cause Heart Disease

Sheridan, Magie H.                               12-19-1882                                                                 age 35y8m, b Canada, single, occup Dressmaker, cause Consumption

Sherman, Nella                                     1-4-1900                                                                     age 23y0m12d, married, b Wyandot C OH, res Findlay, cause Consumption

Sherman, Sarah Nabina                        2-20-1918                                                                   b Sept 1851

Sherrick, Clarence A.                           12-21-1976                Maple Grove, Findlay               age 86

Shimp, Orlan Luther                             9-30-1902                                                                   age 2y10m28d, b Jackson twp res Eagle Twp, parents [], cause Chol. Infantum

Shine, Eddie                                         1-12-1908                                                                   age 20y11m29d, b Amanda Twp, farmer, cause Mesenterica Tuberculosis

Shirk, John                                           4-22-1908                                                                   age 67y28d, married b A?on C OH, res McComb, cause Heart Trouble

Shirley, John R.                                    4-25-1893                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 79, born PA, residence 60 yr Hancock C OH, married, 6 children

Shively, Mary Viola                              3-28-1883                                                                   age 1y0m13d, b Amanda Twp, parents [] cause Lung Disease

Shoaf, Winona Milligan                         8-19-2006                   Grand Prairie, Marion Oh         age 84 b 2-17-1922 Claremont WY, Husb Gerald Milligan, Husb Paul Shoaf

Shoemaker, Elizabeth                           12-15-1899                                                                 age 97y10m5d, widow, b PA, res Findlay, cause Old Age

Shoemaker, Infant Female                    7-27-1867                                                                   age 1d [b, 7-26-1867] b Union Twp, d/o J & J Shoemaker, cause-Premature Birth

Shoemaker, Jacob                                8-23-1900                                                                   age 85y6m12, widow, b Springfield Columbiana C., res Mt Blanchard, cause Old Age

Shoemaker, Pvt John                            5-15-1923                   Krout                                       b 5-25-1842

Shoemaker, Minna                               4-17-1881                                                                   age 11y, b Oh, res Mt Blanchard, cause Typhoid Fever

Shoemaker, Rebecca                            3-18-1900                                                                   age 77y1m4d, b Mt Blanchard, married, cause Explosion

Shoemaker, Roy                                   6-8-1902                                                                     age 24y1m20d, b Findlay, married, cause Peritonitis

Shoop, Jonas                                        5-14-1868                                                                   age 33, single, b PA, cause Consumption

Showman, P B                                     2-21-1901                                                                   male age 79y0m20d, b Jefferson C MD, married, res Allen Twp, cause Uramic {Uremic] Poison

Shuck, Eliza                                          6-25-1881                                                                   age 61y11m28d, b PA, res Findlay, married, cause Heart Disease

Shuck, Infant [sex?]                              8-28-1899                                                                   age 2months, parents Otis Shuck & Viola B. Hill, cause Consumption

Shuck, Morgan D.                                6-16-1899                                                                   age 62y2m20d, married, b Mt Blanchard, lawyer, cause Septicaemia

Shuck, Viola B.                                    12-12-1899                                                                 age 19y10m1d, b OH, married, cause Consumption

Shuck, William                                     1-28-1892                   [Amanda Twp?]                       age 73, res Amanda Twp, Pioneer Settler, son John and 4 others, 2 daughters, cause La grippe

Shuler, Carl J                                        11-27-1902                                                                 age 4 days, b Findlay, father William Shuler, cause Spinal trouble

Shuler, Frederick                                  Jan 1868                                                                      age [], b Vanlue, single, cause Heart Dis.

