History of the
Upper Ohio Valley
by: Brant & Fuller

Biographies for BROOKE COUNTY

by Danice Ryan

A thru Z
Atkinson, John S.
Atkinson, S. W.
Baird, David W.
Barth, William F.
Beall, C. H.
Bickerstaff, Isaac C.
Braddock, John R.
Caldwell, George W.
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, A. W.
Campbell, J. C.
Carmichael, James W. M.
Chamberlain, Elijah A.
Charnock, John M.
Cooper, John N.
Cotton, R. H.
Cowans, William P.
Crawford, George B.
Curtis, Jacob E.
Davies, J. G. W.
Devore, John N.
Doddridge, Joseph
Doddridge, Philip
Dornan, John
Dowling, F. M.
Drummond, Dr.
Edgington, Jesse
Emig, Henry
Elson, Mary
Fowler, William M.
Freshwater, G. W.
Gibson, John
Gist, Joseph C.
Hall, Jesse T.
Hammond, Charles
Harden, Benjamin F.
Hartley, Thomas
Harvey, Benjamin
Hedges, C. B.
Henderson, Arthur
Hervey, H. C.
Hindman, Darwin A.
Hindman, John
Howard, William G.
Hudson, George B.
Jones, George W.
Jones, Robert E.
Kirker, W. C.
Klein, Isaac P.
Langfitt, O. W.
Lauck, Simon
Lewis, W. B.
Lloyd, John L.
McBroom, Robert
McCord, George W.
McCleary, George W.
McIntire, Josephus
McIntire, Robert
McLean, Archibald
Miller, George B.
Miller, Robert
Moore, E. H.
Ong, William I.
Parke, Thomas C.
Patterson, James
Paull, James
Pendleton, A. C.
Pendleton, Hunter
Reed, Joseph C.
Reid, John
Reynolds, J. A.
Richardson, Robert
Rumble, H. H.
Schmiedel, Oscar
Scott, Robert
Shriver, C.
Simpson, William M.
Smith, Edward
Smith, George P.
Tarr, William H.
Trench, Frank P.
Trible, John M.
Ulrich, H. C.
Walkinshaw, John B.
Waugh, David
Wells, A. W.
Wells, Ezbai
Wells, Henry Clay
Wells, Rebecca
Wells, Robert M.
Woolery, L.C.

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