of Jefferson County
by Danice Ryan

This is a long work in progress and will be worked on as time permits. It will be broken down into Townships with the land owner, address, the acres owned and the value of the property. Thank you for your patience!

Brush Creek Township
Brush Creek Twp. (Monroeville S.D.)
Brush Creek Twp. (Ross Twp. S.D.)
Cross Creek Township
Cross Creek
Twp. (New Alexandria
Cross Creek Twp. (Steubenville Twp. S.D.)
Cross Creek Twp. (Wayne Twp. S.D.)
Cross Creek Twp. (Wells Twp. S.D.)
Island Creek Township
Island Creek Twp. (Cross Creek Twp. S.D.)
Island Creek
No. 2)
Island Creek Twp.
(Knox Twp.
Knox Township
Knox Twp. (Toronto V.S.D.)
Knox Twp. (Empire V.S.D.)
Knox Twp. (Ross Twp. S.D.)
Mount Pleasant Township
Mt. Pleasant Twp.
(Dillonvale V.S.D.)
Mt. Pleasant Twp. (Warren Twp. S.D.)
Ross Township
Salem Twp. S.D., Ross Twp.
Salem Township
Salem Twp. (Island Creek Twp. S.D.)
Salem Twp. (Richmond V.S.D.)
Salem Twp. (Ross Twp. S.D.)
Salem Twp. (Unionport S.D.)
Saline Township
Port Homer Rural S.D. in Saline Twp.
Ross Twp. S.D. in Saline Twp.
Stratton Corp. Saline Twp.
Smithfield Township
Smithfield Twp. (Adena V.S.D.)
Smithfield Twp. (Dillonvale V.S.D.)
Smithfield Twp. (Smithfield V.S.D.)
Springfield Township
Springfield Twp. (Amsterdam V.S.D.)
Springfield Twp. (Bergholz V.S.D.)
Steubenville Township
Steubenville Twp.
(Cross Creek Twp. S.D.)
Steubenville Twp. (Mingo V.S.D.)
Steubenville Twp. (Steubenville City S.D.)
Warren Township
Warren Twp. (Wells S.D.)
Warren Twp. (Dillonvale V.S.D.)
Warren Twp. (Yorkville V.S.D.)
Wayne Township
Wayne Twp. (Ross Creek Twp. S.D.)
Wayne Twp.
Wayne Twp. (Hopedale V.S.D.)
Wells Township
Wells Twp. (Brillhart V.S.D.)
Wells Twp. (New Alexandria V.S.D.)

Abbreviations contained in the Directory

S. D....School District

Key to Directory

Adena - Ade.
Alliance - Ali.
Amsterdam - Ams.
Bergholz - Ber.
Bloomingdale - Blo.
Bradley - Bra.
Brilliant - Bri.
Broadacre - Bro.
Canton - Can.
Chester - Che.
Costonia - Cos.
Deceased - Dec.
Dillonvale - Dil.
Dunglen - Dun.
East Springfield - E. S.
Empire - Emp.
Follansbee - Fol.
Hammondsville - Ham.
Harrisville - Har.
Hopedale - Hop.
Irondale - Iro.
Mingo Junction - M. J.
Mount Pleasant - MtP.
No Address - N. A.
Piney Fork - P. E.
Port Homer - P. H.
Unionport - Uni.
Rayland - Ray.
Richmond - Ric.
Salem - Sae.
Salineville - Sal.
Smithfield - Smi.
Steubenville - Ste.
Tiltonsville - Til.
Toronto - Tor.
Warren - War.
West Virginia - W. V.
Wheeling - Whe.
Wolf Run - W. R.
Yorkville - Yor.

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