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Hancock County Divorces


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compiled by Penny Papenfus.                                     Updated 11-28-06

Sources include court records, newspaper records



HUSBAND NAME               WIFE NAME                         JUDGE           GRANTED TO          DATE                         GROUNDS                                                    OTHER INFO



Frederick Marquardt               Sarah Marquardt                     Johnson           wife                             w/o 12-24-1892            habitual drunkenness, failure to provide

John V. Meshl                         Augusta F. McCarty Meshl    Johnson           wife                             w/o 1-12-1893            failure to provide                                            alimony $500, restored                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       maiden name.



Jackson Peters                         Catherine Routsen Peters                                requested by wife       w/o 1-12-1893            gross cruelty, abusive treatment                                  “worth $5000, requests

Alimony, restore maiden name”