6 Jan James Brawsy and Hannah Kinney
8 Jan Ezekiel Keller and Elizabeth Wright
11 Jan Wm Camble and Polly White
11 Jan Samuel Winds and Polly Carter
20 Jan John Driskill and Mary Agen
20 Jan Joseph Penney and Elizabeth Maythorn


17 Feb Samuel Smith and Mary Ann Makimson
25 Feb Samuel Riddle and Margaret Robinson


10 Mar Jno. Graham and Elizabeth Partridge
15 Mar Lenard Richards and Betsy Smith
24 Mar William Evens and Eave Wineburner


5 Apr Robert Pollock and Jain Whitiker


12 May John Dixon and Margaret Parmour
12 May Jerriah Johnston and Peggy Goudy
24 May Epraim Cooper and Amellia Coulter


3 Jun Uriah Stotts and Elizabeth Purls
24 Jun William Holmes and Rachel Day


28 Jul Aaron Fell and Sally Ellis


14 Aug John Georges and Elizabeth Bowers
25 Aug John Forshey and Sarah Morris
28 Aug Philip Griffith and Elizabeth Cazier


1 Sept George Cooper and Mary Woods
8 Sept Lewis Crabtree and Susanna McKean
15 Sept James Byers and Elizabeth Graham
27 Sept Thomas Hays and Elizabeth Barrel


5 Oct Jacob Crawford and Sarah Stoner
12 Oct Michael Waxler and Elizabeth Scamahorn
13 Oct Samuel Byers and Elizabeth Willson
27 Oct Thomas Neely and Elizabeth Simmons
27 Oct James Potts and Elizabeth Roach


3 Nov Archibald Cole and Elizabeth Woods
8 Nov Aaron Cain and Mary Moore
22 Nov James Mansfield and Sarah Davidson


1 Dec Loami Tippins and Elizabeth Sprague
15 Dec George Smith and Elizabeth Williams
24 Dec George Fellers and Lydia Griffith
29 Dec Lewis Kinney and Keziah Pritchard

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