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Submitted by Judith (Linder) Ashajih

PEARSON BURPEE was the son of Nathan Burpee, born 12 December 1758, of Lancaster, MA, and his second wife, Lucinda Pearson, who was the daughter of John Pearson of Sterling, MA. She was born twins (her sister was Dorinda) 22 January 1765. Nathan died at Atlas, MI, on 5 January 1836, just over 77 years of age. Lucinda died 27 October 1842, also age 77. Their son, PEARSON, born 14 January 1790 at Sterling, MA, was the second of their seven children, Otis (1788) being the eldest. Elizabeth (1793), Samuel (1796), Malitta (1799, died at four months), Nathan (1804) and Nehemiah Sleeper Burpee (1807) were his siblings.

PEARSON's father, Nathan, a resident of Lancaster, did military service in the Revolutionary War as a Private in Captain Manasseh Sawyer's Company of Colonel Dike's regiment, from 14 December 1776 to 1 March 1777. He also was in Captain Wm. Greenleaf's Company of Colonel Job Cushing's regiment, enlisted on 3 September 1777, discharged 29 November 1777.

On 8 February 1822, we find PEARSON in Washington County, OH along the Ohio River, where he and CYNTHIA BARTLETT are being married by Justice of the Peace, John D. Chamberlain. Their first child, LUCINDA MALITTA BURPEE, was born ten months later on 14 December 1822, probably while they were still in Washington County. LUCINDA is listed as being born in Ohio in the 1860 U.S. Census, Margaretta Township, Erie County, Ohio.

CYNTHIA BARTLETT was also a twin (her sister named Hulda). They were born on 6 May 1804 to Benjamin Bartlett and Polly Pidge, who lived for a time in Washington Co., eventually settling in Eaton Rapids, MI. The twins' older siblings were Kagiah, Wyrum, Daniel C., John C., Clarissa. Younger than Cynthia were Polly (1808) and Benjamin C. (1810).

A letter to his parents written by PEARSON from Wesley [Township in Washington County] OH on July 25 1827, was in the possession of his grandson Lester Hunt in 1914. From it we learn that PEARSON's younger brother "Nathan is to work at Orvill on the canal." Pearson asks them to "Tell Nehemiah [his youngest brother] that nothing remarkable has taken place among the young people, and "Father and Mother Bartlett sends their respects to you... We have not had any opportunity to sell. We intend to sell the first opportunity we have."

This sale apparently occurred within the next two years since by 23 November 1829, Asa Wilson of Peru Township was selling for the sum of fifty dollars in hand, to PIERSON [note spelling] BURPEE ten acres of land, as per the Deed found in Huron County records. Thereafter, the 1830 Ohio, Huron County, Peru Township Census records PEARSON, between the age of 30/40, to be living in Ohio with a female between the ages of 20/30, two children under 5, two children ages 5 to 10. Presumably these are his wife, CYNTHIA, his first child, LUCINDA BURPEE and his younger children, Benjamin (5 June 1824), Lefa Amanda (17 February 1826) and ASA OTIS (10 July 1828). After the census was taken, Joseph S. Burpee was born (14 October 1830).

On 23 June 1831, when the above mentioned ten acres were sold to Lyman Ellis for seventy-five dollars, CYNTHIA BURPEE's name first appears in Huron County records as receiving the consideration of one dollar paid to her by Mr. Ellis for her signature on the deed. The following year a deed signed 16 January 1832, from James Vantine, shows that he sold a "certain tract of land in Peru Township being the North West part of No. 4 of Weeds Partition." This amounted to 18 3/4 acres bought by PIERSON BURPEE for the sum of seventy-five dollars. Barely four years later, on 6 January 1836, this same parcel of land in Lot No. 4 of Weeds Partition was sold to Martin Davenport of Lyme Township, Huron County, for one hundred fifty dollars, as well as one dollar to CYNTHIA to "remise, release and forever quit claim" her rights to this property. Where did the family live then? Was Davenport an absentee owner who allowed the family to rent their former property to continue residing there? We do not know.

Between 1830 and 1838, three more children were born after Joseph Burpee, Clarissa Malinda (12 December 1833), Nathan L. (8 May 1836) and Daniel, their last child, who was born on 15 September 1838, only two days before his father, PEARSON, died on 17 September, aged 48 years, 8 months. His gravestone can still be found in the Peru Center (School House) Cemetery at the corner of West Section Line Road and Peru Center Road, Huron Co. OH, not far from the location of the 18 3/4 acres that had been sold two years previously. What could a 34-year-old widow with eight children do to survive at such a time? She remarried, to David Wright at Norwalk, Ohio, 14 June 1842. The following year they had a daughter Sarah Wright, born 24 March 1843. The next month eldest sibling LUCINDA, now age 20, was married on 18 April 1843 to JAMES MONROE HUNT.

