Jefferson County
Mathews Cemetery

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Some call this pipe fenced cemetery Everson Cemetery but it was called Matthews Cemetery by Mr. James Bennett Everson. I is located south of County Road 151, 
down Buckingham Ridge Road County Road 162, about one mile to a deep valley to the west. 
Then follow the crest of the valley, on foot, 300 step we4st, south 365 steps along the curvature of crest of the valley, turn west 30 steps to where you can 
see the valley on wet side of ridge, then go south along the backbone of the ridge for 300 
steps to arrive at pipe enclosed cemetery. An old wagon road was followed to this cemetery. All trees were clear from the enclosure but sassafras bushes 
knee high cover the enclosure.

DOUBLE STONE                                                 MILITARY STONE CORP.                                                James N. Beard

EVERSON                                                             Elmer Everson                                                   1850-915

Father   mother                                                 Co. E. 52nd                                                            Isabel, his wife

Elmer                    Rachel                                   Ohio Inf.                                                              The two on same stone

1835-1889            1843-1928                            

Co. E. 52nd. OVI

                                                Below on one shoulder high stone

Son of E. & H.A. Mathews                            Mary, wife of Alex G. Mathews                 Rebecca d. 5 Dec 1861

                                                                                D. 24, Feb. 1866 in 44t. Yr.                             Clara R. d. 18 Jun. 1865   



William M. Mathews                                      Alex Mathews d. 1898                                   Meeks ?? S. P. & H. A. ?


Sarahure   ??


A stone near the shoulder high Mathews stone had no name or date.

                                                                Three small stones in south-north row

Isabell Beard 1846-1933                 Clarence                                                                              James N. Beard


Willie B. son of J.  I. Beard d. 1883 6 yrs. 1mo.


Mr. Everson reported his grandfather, James Everson was born 26 Aug. 1805, in Utica, N. Y. and came to Wheeling, W . Va. In 1824 before going on to Iowa. He married in Iowa and two children were born of that marriage, namely Samantha & Elmer. His wife was so surprised to see someone peeking though the window that she dropped dead of fright. After his wifeís death by fright his grand father returned to Ohio and married two more times, 2nd to _________ Long and third to Elizabeth Carey. His grandfatherís son Elmerís stone was found in the Mathew Cemetery but Samanthaís was not found although Mr. Everson said she was buried there.

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