Shull, Amanda                                      9-7-1908                                                                     age 62y9m10d, single, b Franklin C OH, cause Paralysis

Shull, Francis                                        10-13-1908                                                                 age 68y6m21d, b Franklin C OH, married, cause Hemorrhage

Siddall, Tilla                                          1-2-1882                                                                     age 41y4m15d, b Oh res Findlay, married, cause Typhoid Fever

Sidle, Glen Edward                               4-19-1918                                                                   b Findlay, infant, s/o Ed. Sidle & Agnes Priest, cause Bronchopneumonia

Silick, Jacob                                         1-22-1901                                                                   age 80y9m18d, widow, b Adams C OH, res Mt Blanchard, cause Old Age

Simcox, Margaret                                 4-12-1868                                                                   age 65, b OH, widow, cause Heart Disease

Simpson, Marjorie Lucille                     9-3-1918                                                                     b 1901 Liberty Twp, d/o T. L. Simpson & Maude Keene, cause TB of Lungs

Sims, Elizabeth                                     5-15-1918                                                                   b Hancock C, d/o Owen Hughes & Elizabeth Bailey, cause Bronchopneumonia

Sims, Susan                                          5-17-1882                                                                   age 73y6m7d, b PA, res Arlington, married, cause Direct

Sink, John W.                                       1900 [no date given]                                                     age 86, widowed, b PA, res Delaware Twp, cause Pneumonia

Sintz, Oscar                                          9-22-1902                                                                   age 19days, b Findlay, parents [], cause Heart Failure

Sisco, Harvey                                       1-11-1908                                                                   age 54y1m, married b Paulding C OH, rig builder, cause Cancer

Skelley, Aaron H.                                 11-12-1907                                                                 age 47y, single, b Findlay, brick layer, cause Obstruction of Bowels

Skelley, Albert                                      11-11-1902                                                                 age 23y8m, b Marion Twp, cause Consumption

Sloop, John                                          11-3-1881                                                                   age 6m9d, b Findlay, parents [], cause Pneumonia

Slupe, Samuel                                       5-8-1902                                                                     age 68y4m7d, b Seneca C, res McComb, cause Heart Disease

Slusser, Ray                                         3-3-1899                                                                     age 10m23d, b Orange Twp, cause Unknown, parents []

Smart, James Otis Jr                             1-16-2004                   Maple Grove                            b 1-27-1957

Smart, James Otis Sr                            12-1-1971                   Maple Grove                            b 6-19-1937

Smart, William Jeffrey                           3-9-1986                     Maple Grove                            b 4-17-1963

Smeltzer, John                                      3-9-1882                                                                     age 82y9m22d, b PA, res Liberty twp, cause Old Age

Smiley, John E Jr                                  6-7-1907                                                                     age 5y8m, b Findlay, cause Scarlet Fever

Smith, Adam                                        10-26-1899                                                                 age 4y, parents [], cause Typhoid Fever

Smith, Amanda                                     12-26-1867                                                                 b Ohio, age 17, married, d/o Unknown Baker & [], cause Fever

Smith, Aaron                                        10-3-1881                                                                   age 6m10d, b Oh, res Eagle Twp, parents [], cause Not Known

Smith, Christian                                    6-27-1900                                                                   age 74y, b Germany, res Findlay, cause Pneumonia

Smith, Edwina Williamson                     5-8-2006                     Maple Grove                            b 3-3-1923

Smith, Emma                                        6-27-1868                                                                   age 9m, b Hancock C, d/o Peter & Elisebeth Smith, cause Congest. Of Brain

Smith, Emma M.                                   12-11-1900                                                                 age 36y5m4d, b OH, married, cause Gall Stones

Smith, George C.                                  2-11-1908                                                                   age 21y1m, b Findlay, single, laborer, cause Pneumonia

Smith, Hiram                                        8-4-1908                                                                     age 79y7m18d, b Fairfield C OH, married, cause Cancer

Smith, Infant Female                             4-11-1908                                                                   Cause Premature, d/o John Smith & Agnes Sampson, b Eagle Twp

Smith, Infant []                                      4-16-1918                                                                   Stillborn child of Frank Smith & Maud Herford

Smith, Isaac                                          1869                                                                            Eagle Twp

Smith, Minnie                                       5-26-1908                                                                   age 41y6m6d, married b Van Buren Twp, cause Dropsy

