1856-'57 Steubenville Directory




1. Jackson, Miss Ann

school teacher n s Washington b 5th and 6th

2. Jackson, Rev. C. H.

e s 4th b Washington and North

3. Jackson, Gaml.

watch mkr and jeweler s s Market 1 door e of 5th, bds w s 6th 4 doors n of North

4. Jackson, Mrs. Jane

w s 4th b North and Washington

5. James, David L.

Merchant Tailor n s Market b 4th and 5th, h e s 6th b Market and Washington

6. James, Geo. W.

marble cutter s s Logan b 6th and 7th

7. James, Mrs. Sarah

s s Logan b 6th and 7th

8. Jefferson, Frank

State Bank Ohio s s Market b 4th and 5th

9. Jeffries, Jas.

tailor s s North b 5th and 6th

10. Jemison, Stephen

plumber s s North 1 door e of 5th

11. Jenkins, Jos.

clk bds n e c Adams and 4th

12. Jennings, Jeremiah M.

Steamboat Mate w s 5th b Logan and Clinton

13. Jennings, Silas

lab e s 5th b Logan and Clinton

14. Jerome, Wm.

lab n s Washington b 4th and 5th

15. Jewett, Thos.

Pres't Steubenville and Indiana R. R. n w c 5th and Clinton

16. Johnson, Alex.

n s Slack b 5th and 6th

17. Johnson, Alexander

fireman wks w s 3d b South and Slack

18. Johnson, Enoch

brakeman bds c s 6th b Market and Washington

19. Johnson, Jas.

super't Pittsburgh & Cleveland R. R. w s High Stokely Grove

20. Johnson, Johanna

e s 4th b Adams and South

21. Johnson, Jno. G.

e s 3d b Ross and Franklin Avenue

22. Johnson, L.

brk mkr n s b 3d and High

23. Johnson, Miss M. A.

wks n w c Market and Liberty

24. Johnson, Robt.

lab s s Dock b 5th and 6th

25. Johnson, Thos.

Allopathic Physician n e c 5th and Market

26. Johnson, Thos.

Pres't of the Mechanics Saving Fund Society of Steubenville n e c 5th and Market

27. Johnson, Wm.

spinner e s 6th b Market and Adams

28. Johnson, Wm. L.

carp e s 7th b Market and Washington

29. Johnson, Abraham

dresser s e c 7th and Adams

30. Johnston, Mrs. Elizabeth

e s 7th b South and Adams

31. Johnston, Miss Elizabeth

s e c 9th and Market

32. Johnston, Jas.

carp e s 7th b Adams and South

33. Johnston, Guy

lab n s Washington b High and 3d

34. Johnston, Mrs. Sarah

s e c Market and 9th

35. Johnston, Sarah

servt s e c 3d and Adams

36. Jolley, Wm.

lab n s Dock b 3d and 4th

37. Jollia, Mrs. Ann

e s 5th b Market and Washington

39. Jones, Hamilton W.

carp e s 6th b Adams and South

40. Jones, J. R.

mach bds n s Adams b 4th and 5th

41. Jones, Miss Mary

s s South b 5th and 6th

42. Jones, Thomas

n s Adams b 4th and 5th

43. Jordan, Henry

barber s s South b 5th and 6th

44. Joyce, Pat

lab n e c 5th and Adams

45. Junkin, M. O.

fam groc n w c Logan and 4th

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