The McFeelys


THE McFEELYS, About the year 1754, Edward McFeely, then in the service of the British government, cane from Dublin to America. During Braddock's ill-fated expedition against Fort Du Quesne in 1755, he was wounded, and he subsequently returned to Ireland and married a young lady of Londonderry. Her mother had experienced the siege of Londonderry in the preceding century, and her relatives had fought with King William at the battle of the Boyne in 1690. After their marriage Mr. McFeely and wife returned to America and settled in Huntingdon county, Penn., where he lost his life several years later through the caving in of a well. On August 3, 1775, a son was born to them, who afterward was married at Harper's Ferry to Elizabeth, daughter of Elijah Hawk, who had been a commissary officer of the continental forces in the war of the revolution. Of their children, Enoch, born in 1799, died of yellow fever on the steamer Washington during a trip from New Orleans to Louisville, in 1817; Elijah was born in 1801; Eli in 1802; John in 1803, and died many years later in Iowa; Gabriel, born in 1805, died in Steubenville in 1888; Iram, born in 1806, died in 1835; Silas, born in 1811, died in New Orleans in 1837; James, born in 1813, now resides at Minerva, Stark Co., Ohio. Eli came with his parents to Steubenville, October 20, 1814. He learned woolen manufacturing with B. H. Wells & Co., and followed that during his long and busy life, also devoting some time to minor public offices. His wife was Elizabeth, second daughter of John Ward, a pioneer of Steubenville, and from the date of their marriage, 1823, until her death, they passed fifty-two years of wedded life. Ten children were born to them, as follows: Alexander, the only one deceased; John, George and Joseph, of Steubenville; Eli, of Illinois; Mrs. E. A., widow of Joseph C. Doyle; Harriet, widow of William Caldwell and Emma, wife of John L. Myers, of Steubenville; Margaret , wife of Albert Pershing, and Mary, wife of Joseph Phillips, of Pittsburgh. The wife of ELi . McFeely, above mentioned, was a daughter of John Ward, one of Steubenville's pioneers, a native of Ireland. He married a daughter of COl. McLain, of Uniontown and came here in 1798, becoming soon a prominent figure in the new communtiy. He succeeded Bezaleel Wells as prothonotary of the court, and held that office until 1810. He built the first brick chimney in the village, and erected the older portion of the United States Hotel in 1800. He engaged in mercandise and as a druggist until the later years of his life, and died April 30, 1840. His widow survived until March 7, 1840. They had a large family of children, one of whom, Sarah, was the first white female child born in the city (1800). One daughter, Mrs. Mary Gerome, of West Market street, died recently.

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