Smith, Mrs Jacob                                 1-22-1892                   [?St Michaels Cem]                  age 36, res Findlay

Smith, Lauren E.                                   10-3-1981                   Pleasant View, Wingston          age 73, b Liberty Twp

Smith, Nella Iona                                  4-11-1881                                                                   age 7y9m22d, b Oh, res Eagle Twp, parents [], cause Dropsy

Smith, Ruth Amanda                             6-8-1907                                                                     age 78y, widow, b Columbiana C OH, cause Heart disease

Smith, Ruth Catherine                           7-8-1918                                                                     b. OH, child, d/o Jos. Smith & Nellie Brown, cause Diptheria

Smith, Sarah                                         4-24-1907                                                                   age 61y9m8d, married, b Aurora IN, cause Carbuncle

Smith, William H.                                  6-1-1868                                                                     age 1y, b Indiana C PA, s/o Jacob & Sarah Smith, cause Brain Fever

Smothers, Susan                                   4-28-1900                                                                   age 98y5m13d, b Fairfield C, widow cause Typhoid Fever

Snaveley, Myrtle Ray                            9-19-1902                                                                   age 8m27d, b Pleasant twp, parents [], cause Cholera Infantum

Snyder, George                                    10-8-1902                                                                   age 40y5m7d, b Madison twp, married, cause Suicide

Snyder, George W.                              4-16-1918                                                                   b OH, child, s/o Guy Snyder & Mable Purkey, cause Appendicitis

Snyder, Infant, []                                  10-1-1899                                                                   Stillborn, parents Alexander W. Snyder & Sadie L Hartman, res Madison Twp

Snyder, Ivan R.                                    7-22-1907                                                                   age 11y9m, b Marion twp, cause Peritonitis

Snyder, Sarah H.                                  6-17-1918                                                                   b 1847 OH, d/o Fred K. Diduit & Helen Gildrouth, cause Uremia

Solether, John                                       2-4-1903                                                                     age 73y4m21d, b Westenberg Germany, res Washington twp, widower, cause Paralysis

Solomon, Audrey                                 10-5-2003                   Weaver Cemetery, Wood C    age 79

Solomon, Daniel                                   12-31-1879                                                                 age 27y8m3d, married, b Findlay, cause Consumption

Solomon, Rebecca Jane                        9-1-1879                                                                     age 1y6m12d, born Findlay, cause Croup

Solomon, Rosa Netta                           9-15-1881                                                                   age 3m24d, b Findlay,, parents [], cause Dropsy

Solt, Peter                                            6-28-1908                                                                   age 77y7m15d, b Fairfield C OH, cause Apoplexy

Spacht, Fred                                        2-19-1918                                                                   b Feb 1872

Spahr, Edna Winafred                          9-13-1881                                                                   age 1m13d, b Marion twp, parents [], cause Cholera Infantum

Spahr, Edwin William                           9-7-1881                                                                     age 1m6d, b Marion twp, parents [], [? Twin of Edna], cause Cholera Infantum

Spar, William H.                                   12-20-1882                                                                 age 3m6d, b VanBuren Twp, parents [], cause Pneumonia

Sphar, Ann Margaret                            1-1-1903                                                                     age 75y9m2d, b Stark C OH, res Mt Cory, widow, cause Old Age

Spangler, Evelyn Almeda                      5-7-1918                                                                     b Findlay, child, d/o H E Spangler & Euphemia Blotts, cause Acute Nephritis

Spangler, Harry G.                               8-19-1882                                                                   age 7y0m25d, b Orange twp, parents [], cause Lung Fever

Spangler, Maria J                                 11-6-1902                                                                   age 51y9m29d, b Franklin C OH, res Union twp, married, cause Contusion or Fracture

Spangler, Nancy                                   3-23-1882                                                                   age 43y11m9d, b Oh married, res Orange Twp, cause Consumption

Spangler, Susie E                                  1-18-1900                                                                   age 12y11m21d, b Orange Twp, parents [], Intersseption

