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HGSG Calendar of Events for 2013-2014



AUG Wed 28 Harry Potter Family History-Family Program Alexandra Cooley 7 p.m. Flood Room

SEP Sat 7 Organizing and Charting Family Histories Joanne Rose 10 a.m. Flood Room
Sat 7 Quarterly Board Meeting

Sat 21 Field Trip-Carnegie Library Pittsburgh Sign-up Archives 8:30 a.m.

OCT Sat 5 How Can Help Your Family Search Joseph Herr 10 a.m. Flood Room

Sat 19 Utilizing Gwen Mayer 10 a.m. Flood Room

NOV Fri 1 Members Only Lock In Sign-up Archives 5 p.m. to 10

Sat 16 Mobil Devices for Family Genealogy Roger Marble 10 a.m. Flood Room

Thu 21 The Inventor and the Tycoon Edward Ball 7 p.m. Flood Room

DEC Sat 7 Fracturs-PA German Folk Tradition in Family History Steven Morse 10 a.m. Flood Room
Sat 14 Semi-Annual Meeting/Holiday Party Sign-up Archives TBA

JAN Sat 4 Finding Your Jamestown Descendants Greg O'Day 10 a.m. Flood Room

Sat 18 More In Depth Search of Genealogy Records (Intermediate Level) Joe Monsman 10 a.m. Computer Lab

FEB Sat 1 Collateral Lines: A Case Study Bob Mantell 10 a.m. Flood Room

Fri 7 Lock-In Members Only Cancelled  

Sat 8 Forms Used in Genealogy Gwen Mayer 10 a.m. Flood Room

MAR Sat 1 How To Preserve Family Photos Polly Reynolds 10 a.m. Flood Room

Sat 1 Quarterly Board Meeting

Sat 15

Translation Websites

Mary Hughes 10 a.m. Flood Room

APR Sat 12 Fairview Park Library Field Trip Sign-up Archives

Wed 30 OGS Conference - Sandusky OH Indivdual Registration

MAY Wed 7 NGS Conference - Richmond Virginia

Sat 17 Intro to Genealogy for Laurel Lake - forms and websites Lynda Brodine 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Laural Lake

JUN Sat 7 Annual Meeting: Russian Connection Who Do You Think You Are? Chris Driver 10 a.m. Flood Room