David Waugh


DAVID WAUGH, the prominent miller of Brooke county, W. Va., was born November 12, 1839, near his present residence. Mr. Waugh is the son of Richard and Eliza (Moore) Waugh. The former was born in the year 1797, near Independence, Washington Co., Penn., where he resided until 1824, at which time he was married to Eliza Moore, daughter of John Moore. Immediately after his marriage he removed to Brooke county, locating on Buffalo Creek. Richard Waugh built two large water mills for making flour in this county and owned a steam mill opposite Wellsburg in Ohio. He owned between 2,000 and 3,000 acres of land, made roads and built bridges at his own expense when he could not get the county to assist him. He made a tunnel and arched it with stone to bring water to his mill, and when he afterward built what was known as the upper mill, he made a tunnel of the same kind there; the mill is gone but the tunnel is likely to be there for ages. He also made two tunnels for wagons to go through, and they are still used on the Wellsburg and Bethany turnpike. He died in 1844 at the age of forty-seven years. He was a great man to help his friends, having offered Rev. John McCluskey, of West Alexander, Penn., 100 acres of land if he would come here and preach in his church. The present mill was built after his death by his son-in-law, A. M. Buchanan. Subject went into partnership with his brother James in the milling business in 1862, and continued together till January 1868 at which time he bought out his brother;s share, or traded for it. They have been in the business ever since. David did not take much interest in the manufacture of flour while he was in partnership. James ran the mill, and David ran the saw-mill and attended to the engine in dry weather when the water was low. David put in a new steam plant some time after taking hold of the property. David Waugh, the principal of this biography, has operated the "Waugh mill" for about twenty-five years. This mill was erected in 1847 by A. M. Buchanan at a cost of $8,000. Mr. Waugh was employed in the mill previous to his purchase of the property, and there learned the business under its old owner. This is one of the best milling properties in the county, having a capacity of 100 barrels per full set of rollers, and also adding stem-power to its equipment. He has a very large trade and works the mill to at least on-half of its capacity. Mr. Waugh was educated in the academy at Morgantown, W. Va., completing his course there in two years. In 1872, on the twenty-first day of May, he was united in marriage, to Margaret Bachtell. She was born April 1, 1847, in York, Medina Co., Ohio, the daughter of William and Sarah Bachtell. Five children have been born to this union: William A., Fanny B., Mary J., Martha and one deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Waugh are active members of the Presbyterian church of Wellsburg, and he is a loyal supporter of the democratic party.

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