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Descriptions of the Enumeration Districts of the Ninth Supervisor's District of Ohio TWELFTH CENSUS, June 1, 1900, with the names of persons employed as Enumerators.

This information is from the National Archives microfilm "Federal Population Census - Enumeration Districts 1900" call # 929.3Fe, Microcopy No. T1210, roll no. 7. I do not know what amounts are represented by the rate of pay codes.

Description Population Enumerator's
P.O. Address Pay
42 Bloomfield Twp. 1006 Ira E. Williams Jackson B
43 Coal Twp. (part of ) excluding Coalton Village. Consisting of precincts 2 and 4. 2735 David A. Evans Glen Roy B
44 Coal Twp. (part of ) excluding Coalton Village. Consisting of precincts 1 and 3. 1532 John C. Steel Coalton B
45 Coalton Village 1625 William A. Stevison Coalton A
46 Franklin Twp. 1041 Harvey J. Downs Jackson B
47 Hamilton Twp. 650 Robert B. Parks Mabees B
48 Jackson Twp. 1769 Peter Clark
Joseph H. Huffman
Ray B
49 Jefferson Twp. (part of ) excluding Oak Hill precinct and Oak Hill Village (part) 1245 William M. Harmon Oak Hill B
50 Jefferson Twp. (part of ) including
Oak Hill precinct and
Oak Hill Village (part of).
Madison Twp. (part of) including
Oak Hill village (part of)
Thomas E. Jones Samsonville B
51 Liberty Twp. 1456 John McCartney Jackson B
52 Lick Twp. excluding Jackson City 1326 Samuel H. Wilson Jackson B
53 Jackson City Ward 1
Jackson City Ward 2
John D. Davis Jackson A
54 Jackson City Ward 3
Jackson City Ward 4
Homer Rose Jackson A
55 Madison Twp. excluding Oak Hill precinct and Oak Hill village 987 David C. Loyd Thurman B
56 Milton Twp. 2304 Calvin B. Gilmore Berlin Crossroads B
Wellston Township (coextensive with Wellston City)
57 Wellston Ward 1 1809 Thomas A. Jones Wellston
Box 162
58 Wellston Ward 2 2328 John C. McGarvey Wellston A
59 Wellston Ward 3 1966 Safford Kinnison Wellston A
60 Wellston Ward 4 1942 Evan W. Davis Wellston A
61 Scioto Twp. 1112 George M. Coles Cove B
62 Washington Twp. 1151 John S. Patterson Byer B

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