Joseph Francis


JOSEPH FRANCIS, perhaps there is not a more efficient agriculturist in SMithfield township, Mr. Francis was born September 6, 1821, on the place where he now lives. His father, Walter Francis, was born in Ireland in 1763, in the county of Monahan. He followed the trade of a weaver while in Ireland, but the new country attracted him to its shores, so he came to America about 1785, landing at Philadelphia in July of that year. He first settled in Fayette county, Penn., but soon removed to Ohio, where he established himself on section 28 of SMithfield township, Jefferson county. His marriage to Martha, daughter of James and Martha (Crunklrton) Finey, occurred about 1802. She was born in 1780 in Fayette county, Penn. Nine children was the result of this marriage: William, Martha (Steen), James F., John, Elizabeth and Walter are dead; Robert, Joseph and Margaret, wife of James Frazier, still survive. Mr. Francis was a pioneer of his section of the state, living upon the place he took when he first moved to Smithfield; he passed the remainder of his life there, enduring many privations and hardships. He was an active member of the Associate Reform church. His parents were William and Elizabeth (Sharp) Francis, who were natives of Ireland, coming to this country at the same time their son did. Their eight children are: John, Jane (Kerr), Elizabeth (Burwell), Margaret (Braden), James, Mary (Leech), Walter and William, who died in Ireland, all of them are now dead. Mr. Francis attended the common schools until twenty years of age, at which time he went to farming. May 24, 1849, he was united in marriage to Eliza A. Marshall. Her birth took place in 1822; she was a daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Longh) Marshall, the former was a native of Lancaster county, Penn., and she passed away in 1835. They has seven children: Isaac, Levi, John, William and Maria (Hofman) are deceased; those still living are: Eliza (Francis) and Lovinia (Fickis). Mrs. Francis's grandparents were Nicholas and Mary Marshall; they were of French descent. Their two children were Nicholas and Catharine (Timmons), both of them are dead. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Francis are the parents of eight children: Lovinia, James F., married Eliza Hammond; they have four children: Bezaleel H., Perl, Elsie E. and Irma L.; Walter, Elizabeth, John M., William B., married to Julia E. Mitchel, Joseph B. and Margaret. The entire family are active and respected communicants of the United Presbyterian denomination. Mr. Francis is a radical democrat.

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