Sarah Robinson Atherton

       Atherton, Mrs. Sarah Robinson, the subject of this sketch, who died December 27, 1902, at the age of 102 years and 6 months, was born at Rehoboth, Mass., June 1, 1800.

        She was married to Samuel Atherton April 18, 1836, removed to Ohio and settled in Greenfield township in October, 1838.  Her husband died August 18, 1871, and since that time she had lived with her only son, George W. Atherton, of Peru.  Mrs. Atherton was a very active and intelligent woman and was in possession of her faculties almost to the very last of life. 

        She was a member of the Presbyterian Church for over fifty years, and in her younger days was a regular attendant at church services, doing her full share in the upbuilding of society in her neighborhood; remarkable for her kind, cordial and cheerful disposition, her generous hospitality and benevolence, which surrounded her with the affectionate esteem of many friends, who with her family, now deplore her loss.  Mrs. Atherton lived through the administrations of all the presidents except that of George Washington.

        At the time of her birth railways, steamboats and telegraphs were unknown.  The thirteen original states were a narrow strip of land along the Atlantic coast, with a population of scarcely 3,000,000 of people; note the change:  at the time of her death we have a republic stretching from ocean to ocean, besides our recently acquired possessions with over 75,000,000 of people.

        What a contrast!  When she came to Ohio, the ox cart was the means of transportation; now the continent is spanned by railways which have brought New York and San Francisco within a week's  journey.


Firelands Pioneer
New Series
Dec. 30, 1899 through Jan. 1, 1906
Vol. 12 to Vol. 15, pg. 1172

Centenarian Dead

    Mrs. Atherton Passes Away
At the Age of 102 Years

Was Born June 1, 1800
Died at Home of Her Son in 
Greenfield, Where She Had
Lived for Many Years

    Mrs. Sarah Robinson Atherton, of Greenfield, died at the home of her son, George Atherton, this morning.  She was born June 1, 1800 and was one of the pioneers of the county, having lived on the farm where she died since the earliest recollection of any now living.

    She was a lady of fine mind and kindly spirit and her home was a mecca for a large circle of friends, men, women and children.

    At the Firelands Historical Society meeting in 1900 her photograph was exhibited and some fancy work she had just finished.  She was in possession of her faculties and enjoyed the centennial of her birth fully.

   About three years ago she suffered a stroke of paralysis, but such was her remarkable vigor that she entirely recovered from it.

   Her husband died many years ago leaving her with her only child, George Atherton, who survives her.

The Evening Herald
Norwalk, Ohio
December 27, 1902

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