Abram Ong


ABRAM ONG, a well known carpenter and esteemed old citizen of Mt. Pleasant, was born in Jefferson county, October 15, 1821, one of nine children of Jon M. and Mary (Cuppy) Ong. The names of the other children are: Mary, wife of A. T. Purviance; Jacob, Nathan, Susannah, wife of D. R. Graves; Mifflin, John; Anna (Mrs. C. Dally), deceased; and Isaac L. Mr. Ong was married October 30, 1845 to Elizabeth H., daughter of Nathaniel and Susannah Moore of Jefferson county, whose other children are: Mary, wife of Robert Brown; Richard, Jacob B., Charles F., Enos, Hannah, wife of J. Wheeler; Nancy J., wife of J. W. Sutherland; Nathaniel; Susannah, wife of David Crumley; Matilda, wife of William Harriman; Sarah, wife of Joseph Holmes; Ambrose U.; Rachel, wife of James Harriman; Ruth A., wife of David McGee; and Martha M. These parents died, the father at age of eighty years and the mother in February, 1876 at the age of eighty-three. The ancestors of both Mr. Ong and wife were early in the country, and had adventurous histories. Perrin, the great-grandfather of Abram was killed by the Indians at the mouth of the stream. Perrin's run, which bears his name; Jacob Holmes, the grandfather of Mrs. Ong, Abraham Cuppy, the maternal grandfather of Abram Ong, and McKnight, were scouts in this region three years before there were any white settlers, and for his services in that connection, Jacob Holmes received a patent to land one mile east of the site of Adena, on which he became the first white settler on the west side of the Ohio. Jacob Ong, paternal grandfather of Abram, moved to Ohio, about 1802, was a minister of the Friends church, and being a carpenter, built the Friends church at Mt. Pleasant. He died in 1847 and his wife, Mary, died in 1850. John M. Ong died December 27, 1877, aged seventy-eight, and his wife died June 2, 1867, aged seventy years. Abram Ong, whose marriage is mentioned above, had the following children: Hannah J., wife of George W. Tweedy; John W., Nathaniel W., Ambrose U., deceased; Enos O., deceased; Isaac L., deceased; and Ruth A., deceased. John W., now a carpenter at Mt. Pleasant, was born June 29, 1851. Nathaniel M., also a well-known carpenter, is a prominent young man, a member of the Masonic order, a republican in politics and a member of the Presbyterian church. He is married to Mollie Thomas, and they have five children: William, Earl, Lena, Lafie and Elizabeth M.

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