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President's Message continued:

It seems Lord Faulkner was to be in Washington, D. C. in August, on government business, and was inquiring as to whether his coming to Steubenville would be a worthwhile trip to research for his ancestors. Never having entertained a member of the British Parliament, we jumped at the opportunity to meet with the Lord.

Mrs. Naylor and Charles Green went to Pittsburgh to pick up Lord Faulkner and briefly toured Pittsburgh to show him some sights, later bringing him to Steubenville where he was put up at the Bayberry Bed and Breakfast. The next day we held a brunch at the Country Club and toured Union Cemetery where his ancestors' graves were pointed out. It was one of the most interesting and remarkable events this historical association has ever entertained. Dave Gossett gave excellent coverage for the Herald Star and Darren Ferguson donated some refreshments from the Convenient Market. Lord Faulkner was taken to Naples Spaghetti House for a late dinner and met briefly with Susan Delatore explaining his reason for his visit here.

Lord Faulkner serves as CEO of an English railroad and is a down-to-earth person. We were invited to keep in touch and let him know if any additional information was found on his ancestors.

We have loaned our portrait of John Joseph Gill to the Herald Star to be displayed in their entry hall. Gill was a two term Congressman, an early owner of the Steubenville Herald and Steubenville Star newspapers, later combining them to make the Herald Star, was also owner of the Acme Glass Factory and the force behind founding the old Gill Hospital.

On September 14th our historical association enjoyed our Annual Meeting and Banquet at the Steubenville Country Club with Steven Franckhauser as our speaker. Steve is the son of the late John and Margaret (Peggy) Franckhauser and was born at the Gill Hospital on North Sixth Avenue in Steubenville. He was educated at St. Peter's School and Catholic Central High School, Class of 1978. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from The Ohio State University and his Juris Doctorate from Duquesne University School of Law.

Steve's talk was on the period of Edwin McMasters Stanton's life when he practiced law in Pittsburgh. He made two profound statements about Stanton that had never been thought of before; the first was in response to "Was Stanton involved in Lincoln's Assassination?" to which Steven replied, "It is unusual that the assertions only came out 39 years after the assassination when there was no one living to discredit them." And the second comment was that Stanton controlled troop movement, supplies movement, controlled the railroads and just in general, controlled the war effort. Today, we call the people who do that, the Pentagon.

Steven is now in the process of writing a book on the life of Secretary Edwin McMasters Stanton and needless to say, our historical society will get one of the first copies.

Don't forget to send in your dues and membership renewals. And, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Judith Brancazio.

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