Jefferson County
Knoxville Cemetery

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LOCATION: Knoxville Cemetery is on St. Rt. 152 & 213 in Knoxville. It is between the 
 old Knoxville UP Church (now a Free Meth.) and the Knoxville Vol. Fire Dept. It has
been use since December 1875. 

A historical note on the Knoxville Cemetery Association. Taken from The Knox Township  


A meeting was held on the 18th day of October, A.D. 1875, by Thomas Swan, David 
Shelly, Cletus Bower, Joathan Berry, John Williamson, William Boyles, Richard 
Chambers, Ebenezer White, David Warren, Andrew Warren, William Gladden, George B. 
Warren, Samuel P. Berry and Thomas Warren for organizing their selves into a Cemetery
 Association to be incorporated. Notices were posted giving notice that an election 
would be held in Knoxville on the 15th day of November, A.D. 1875, at 2 o'clock p.m.

The meeting was held with Richard Chamber, chairman and Ebenezer White, secretary, 
acting. Daniel Shelly, Cletus Bower and George Warren were elected trustees and 
Cletus Bower, secretary of said Cemetery Association. 

This is recorded January 1st, 1876, in Jefferson County Records of Corporation, Vol.
 1, at pages 150 and 151, J. M. Hunter, Recorder. 

In the minutes a note was given by the trustees to R. Chambers for the cemetery 
ground and now held by Wooster Cooper calling for $250.00 due January 1st, 1876. 
After consideration, the secretary was instructed to lift the Chambers note by giving 
W. Cooper a new one and paying the interest up to date, at six per cent, as he had no
 use for the money and to draw on Order on the treasurer for the amount of $15.00. 

A meeting was called January 15, 1876, at the cemetery grounds and disposed of the 
following lots by public sale to the highest bidder. Lot 1 to Joseph Chambers, 
$15.00; Lot 2 to Cletus Bower, $15.00; Lot 3 to Richard Chambers, $15.00; Lot 4 to 
Alex Fitzpatrick, $17.00; Lot 5 to A. W. Hill, $15.00; Lot 7 to George B. Warren 2/3 
$12.00; Lot 8 to George B. Warren, $15.00; Lot 9 to David White, $15.00; Lot 10 to 
David Shelly $20.00; and Lot 11 to Thomas Swan, $15.00. 

The first burials were five (5) daughters of Joseph and Nancy Chambers. They died in 
the month of December, 1875, of Diphtheria. They ranged in age 1 through 15 years. 
Ministers listed at their funerals were: Rev. G.W. Denis, Rev. J.W. Clark and Rev. J.
 B. Borland. 

The trustees of the Knoxville Cemetery bought two (2) lots size 60 X 100 feet from J
. N. Crawford on April 21, 1938, for the sum of $200.00 a lot. 


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