Eiklor Family plus Cain, Ennis, Harp, Huyck, Hancock and Olmstead
Submitted by Gene EIKLOR
Huron County First Family Member #247


David and Blondina/Rebecca (Huyck) EIKLOR

David EIKLOR was born on 22 Jul 1786 at Minisink, Orange County, New York, to Revolutionary War soldier Frederick and Sarah (BARKER) EIKLOR. He was the third of seven children born to Frederick and Sarah. After David's birth the family moved to Wysox, Pennsylvania, where Sarah died in 1800. Frederick cared for the family and taught school at the town of Rome. Sometime around 1809, David married Blondina HUYCK at Standing Stone, Pennsylvania. Blondina was born on 11 Feb 1790 at Standing Stone, Luzerne County (later Bradford) Pennsylvania to Revolutionary War soldier William and Margaret (WESTBROOK) HUYCK. Her father inherited the farm at Standing Stone from his Uncle Richard FITZGERALD.

David and Blondina EIKLOR moved to Oxford, Huron County about 1813, where he engaged in agriculture. his first recorded land purchase at Huron County was in 1819. In 1836, the family moved to the 131 acre farm (Lot 1, Section 1) in Huron Township. This acreage is now in Berlin township of Erie County. He and Blondina sold some of this acreage to two of their children and their spouses. In 1847, they sold their remaining acreage and moved to LaGrange, Indiana.

Blondina and David EIKLOR stayed at the Lagrange, Indiana farm until October 1850 when they sold it. It is not known where they went but they likely died before 1855. She may have returned to help take care of her father and help settle his estate. He was buried at the FITZGERALD-HUYCK cemetery on the family homestead. That burial ground has been destroyed. It is possible that Blondina was buried there. For in 1855, David made his home with his oldest son and daughter-in-law in Genoa, Illinois.

Blondina's paternal Uncles Richard and John HYUCK were pioneers in Huron County, Ohio.

David and Blondina's first two children were born in Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The last six were born in Huron County, Ohio. the children and their spouses that purchase land in Ohio are marked with an asterick. The children born to David and his wife were:
1. Antoynette Cecile b. 27 Apr 1810 m. Cornelius ENNIS*
2. Polly b. 19 Jun 1812 m. Henry HARP*
3.William Frederick b. 7 Apr 1814 m. Jennette CAIN* (see more below)
4. John b. 28 Apr 1816 m. Amanda HANCOCK*
5. George b. 4 Jul 1818 m. Lydia HARP* d. Civil War
6. David b. 30 Nov 1820 n, Marietta ADAMS
7. Isaac b. 20 Nov 1822 d. 3 JAN 1832, Huron County, Ohio
8. Elizabeth b. 22 Jul 1825 d. 5 Sept 1825, Huron County, Ohio

William FREDERICK and Jennette (CAIN) EIKLOR

William FREDERICK was a blacksmith and engaged in farming. He followed these two endeavors during his lifetime. On 3 Jun 1836, he married Jennette CAIN. The first land purchase by this couple was recorded under her 1839 purchase of Huron township acreage from her in laws, David and Blondina EIKLOR. William Frederick and Jennette maintained ownership of this acreage until 1846 when they sold it and moved the family to Genoa Township, DeKalb County, Illinois. At the end of the Civil War, the family moved their operations to McLean/Livingston County, Illinois.

Jennette CAIN not only had acreage at Huron County issued in her name but the same is found at Livingston County, Illinois. Jennette's parentage is unknown. Her husband died on 5 Jan 1866 at Potosoi and is buried at the Fairview Methodist Church yard in Belle Prairie Township, Livingston County, Illinois. Jennette maintained a home for her father-in-law, David EIKLOR at Genoa, Illinois and at Cropsey/Potosoi. Her father-in-law was living with her in October 1870 at the time of the Census. Where and when he died is not known. Jennette kept the family together after William's death in 1866. The farm she bought at Cropsey, McLean County, was later sold to the town of Cropsey and a part of that community is called EIKLOR Hill. As the children grew up, some of them in the mid and late 1870s moved to Kansas, Iowa and Oklahoma. Jennette CAIN lived her last years with her daughter Celia and son-in-law Peter Culver at Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma. She died 20 April 1901 at Blackwell.

William Frederick and Jennette EIKLOR had these children, the first six being born in Huron/Erie County, Ohio and the others at Genoa, Illinois:

1. William Frederick b. 2 AUG 1838 Huron (see more below)
2. James b. 17 SEPT 1835 Huron d. 1853 going to the California Gold Rush
3. Joseph b. 1840 Huron d. 1860 in Illinois
4. Rebecca Jane b. 20 AUG 1844 Huron m. Andrew H. OLMSTEAD
5. Sarah Louise b. 1845 m. Franklin VARNUM
6. Frederick B. b. 1847 Huron m. Lettie MARTIN
7. Celia b. 14 DEC 1849 Genoa m. Peter Z. CULVER
8. John b. 21 FEB 1852 Genoa m. Emeline OLMSTEAD
9. Edward H. b. 1854 Genoa
10. Jay b. 1855 Genoa m. Nannie______ 11. Nettie b. 1857 Genoa m. Daniel Jefferson JUDD
12. Moses b. 1858 Genoa m. Mary WILHOUR

William Frederick and Sophrona (OLMSTEAD) EIKLOR

William Frederick EIKLOR was a successful farmer in Livingston/McLean County and Genoa Township, DeKalb County, Illinois. His first land purchase was in Genoa in 1858. In Genoa and in the Cropsey area, he had substantial farm acreage. He married Sophrona OLMSTEAD on 19 JAN 1858 in Genoa. They moved after the Civil War to the Cropsey area in Livingston County and returned to Genoa in the 1890s. He died 14 JAN 1905 in Genoa DeKalb County, Illinois. He willed the land to his wife and his only son in trust for his five grandsons.

His wife Sophrona (as well as her siblings) who married William, and Jennette (CAIN) EIKLOR's children in Genoa, are related to Platt Benedict, an original pioneer and founder of Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio. Sophrona is a fourth cousin, twice removed to Platt BENEDICT.

Sophrona and William Frederick EIKLOR are my Great Grandparents. As the sumitter of this paper, I am Platt BENEDICT's fourth cousin five times removed.