1890 Special Census of Jefferson County Civil War Veterans

The Eleventh Census of the United States, Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans
and widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War. The Records are from
the file microcopies of Records in the National Archives:
No. 123 Roll 74, Ohio Bundle 139.

The act of March 1, 1889, establishing a Census Office. Each special schedule, consisting of four pages, contains spaces for fifty entries. On the upper half of each page are included the name of the veteran (or if he did not survive, the names of both the widow and her deceased husband), the veteran's rank, company, regiment or vessel, date of enlistment, date of discharge, and length of service in years, months and days. The lower half of each page contains the post office address of each person listed, disability incurred by the veteran, and under the heading, "general remarks", other information necessary for a complete statement of the veteran's term of service. Persons who enlisted and served under assumed names, and afterwards assumed their lawful names, are listed under their real names followed by their aliases. In a few cases names of Confederate veterans were recorded inadvertently.

Bundle 139 Microcopied contains the special schedules for these counties:
  • Ashtabula
  • Carroll
  • Columbiana
  • Geauga
  • Jefferson
  • Lake
  • Mahoning
  • Portage
  • Stark
  • Summit
  • Trumbull
  • Tuscarawas

Brush Creek Twp
Cross Creek Twp
Island Creek Twp
Knox Twp
Mingo Junction
Mt. Pleasant
Ross Twp
Saline Twp
Smithfield Twp
Springfield Twp
Warren Twp
Wayne Twp
Wells Twp

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Did you know that the Federal population census records, 1790 thru 1930 (including the special 1890 census) are not and cannot be copyrighted because the government records were released into the public domain? Once the Governemnt does this, the records are public which mean they belong to everyone. Therefore only the format in which they are presented in these pages are copyrighted.

I recently purchased the microfilm reels 73 & 74 with 74 containing all of the above mentioned counties with only Jefferson County being transcribed for this GenWeb site. The information was transcribed "as is" on the original census records to the best of my ability with unreadable areas having the - mark or where the information was not shown it has the - mark or "Not Listed". Please keep in mind when viewing as with any other record that many spellings can occur with the same surname.

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