Isaac Thomas


ISAAC THOMAS, formerly an active farmer of Harrison county , now retired was born in that county, June 1, 1813, a son of Peter and Mary (Thompson) Thomas. The father was a native of Virginia, and the mother of Pennsylvania. Her parents were Bradway Thompson, born August 16, 1764, son of Nathaniel and Hannah Thompson, and died March 7, 1824 and his wife Ann, born June 1, 1769, daughter of John and Sarah Cousins. Isaac Thomas, after leading an industrious life as a pioneer farmer, is now living in quiet at Mt. Pleasant, honored and esteemed by his friends. He is a member of the Society of Friends by birth. He was first married January 1, 1834, to Anna Ladd, by whom he had eleven children: Robert, whose first wife, Deborah Ladd, died in 1870, was married in 1873 to Ruth Green; Joseph, died in 1863, aged twenty-seven years; Peter L., whose wife is Mary T. Green; Israel, whose wife is Elizabeth Branson; Martha A., wife of Hiram Cope; and Mary, Edna, Oliver, Lucy, Anna and Sarah. The mother of these children died May 5, 1872 aged sixty years. August 12, 1875, Isaac Thomas was married to Phebe Gibons, of Adrian, Mich. Oliver Thomas, son of the above, was born December 10, 1846, in Harrison county. He received his education in the country schools and during twenty weeks' attendance at the Friends' seminary, of Mt. Pleasant. On January 1, 1873 he was married to Martha J. Elliott, of this county. She is a daughter of Samuel Elliott, a prominent farmer and member of the Methodist Episcopal church, who died in January 1874. Samuel Elliott and wife, the latter of whom is still living, had nine children: Mary E., wife of Plummer Peregoy, of Newcomerstown; Hameline H., Martha J.; Susannah, wife of Joshua Anderson; Reason W.; Sarah M., wife of Samuel Brokaw, of Belmont county; Aaron T.; Samuel H., deceased; William T., on the home farm. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Thomas are active members of the Society of Friends, and have many warm friends. Two children have been born to them: Anderson and Isaac W. The name of the maternal grandfather of Mrs. Oliver Thomas was also Isaac Thomas. He married Elizabeth Holmes, and they had seven sons and two daughters. Three of the sons became ministers of the Methodist Episcopal church, and one of them was among the most able in the Pittsburgh conference. Rev. Aaron H. Thomas, was born in 1824, and died in 1870, mourned by all, and honored by the church, who testified of him through one of his brother ministers, that "as a man, a Christian and a minister, his name is associated with all that is endearing and ennobling and with the brightest pages in the history of the conference.

Bradway Thomas an aged and highly respected retired farmer of Mt. Pleasant township, was born in Harrison county, Ohio, May 15, 1815, the son of Peter and Mary Thomas. The former was the son of Isaac Thomas, born in 1754, died in 1825. Peter his father emigrated from Virginia to Ohio early in the century and being married in 1808 to Mary Thompson, reared a family of twelve children. The mother died in 1861 and the father in 1864. Bradway was reared on the farm of his parents, and has followed the vocation he there learned until the weight of years has caused him to retire from labor. On November 30, 1837, he was married to Rachel, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Patterson) Hall, and in 1846 they removed to Mt. Pleasant township, which had since been their home and where they are highly esteemed by all. Mr. Thomas has been successful not only in a material way, in making himself a comfortable home and amassing a considerable property, but has raised a family of children who delight to honor him and to whom he will leave a good name as their choicest inheritance. He and his wife are birthright members of the Society of Friends, to which their children also belong. The names of the latter are Ann, David, Asenath H., Mary and Elma. The first is a milliner of Columbiana county. David, by his marriage to Lydia Brantingham, has four children: Mary E., Clarkson B., Anna L. and Rachel E. Asenath is the wife of Elwood D. Whinery and has five children: Elma T., Hervey M. (deceased), Thomas B., Chester E. and Mary E. Mrs. Thomas's parents, Thomas and Mary Hall, were both natives of North Carolina. Her grandfather, Joseph Hall, were both born in 1751 came to this county in 1802 and settled on the farm now owned by Mary, widow of William Hall, Jr. Thomas Hall was born in 1788. His children were: David (deceased), Rachel, Anna, Rebecca (deceased), Mary P., Asenath H., Sarah and Thomas.

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