Spate, George                                      7-1-1918                                                                     b 1842 Germany, parents [] [], cause Sarcomas

Speer, James                                        9-17-1867                                                                   b.Ireland, age 59, married, farmer, s/o [][], cause-Cancer, Paralysis

Speice, Stella                                        c1-23-1892                 [?McComb]                             age 15 pod-Indianapolis Surgical Institute, d/o C F Speice, cause suffocation d/t fire

Spitler, Adam Titus                               2-23-1949                   Maple Grove, Findlay                                   

Spitler, Ada Elizabeth                           8-16-1947                   Maple Grove, Findlay                maiden: Kennedy

Spitler, Annetta Poe                              10-15-1928                 Bectel, Allen Twp, VanBuren                                      

Sterner, Nancy M.                                12-21-1896                                                                 maiden: Fellers

Spacht, Florence Estella                        5-21-1908                                                                   age 53y9m24d, b Orange Twp, married, cause Bright’s disease

Spitler, Bertha Harriet                           7-9-1918                                                                     b 1917 Akron OH, d/o Chas. E. Spitler & Selma Rosenfeld, cause Meningitis

Spitzmiller, Dorothy B.                           8-11-2006                  Maple Grove, Findlay               maiden: Spoon

Stafford, Wayne                                   12-22-1976                 McComb Union Cemetery        age 60

Staker, Godlieb                                    4-16-1868                                                                   age 68, b Bock Germany, married, res Biglick Twp, cause Apoplexy

Stall, Lewis                                           2-8-1903                                                                     age 14y4m2d, b Blanchard twp, parents James Stall & L J Lowdenslagiar, cause Pneumonia of Lungs

Star, Amarilla                                       8-11-2006                                                                   age 100

Steimer, Elizabeth                                 3-17-1918                                                                   b May 28 1862 Pittsburg PA, d/o Nicholas Steimer & Katherine Keller, Cause Pneumonia

Steinman, Glena Fay                             1-4-1903                                                                     age 1y8m10d, b Arlington, parents [], cause Infla of bowels

Steinman, Mary Catherine                     7-18-1918                                                                   b 1858 Germany, d/o Michael Bauers & Barbara Winters, cause Acute Myelitis

Stillbergs, Rusilla                                   4-3-1881                                                                     age 33y, b Oh, res Kirby, married, cause Consumption

Stiner, Rev. James Otis                         12-9-1993                   Knollcrest                                 age 79, my Dad, b Union C TN, cause Pancreatic Cancer

Stiner, Trula Lorena Weaver                 12-24-2005                 Knollcrest                                 age 81, my Mom, b Halls XRoads, Knoxville TN, cause Lung Cancer

Stout, Rebecca                                     4-24-1918                                                                   b OH , d/o Andrew Walter & Barbara Hane, cause Apoplexy

Straight, Lewis S.                                 5-5-1918                                                                     b New York, s/o Chas Straight & Verna Bardon, cause Amyotrophic Sclerosis

Stauffer, Anna                                      9-5-1902                                                                     age 2y11m23d, parents [], cause Whooping cough

Steegman, Minnie                                 1-24-1900                                                                   age 33y11m23d, b Germany, married, res Findlay, cause Inflammation of Brain

Steen, Hayward D.                               3-30-1901                                                                   age 1y2m20d, b OH, parents [], cause Marbili

Steen, John                                           8-13-1907                                                                   age 60y7m7d, b Pickaway C OH, single, cause Heart disease

Street, Infant Male                                5-26-1902                                                                   Stillborn, parents Charles E Street & Margaret Powell

Stein, Mina A.                                      6-9-1882                                                                     age 30y3m30d, b Crawford C, res Portage Twp, single cause Typhoid Fever

Steinman, Charlotte                              4-19-1907                                                                   age 55y5m5d, married,  cause Apoplexy

Steinman, Infant Male                           3-13-1868                                                                   died In Birth, s/o Joseph & Jane Steinman

Steinman, Mary                                    11-6-1899                                                                   age 74y8m, widow, b Germany, res VanBuren, cause Old Age

