The Sharon Family


THE SHARON FAMILY, the ancestors of this now celebrated family were Quakers, who came over in William Penn's colony and settled in Philadelphia. William Sharon, whose decendants have become so prominent in Jefferson county, and one of whom, at least, has obtained a national fame as the great millionaire of the Pacific coast, was born in Westmoreland county, Penn. He married Mrs. Sarah Whitaker, and came to Jefferson county in 1802, and settled in Wells township, where he lived, and died 1809. He reared a family of four sons: James, William, SMiley and John. These four sons were all born in Westmoreland county, Penn., and came with their parents to Jefferson county while young. Of these four sons, James, the oldest, was born in 1790 and married Miss Martha Eaton about 1815. They reared a family of four children, two sons and two daughters. William, the second son, and the father of Senator Sharon, was born in 1793. He married Miss Susan Kirk about 1815. They reared a family of seven children, four sons and three daughters: John, Mary Ann, Sarah, William, who is now senator from Nevada; Susan, Lewis and Smiley. John, the oldest of the foregoing was born about 1816. He studied medicine and commenced its practice in Woodsfield, Ohio, where in October, 1841, he married Miss Minerva Headly. After remaining in Woodsfield about a year, he removed to Carrollton, Green Co., Ill., where he followed his profession until his death, which occurred September 2, 1860. He reared a family of six children, four sons and two daughters. Mary Ann was born about 1818. In 1863 she married Dr. Jacob Hammond, of Steubenville, where she now resides. Sarah was born about 1820; resides in California, and never married. William, the millionaire senator of Nevada, was born in Smithfield, in 1821. The house in which he was born is near the southern terminus of Main street, and is now owned and occupied by William A. Judkins. He went to college a few years, then studied law under Edwin M. Stanton, and practiced for a while in St. Louis, Mo. Giving up the practice on account of poor health, he figured as a merchant in Carrollton, Ill., until the discovery of gold in California. He was among those who crossed the plains in 1849, and in August of that year reached Sacramento, where he purchased a stock of goods and opened a store. During an eventful life on the Pacific slope that was spent in various financial enterprises, some of which have a national importance, he succeeded in accumulating a fortune of many million dollars. He was very clear headed, and had a thorough understanding of financial questions, was a shrewd business man, and of large capabilities in all the walks of life. In 1874, he was elected United States senator from Nevada for six years to take the place of Mr. Steward. Since then his history has become familiar to all, and his death a few years ago was publicly mourned. Susan was born in 1825, and married Isaac N. Davis. They reared a family of six children, two sons and four daughters. Mr. Davis is now a retired merchant and lives in San Juan, California. Lewis was born in 1822. He married Miss Sarah McKim, in 1855. They have one child, a son now attending college. For a while Lewis followed merchandising in Smithfield, then removed to Meigs county, Ohio, where he followed the same business for a while, but finally engaged in farming, which he still follows. Smiley, the youngest of this family, was born February 14, 1827, and was married October 26, 1848, to Miss Sarah Ann Hurford. They have reared a family of five children, four sons and one daughter: Clarence, William, Ella S., Frank E. and Frederick H. William E> and Ella S. are married, the other two remain at home. Smiley Sharon resides one mile south of Mt. Pleasant, on one of the most beautiful farms in the country, and besides the natural beauty of situation, he has applied all the means that art could devise to ad. to its natural beauty. Mr. Sharon is largely engaged in the raising of fine stock, especially fine sheep. William Sharon, father of the foregoing family, died April 24, 1875, in his eighty-third year and is buried in the old Seceder, now Presbyterian, cemetery, at Mt. Pleasant. Smiley Sharon, the third of the four sons that originally came to Jefferson county, was born in June, 1795, was married in June, 1827, to Miss Martha Kithcart. They reared a family of eight children, five sons and three daughters. These children are all married but one son and one daughter. Mr. Sharon died October 16, 1876. Mrs. Sharon resides in Mt. Pleasant. John Sharon, the fourth and last son, was born September 23, 1798; was married February 23, 1832, to Miss Helen Hall. They raised a family of nine children, three sons and six daughters. He died OCtober 23, 1870 and is buried in the Ceceder cemetery at Mt. Pleasant. Mrs. Sharon resides on a beautiful farm a mile and a half south of the town, surrounded with every comfort that life could desire.

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