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David W. Cherington Biography

This image and the biographical text are from the 1875 Atlas of Jackson County Ohio. Spelling and punctuation are as in the original book. The signature is in his own handwriting.

Cherington image

Of Franklin Township, Jackson County, was born on the 8th day of August, 1833, in Gallia County, Ohio. His parents were Lorauso D. Cherington and Deborah McCulloch. His father was a native of Gallia County, Ohio. Came to Jackson County in 1835, where he lived till his death in 1852. His mother was a native of Rockingham County, Virginia, and yet lives at the advanced age of seventy years, with her son, in Franklin Township. The early education of David was obtained at the common school. He was early taught to labor on the farm, and his main time has more or less ever since been employed in agricultural pursuits. In 1861, on the outbreak of the war of the Rebellion, he accompanied the Second Virginia Cavalry, Company H., to the field. His term of service was three years. During this time he was in various battles in Virginia. In the battle of Fisher's Hill he lost his leg. This occurred after his time of enlistment had expired. Mr. Cherington is well known to the citizens of Jackson County and the crutches, which are his constant companions, always suggest in the minds of his friends the most honorable memories of his service for his country. In 1867 he was elected treasurer of Jackson County; was re-elected in 1870. Politically, he is a republican; religiously, he is a Methodist. He was married on the 28th of February, 1853, to Elizabeth Lackey, a native of Jackson County, by whom he is the father of nine children.

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