4 Jan Henry Hansil and Catherina Friend
5 Jan Philip Smith and Peggy Riddle
5 Jan Jacob Myers and Sarah Colman
7 Jan John McGuire and Sarah Milligan
17 Jan James Mahon and Milla Hitchcock
17 Jan Henry Bidinger and Sarah Taylor
19 Jan Richard McKibben and Sarah Carnie


2 Feb Valentine Windle and Barbary Perons
2 Feb Daniel Hayne and Mary Stonman
7 Feb John Miser and Elizabeth Miller
10 Feb Henry Erlick and Elizabeth McDonagh
16 Feb Eliver Sloan and Priscilla West
16 Feb John Wilkinson and Jane McDonnel
17 Feb Joshua Pewsey and Mary Hufford
18 Feb John Johnston and Mary Buskirk
21 Feb Moses Thomson and Catherine McGuire
22 Feb Adam Meek and Peggy Williams
23 Feb James McConkey and Rachel Perrin
23 Feb Isaac Woods and Abigail Rankin
25 Feb Thomas Cantwell and Jimmina Kelly


1 Mar Adam McElroy and Jane Hughes
6 Mar Hamilton Walker and Polly Abrahams
15 Mar Simon Brown and Martha Williams
15 Mar Edward Davis and Ann Fell
15 Mar James Ferguson and Hannah Hornet


3 Apr Thomas Wilson and Catharin McGuire
3 Apr William Barcus and Elizabeth Burris
3 Apr Abraham Shane and Rebecka Pfantz
5 Apr Jacob Cramblet and Bethany Oxley
9 Apr Ephraim Eckley and Sally Vangilder
10 Apr Francis McMillan and Betty Finney


10 May James Davidson and Susannah Dickson
16 May William Wright and Elizabeth Cole
31 May James Johnston and Hannah Johnston


13 Jun David Waggoner and Ruey Barret
17 Jun Isaac Cox and Frances Peck
21 Jun John Welling and Massa Chambers
26 Jun John Kelly and Elizabeth Mills
26 Jun Aquilla Jones and Catharin Toll


1 Jul Elijah Cole and Martha Devine
1 Jul Francis Adams and Catharin Brown
2 Jul Joseph Hall and Deliverance Hanna Moore
3 Jul George Tope and Elizabeth Bowers
10 Jul Jacob Luke and Elizabeth Davidson
19 Jul Nathaniel Colman and Margaret Wirick
26 Jul Daniel Good and Martha Williams
31 Jul Levi Shin and Sarah McDowel


6 Aug John Little and Bethsheba Bab
14 Aug James Hardy and Aner Dutty
16 Aug Daniel Oiler and Sarah Waggoner
16 Aug Abraham Lemaster and Catharin Martin
18 Aug Thomas Ennis and Mary Black
23 Aug Joseph McClorg and Rebeckah Laurance
26 Aug George Black and Elizabeth Friend


11 Sep David Sills and Martha Dildine
27 Sep John Sparling and Nancy Parsons


2 Oct Thomas Bollen and Mary Potts
4 Oct William Hendrickson and Mary Ann Drake
13 Oct Thomas Hogelin and Henritta West
16 Oct Felix Boceaurt and Ann Elliot
16 Oct Hans Wilson and Jane Malholm


24 Nov Thomas Singers and Sally Hughes
27 Nov Charles Chapman and Grace Tingley


6 Dec Hugh McClurg and Mary Laurance
19 Dec Josiah Chambers and Sceytcheye Hogeland
20 Dec George Myers and Mary Smith
25 Dec Samuel Tipton and Mary McGuire
27 Dec George Davis and Ann Carman

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