Sterner, Nancy M. Fellers Diehl            12-21-1896        

Stoffle, Albert Peter                              3-12-1908                                                                   age 27y2m, b Findlay, clerk, married, cause Bronchitis

Stonehill, Carry Bell                              6-8-1882                                                                     age 2m15d, b Van Buren Twp, parents [], cause Cholera Infantum

Stott, Isaac A                                       4-7-1908                                                                     age 21y11m10d, married, b OH, cause Rheumatism

Stout, Anna E.                                      1-10-1900                                                                   age 42y1m13d, single, b Gilboa OH, cause Consumption

Stout, Helen                                         12-10-1899                                                                 age 3m24d, b Washington Twp, cause Cholera Infantum , parents []

Strauch, Infant female                           11-29-1902                                                                 age 8days, b Union twp, parents J H Strauch & Mary Robbins, cause Pneumonia

Strother, Anthony W.                           5-9-1868                                                                     age 51, b Licking C., married, cause Dis. Of Liver & Kid.

Strother, Isaac                                      4-8-1868                                                                     age 64, b Kulpepper VA, residence, Liberty Twp, widower, cause Infl. Of Lungs

Strother, W J                                        8-9-1900                                                                     age 56y, b Findlay OH, res Cass Twp, married , cause Atrophy of Heart

Stroub, Aaron P                                   10-14-1900                                                                 age 37y1m12d, b OH, married, cause Encephalitis

Strouse, Peter                                       4-1-1908                                                                     age 70y11m13d, widower, b Wayne C OH, res McComb, cause Heart trouble

Strouse, Ralph W.                                8-23-2-1982                Union Cemetery, McComb       age 72

Struble, Infant []                                   4-5-1918                                                                     b OH, s/o Wm. C Struble & Emma May Arnold, cause Blue Baby

Struble, Lora May                                6-25-1884                   Alspach Cemetery                    age 23, res Jackson twp, cause consumption

Stultz, Ruth B. Wisner                           12-22-1976                 Maple Grove, Findlay               age 73

Subrer, Norma Ruth                             1-15-1901                                                                   age 1y5m2d, b Hancock C, res Benton Ridge, parents [], cause Meningitis

Surber, William Ray                              9-13-1902                                                                   age 1y2m12d, b Benton Ridge, parents Frank Suber, Clara Brown, cause Pneumonia

Swab, Solomon                                    3-1-1903                                                                     age 87y5m14d, b Oh, res Marion twp, cause Paralysis

Swabd, Alfred                                      12-25-1902                                                                 age 34y8m15d, b Switz, married, cause Consumption

Swalley, C D                                        3-31-1900                                                                   male, age 44y, b Oh, merchant, married, cause Paralysis

Swank, Frank J.                                   10-4-1881                                                                   age 4y9m16d, b Oh, res Orange twp, parents [], cause Unknown

Swank, Grace Tilma?                           9-30-1903                                                                   age 2y10m28d, b Jackson twp, parents [], cause Catarrh of bowels

Swank, Infant []                                    4-4-1882                                                                     age 1 day, parents Jeff  & Martha Swank, cause Not Known

Swartz, Olive M.                                  5-27-1882                                                                   age, 13y11m27d, b Liberty Twp, cause Bk Erysypilis

Sweet, Charles T                                  1-9-1882                                                                     age 52y, b Oh, res Findlay, widower, occup Barber, cause Scrofula

Sweet, Infant Male                               8-11-1867                                                                   b.Findlay, age 1, race-black, s/o Wm. Sweet & Rebecca Sweet, cause []

Swihart, Olive Struble                           1921                            Union                                       b 1845

Swindler, Elmer E.                                6-21-1918                                                                   b 1861 OH, s/o Nathan Swindler & Margaret Russell, cause Apoplexy Exhaustion

Swisher, Allen G                                   12-6-1882                                                                   age 1y6m, b Findlay, parents [], cause Brain Croup

