Ella Warner

In Norwalk, Thursday, Feb. 27th 1873 Ella daughter I.V. and S.A. Warner.

 She was born Jan 5th 1858, and was fifteen years at the time of her death.  She was always very susceptible to religious impressions, and conscientious in her conduct.  During the early part of the present religious awakening she manifested her desire for an interest in Christ, and requested the prayers of Christians.  Soon after this she was confined to her room by ill health for _____________[un readable].

Just three weeks previous to the day of her burial, having sufficiently recovered to attend divine worship, she came forward with others and gave her hand to the church and received the solemn sacrament of baptism.  Upon the evening of the same day she was at the young people’s prayer meeting and arose and testified in a very positive manner to her love for her Saviour.  This was the last time she was ever in the church till she went to the church triumphant in heaven.

 On Feb 21st she was compelled to take to her bed, and continued rapidly to decline until her death.  She was a great sufferer, but endured with a calmness and patience worthy a mature Christian experience.  She was deeply impressed that God had a wise design in calling her so early away.  Calling her friends one by one around her bedside, she urged from them all a promise to meet her in heaven.  Now, feeling that her work here was done, she waited for the coming of the Master.  But a short time before her death she said she feared she too impatient for Jesus to come and take her.  And so she died with the light of heaven upon her face, and today she is safe with her Redeemer in view of such a death, who would not say, “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my lust end be like his!”

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Submitted by:  Kay Doss