CYNTHIA BURPEE-WRIGHT died the following year at age 40 and was buried next to PEARSON in the Peru Center Cemetery. Baby Sarah Wright was so months old. Her Aunt Hulda Bartlett-Doak, twin sister of her mother, may have raised her as Sarah Wright's first husband was a Doak, and her second was Charles M. Hunt of Eaton Rapids, MI, a cousin of her sister Lucinda's husband, James Monroe Hunt.


JAMES MONROE HUNT was the son of John Hunt, Jr., who was born 22 November 1791 probably at Northfield Town, Rockingham County, NH, and his wife, Nancy Lord, born 7 July 1796, from Sanbornton, NH. JAMES M., variously known as MONROE HUNT, was born in Hopkinton, NH on 11 January 1815.

Nancy Lord was the daughter of Eliphalet Lord. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and fought alongside Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga. Nancy's mother was Hannah Lord, the daughter of Robert Lord, thus her parents were cousins. Robert Lord, Nancy's grandfather, was a minuteman in the Revolutionary War and served under Captain Peter Coffin.

In 1821 John Hunt moved his family to Ohio, spending a short time in New York State. They settled on a farm in Sherman Township, Huron County, OH where they lived for many years, the location still known as Hunt's Corners. He and his John, JAMES MONROE helped to plant the Maple trees on Main Street in Norwalk, OH. James M. is known to have had the following siblings :

1) Zorada Jame Hunt (8 August 1817), married Isaac McKesson of Collins, OH. 2) John Leavitt Hunt, 3) Charles Hunt, married Betsy Ann Holebrook, 4) Samuel Hunt (1823-1909), married Mary Eunice Meeker, 5) Sarah Hunt, died single, age 25 years at Monroeville, OH, 6) Eunice Hunt, married Benjamin Bartlett (younger brother of CYNTHIA BARTLETT). 7) Emily Hunt, married Perry G. Emmett, 8) Albert Hunt, married Mary Ann Carr, and Varamus Hunt, supposed to have died in infancy.

JAMES HUNT and LUCINDA MALITTA BURPEE-HUNT commenced housekeeping at Enterprise, OH, lived on a farm at Sand Hill in Huron County, then moved to a farm three miles south of Venice and four miles west of Sandusky. A deed from Hannah Patton on 4 June 1849 may be for this property. Sometime after the death of their son, John Pearson Hunt in 1877 they moved to Harbor Springs, MI. JAMES MONROE died there on 9 December 1898, age 83, and LUCINDA on 17 April 198 at 85 years of age.

They are both buried in Lakeview Cemetery at Harbor Springs. They were parents of eight children, the first five of whom either died young or had no children. These were 1) Osmer Miles Hunt (8 April 1845-29 August 1851) whooping cough. 2) Sarah Marilla Hunt (29 June 1848-29-March 1931), married David M. Anderson. 3) Emma Jane Hunt (16 April 1850), married Albion N. Bartlet. 4) James Osmer Hunt (11 January 1853-11 November 1879) over lifting in Michigan woods. 5) John Pearson Hunt (14 February 1855-6 October 1877) died at Sand Hill, OH. 6) ALMINA BURPEE HUNT (3 May 1858-9 May 1945, married JOHN CALVIN SHAW. 7) Lester Lincoln Hunt (7 July 1862-date of death unknown), lived in California. 8) Clara Janette Hunt (4 October 1864-21 September 1963), married 1st: E. Seward Shaw, 2nd: George W. Burrows, 3rd: James Farley.

ALMINA BURPEE HUNT and JOHN C. SHAW had three children, Floyd Shaw, Margaret Shaw and EVA MALITTA SHAW. Eva was born at Collins, OH on 3 February 1890 and married on 8 June 1910 to RAY RUTHERFORD TUCKER. They lived in Toledo, OH, then Norwalk city before moving to the Tucker family farm in Townsend Township, Huron County. They had two daughters, Norma Arlene Tucker (1 December 1913) and MARGARET FAYE TUCKER (17 August 1917). MARGARET married on 19 October 1938 at Norwalk, OH, to PAUL FRANKLIN LINDER. Their children are JUDITH LINDER-ASHAKIH (30 June 1941) and son, HARMON ALAN LINDER (12 April 1946-4 November 1999).

RAY Tucker died in St. Petersburg, FL, on 20 January 1967. EVA SHAW-TUCKER also died in St. Petersburg on 15 April 1989 at the age of 99 years. They are both buried in the Collins, OH, Cemetery in the SHAW family plot.

A First Family Article submitted by Judith (Linder) Ashajih