Swisher, Unnamed Male                       3-10-1868                                                                   b Eagle Twp, no age given, s/o Christopher Swisher, cause Meningitis

Swisher, John Wesley                           10-25-1912                 Maple Grove                            b1-1-1850

Swisher, Nell                                        10-29-1907                                                                 age 18d, b Findlay, cause Pneumonia

Swisher, Ora Dell                                 4-1-1882                                                                     age 19y11m4d, single, b Oh, res Jackson twp, cause Consumption

Swisher, Samuel                                   5-22-1882                                                                   age 49y3m7d, b Oh res Jackson twp, married, cause Ulcerated Stomach



Taylor, William                                     9-13-1867                                                                   b. Miflen C. PA, age 60, married, s/o [] [], cause-Dropsy of heart

Thomas Albert J.                                  9-6-1912                     Union                                       b 1-14-1856

Thomas, Alice Rachel                           9-10-1936                   Maple Grove                            b 1859

Thomas, Alvin S.                                  12-19-1915                 Maple Grove                            b 1-14-1856

Thomas, Amos H.                                8-27-1943                   Union                                       b 1-28-1862

Thomas, Cassandra                              1-2-1944                     Union                                       b 3-24-1857

Thomas, Chalmers Beall                       1-20-1936                   Union                                       b 12-30-1868

Thomas, Clayton Chalmers                   1998                            Union                                       b 7-27-1905

 Thomas, Dilly Ann Little                       12-23-1898                 Union                                       b 3-9-1831

Thomas, Elizabeth M.                           9-1-1887                     Union                                       b 11-12-1864

Thomas, Elmer James                           2-15-1878                   Union                                       b 7-11-1868

Thomas, Florence M.                           1998                            Union                                       b. 10-18-1910                        

Thomas, George                                   6-18-1868                                                                   age 44, b Tyler C VA, residence Marion Twp, married, cause Stomach & Kidneys

Thomas, George Ellsworth                    12-29-1939                 Union                                       b 9-22-1866

Thomas, Henry L.                                 7-15-1901                   Union                                       b 6-23-1815

Thomas, Ida Jane                                 7-10-1937                   Union                                       b 10-16-1865

Thomas, Jessie George                         5-1-1873                     Union                                       b 8-22-1871

Thomas, Margaret Bigham                    1914                            Union                                       b 1840

Thomas, Mary Almeda                         6-19-1949                   Union                                       b 10-25-1870

Thomas Mary Ann Taylor                     2-17-1917                   Union                                       b 3-24-1831

Thomas, Robert                                    1904                            Union                                       b 1-1-1827

Thomas, Samuel L.                               2-11-1907                   Union                                       b. 9-26-1824

Thomas, William Henry                         3-9-1938                     Union                                       b 11-17-1859

Thomas, Zua Elsie Krabill                     10-6-1912                   Union                                       b 10-16-1876

Thompson, Clara J.                              9-15-2006                   Knollcrest                                 age 84, d/o Joseph Miller & Lydia Clevidence, husb. Donald

Thompson, Donald J.                            11-24-2005                 [Knollcrest?]                           

Thompson, Marshall                             10-19-1867                                                                 b Lancaster PA, age 34, single, Merchant, s/o Nathan & Emma Marshall, cause Infl. Of Bowels

Thompson, Opal                                   8-25-2006                   Maple Grove, Findlay               age 94, maiden: Foreman, husband Tell, married 8-12-1933

Thompson, Raymond Eugene                9-25-2006                   Knollcrest                                 age 79, b 12-17-1926 Marshall IL,

Thompson, Tell                                     9-19-1982                   [Maple Grove, Findlay]

Treece, Dr. John                                   1-21-1892                   Mt Blanchard                           brother of John C Treece of Mr Blanchard, res Dunkirk.



