First Families of Hudson

Two hundred years ago, a group of individuals set out for the frontier in the wilds of what is now Ohio. Their small settlement grew into a thriving community. Starting in 1999, the Hudson Genealogical Study Group began the long-term process of honoring the town's founders by establishing First Families of Hudson using the rules set forth by First Families of Ohio.
   Applications are available in the Archives.


HGSG First Families application

HGSG First Families rules of evidence

We recognize the following men and women, whose descendants went beyond the limitations of oral history and assembled the documents of these pioneers' lives:

John Buss

Abi Cornelia Hinsdale Brown

Lucy Drake Hinsdale Brown

Jeremiah Root Brown         

Owen Brown

Sarah Root Brown     

Chauncey Case             

Cleopatra Hays Case

Henry Case

Lora Case

Sarah A. Wright Case

Christian Cackler, Junior

Christian Cackler, Senior

 Julia Ann Cackler

George Darrow, the Elder 

George Darrow, the Younger    

Olive Gaylord Darrow   

William Darrow 

Herman Hinsdale            

Lucy Drake Hinsdale (Brown)

Mary Hinsdale    

Dorothy Hayes Mills                          

Gideon Mills

Gideon Hayes Mills    

Ruth Ann Woodruff Myers    

Emily Richardson Sanford       

Henry M. Sanford

Jerry Sanford  

Catherine Allen Thompson

Elisabeth Mills Thompson

Louise Thompson   

Mills Thompson      

Dr. Moses Thompson               

Stephen Thompson, Senior 

The Descendants in the Inaugural Class of 1999:

John Howard Franklin, William Howard Franklin (Herman Hinsdale; Lucy Drake Hinsdale; Mary Hinsdale)

Judith Ann Kennedy (Catherine Allen Thompson; Louise Thompson; Stephen Thompson, Senior; Elisabeth Mills           Thompson; Dr. Moses Thompson)

Jeffrey O. Case, Donald C. Barlow, Harold C. Barlow (Chauncey Case; Cleopatra Hays Case; Henry Case) 

Jane Caniglia (George Darrow, the Younger; Olive Gaylord Darrow; William Darrow; George Darrow, the Elder) 

Jeannette S. McCuskey (Chauncey Case; Cleopatra Hays Case; Lora Case; Sarah A. Wright Case)

Roger Thompson Northup (Stephen Thompson, Senior; Dr. Moses Thompson; Mills Thompson)

John H. Morris (George Darrow, the Younger; Olive Gaylord Darrow; George Darrow, the Elder)

David J. Morris (George Darrow, the Younger; Olive Gaylord Darrow; William Darrow; George Darrow, the Elder) 

Debra D. Gabriel (John Buss)

Kathleen Briggs (Christian Cackler, Senior; Christian Cackler, Junior; Julia Ann Cackler)

The Descendants in the Class of 2000:

Margaret Clark Morgan+ (Herman Hinsdale; Lucy Drake Hinsdale;

Owen Brown; Jeremiah Root Brown; Sarah Root Brown; Abi Cornelia Hinsdale Brown)

Arden Dean Mills (Gideon Mills; Dorothy Hayes Mills; Gideon Hayes Mills)

Martha Litzell Marsh, Glenn R. Marsh II, Cynthia Louise Marsh Suchan (Ruth AnnWoodruff Myers)

Helen Metzner Barlow (Jerry Sanford; Emily Richardson Sanford; Henry M. Sanford)

The Descendants in the Class of 2001:

 Christopher Matthew Suchan (Ruth Ann Woodruff Myers)

The Descendants in the Class of 2002:

 Randy Alan Kingsley, Anna Louise Kingsley Litzell+ (Ruth Ann Woodruff Myers) 

The above descendants bring four generations of inductees in this family to our group.

 No Descendants in the classes of 2003 through 2010

The Descendants in the Class of 2011:

Elizabeth Libby Walker (George Darrow, the Younger; Olive Gaylord Darrow; George Darrow, the Elder; John Oviatt; Homer Oviatt; Miles H. Oviatt; Charity Norton Oviatt)

 The Descendants in the Class of 2012:

 Kenneth Corbus (Elizabeth Harris Clark; John Bushnell Clark; Mary Denman Clark)

+ Notes Deceased

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