Jefferson County
Abel Crawford Cemetery

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The land orginially was bought in May 12, 1801 by Charles Armstrong, Richard Jackman Sr. and James Patterson heirs, from Thomas Eiginton in 1799 according to Deed records of Jefferson Co. Book A-390 page The land was divided among the Armstrongs, Jackman families and Patterson heirs. Charles retained the land until his death in 1851. Charles, Susannah, and James Patterson Sr. were buried on the Armstrong this land. Charles Armstrong son, Robert and wife Ann (Ekey) owned the land according to the 1856 Plat map of Jefferson Co. It was sold to Abel J. Crawford around 1866/67 when Robert and Ann left Jefferson Co for Seneca Co. Ohio . The farm later was sold for strip minning. Cemetery coordinates - SW1/4,S30,T7,R2 Thanks to Marge Gish for this one.

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