Ullom, Mary Ellen King                        6-7-1916                     Maple Grove                            b 11-5-1852

Utendorf, Edward J.                             4-11-2001

Utendorf, Helen E.                                9-21-2006                   St Peter & Paul Church Cem. Ottawa   age 88, b Arlington, husband Edward



VanDorn, Ester Newberry                    1-1-1872                     Union                                       b 11-6-1771

Von Stein, Margaret Amanda               9-18-2006                   Trinity Lutheran, Vanburen Twp  age 93, b Vanburen Twp, d/o Henry von Stein & Clara Arras




Wagner, Elizabeth                                 1-22-1892                   [Vanlue?]                                 res Jackson twp, sisters Mrs James Huntley, Mrs Edward Lowery Findlay, cause Consumption

Walker, Yvette                                     8-1-2005                     Krout                                       b 2-17-1952

Wall, Lodema                                       11-18-1867                                                                 b. Allen Twp, age [], d/o Conrad & Eliza Foreman, cause Typhoid Fever

Walls, Richard                                      1-26-1868                                                                   age 28, single farmer, b Hancock, cause Typhoid Fever

Welker, Andrew                                   9-19-1896                   Hassan Cemetery                     age 60

Wentz, Charles                                     12-1996                                                                       wife: Alberta I. DeLong Haas Morgan

Wert, Eliza                                           7-9-1868                                                                     age 21, b Delaware Twp, single, d/o [][], cause Consumption

West, Charles E                                   c11-26-1930               Maple Grove

Westenhaver, Peter                              7-27-1867                                                                   age 57, widower, occupation-Saddler, b Ohio, cause- Dropsy of  Heart

Whistler, Male                                      4-30-1868                                                                   age 19y, b Allen C, s/o David Whistler, student, cause Pneumonia

Whiteman, Joseph                                Jan [] 1868                                                                   age 74, b VA, married farmer, cause Dyspepsia

Wieger, Nally                                       11-11-1867                                                                 b Findlay, age 5, d/o Conrad & [] Wieger, cause []

Wilkison, Sarah Ann                             1-14-1868                                                                   age 30, b Mahoning C OH, married, d/o Joseph & Jane Stacey, cause Pneumonia

Williamson, Mrs. John                          5-1-1884                     Maple Grove, Findlay               heart trouble

Wilson, Martha                                     10-4-1867                                                                   age 80, b Frederick C MD, widowed, residence Vanlue, cause Old Age

Wingate, Raven                                    2-25-1891                   Bright Cemetery                       age 83, male, res Marion Twp, cause Kidney trouble

Wise, Mary A.                                     9-9-1867                                                                     b.Liberty Twp, age 22, married, d/o Robt. & Nancy Barnhill, cause-Con. Chills, Flood Par.

Wittebort, John B.                                4-15-1992                   Memory Gardens [Knollcrest]   age 70

Wood, Dortha                                      10-6-2003                   Woodlawn Cemetery, Ada        age 88

Woolheiter, Thomas E.                         3-9-1868                                                                     age 2m, b Union Twp, s/o [][], cause []

Wyant, Eliza Jane George                     1909                                                                            husb Jacob

Wyant, Jacob Ervin                              9-6-1920                                                                     age 81,cause liver enlargement



Young, Shane                                       2-1-2005                     Maple Grove                            b 5-9-1972



Zellers Jr., Lester Mark "Zeke"             1-18-2005 TN             Moore Cemetery, Stewart C. TN  b.7/12/1933 Findlay OH Parents: Lester Mark Zellers and Alice Beck                                         

Zickefoose, Ruth N. Wheeler                10-11-1983                 Cascade Cemetery; Cloverdale   b 12-26-1929 Holgate, husb Lee

Zickefoose, Lee                                    7-10-1974                   [? Cascade Cemetery]                married 4-10-1947                                                                                                                              

Zeigler, Mrs Jacob                                8-4-1907                                                                     cause eye removal effects, left 8 children orphaned.                                                                                   

Zoll, Donald E.                                     3-7-2006                     Maple Grove                            b 5-18-1922

Zuber, Mrs Peter                                  9-15-1937                   Maple Grove, Findlay               residence Washington St., Officiated by Rev H Ward Grieb