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Hudson Genealogical Study Group Publications

1. The 1860 Mortality Schedule for Summit County, Ohio. Complete listing of Summit County, Ohio residents listed in the Federal Mortality Schedule conducted in June 1860. 4 pp. $5.50
2. Doncaster Funeral Home, Hudson, Ohio: December 31, 1903 - April 7, 1910. Includes all information from Book 1 of the Doncaster Funeral Home Records. 23 pp. $9.00
3. Hudson, Ohio Deaths: 1868-1908. Alphabetical listing of deaths in Hudson, Summit County, Ohio from 1868 through 1908 extracted from the microfilm of the Index to Probate Records of Wills, Deaths, and Births on file at the Hudson Library and Historical Society. It includes those listed as having died in Hudson, been born in Hudson and died in Ohio, and those with no indication of place of death as well as deaths at the Summit County Infirmary. 25 pp. $9.50
4. St. Mary's Cemetery, Hudson (Summit County) Ohio - 1858 through 14 May 1988. Information from Sexton's Records and a lot-by-lot survey, with surname index. 26 pp. $9.50
5. Illustrated Summit County, Ohio Atlas, 1891. Centennial anniversary reprint with an every name index of this classic illustrated atlas. Oversized, over 200 pp. $90.00 plus $4.50 postage and handling. Copies of individual pages also available at $5.00 per page. State page(s) desired.
6. Index to Historical Reminiscences of Summit County, by Gen. Lucius V. Bierce, 1854. An every name index to Summit County's first county history compiled by Connie S. Ferguson. 5 pp. $5.50
7. Reprint of William B. Doyle's 1908 Centennial History of Summit County, Ohio and Representative Citizens with a complete, new index compiled by James and Briana Caccamo. 1,186 pp. $68.50 plus $5.00 postage and handling.
8. Transcription and Index of 1920 Federal Population Census, Summit County, Ohio for Hudson Village and Hudson Township. Compiled by members of the HGSG. 88 pp. $17.50
9. Inscriptions and Index to Markillie Cemetery, Hudson, Ohio (Summit County). Compiled by members of the HGSG. 84 pp. plus maps. $17.50
10. Inscriptions and Index to Locust Grove Cemetery, Twinsburg, Ohio. Compiled by Jeffrey Alan Mills. 68 pp. $17.50
11. Inscriptions and Index to Maplelawn Cemetery, Stow, Ohio (Summit County). Compiled by members of HGSG. $17.50
12. Index to Illustrated Summit County, Ohio Atlas, 1891 Compiled by Connie S. Ferguson, CGRS. 50 pp. $10.50
13. Index to "Doyles" 1908 Centennial History of Summit County, Ohio and Representative Citizens. Compiled by James and Brianna Caccamo. 71 pp. $14.50
14. 1870 Portage County, Ohio Federal Population Census, An Every Name Index. Compiled by members of HGSG. 282 pp. $39.50
15. Index to Olin's Akron and Environs. Edited and compiled by James F. Caccamo. 40 pp. $15.00
16. Inscriptions and Index to Stow Cemetery, Stow, Ohio (Summit County). Compiled by members of HGSG. $32.00
17. Doncaster Funeral Home, Hudson, Ohio - April 8, 1910 - March 22, 1922. Compiled by Gwendolyn E. Mayer. 47 pp. $15.50
18. Information About People Who Served In World War II From Hudson, Ohio. Compiled by Jennifer Rummel. 155 pp. $24.50
19. Inscriptions and Index to Fairview Cemetery, Boston Heights, Ohio (Summit County). Compilied by members of HGSG. 64 pp. includes index. $15.50
20. Index to the 1900 Federal Population Census of Summit County, Ohio; A Head of Household Index. Compiled by members of HGSG, 209 pp. $29.50

21. Index to Portrait and Biographical Record of Portage and Summit Counties, Compiled by Jack Bowers member of the HGSG, 69 pages $17.50   

22. Mayors’ Court Records of Hudson, Summit County Ohio, Compiled by Compiled by Elsie Thomas member of HGSG, 18pp $9.50   

23. Index to Summit County, Ohio Grantee./Grantor Land Records 1795-1850 Compiled by Compiled by Nancy Brock, members of HGSG, 368 pp $32.00   

All publications except #5, and #7 are postpaid. Ohio residents should add sales tax for all publications. Please include payment with your order payable to: Hudson Genealogical Study Group

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