James L. Medcalf


JAMES L. MEDCALF, senior member of the well known firm of Medcalf, Cooper & Goodlin, lumber dealers, of Toronto, was born Agust 26, 1857, in Washington county, Md. His father, William Medcalf was a son of Benjamin Medcalf, a native of Maryland. William Medcalf was a farmer in early life, but subsequently became a carpenter, which is still his occupation. About the year 1853 he was married to Sarah Hammerslay, by whom he had five sons and one daughter, three of whom are still living. His wife Sarah, having died in 1869, he was married in 1871 to Mary O'Ker, widow of Charles O'Ker, by whom he had five children, who survive. In 1872 he came to Pennsylvania, and settled at Irwin Station, his present residence. James L. Medcalf acquired in early life the trade of a carpenter, at which he is still engaged. Coming to Toronto in 1886, he found employment with the firm of Myers & McFerren, with whom he was associated about one and a half years, after which he formed a partnership with J. W. Cooper and J. O. Goodlin, and purchased the Phoenix Planing mill on March 1, 1888. This they managed successfully until the 14th of the following October, when the mill was destroyed by fire. With commendable enterprise they rebuilt the works at once, and are now doing a prosperous business. In 1889 Mr. Medcalf was elected to the office of water commissioner. He is a member of the Odd Fellows, the Junior Order of American Mechanics and the Maccabees. In politics he is an ardent republican. On January 10, 1882, Mr. Medcalf was married to Viola Martin, daughter of William and Emeline Martin, of Toronto. They have one child, Lyndale M., born June 16, 1887. Mr. Medcalf is a member of the Methodist Protestant church. Mrs. Medcalf is an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church.

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