1 Jan John Norman and Agnes Byers
3 Jan Daniel Throckmorton and Anny Watters
15 Jan Andrew Dunlevy and Jean Gilliland
29 Jan James Armstrong and Margaret Gibbs
29 Jan James Coulter and Eleanor Gibbs
30 Jan John Dougherty and Ann Galton


2 Feb Luke Marlborough and Caty Williams
10 Feb John Shephard and Hannah Butterfield
14 Feb Daniel Kinshaloe and Susanna Hamilton
19 Feb John McCullough and Jean Richey
19 Feb Josiah Price and Catharin Farber
21 Feb Samuel Biggar and Mary McCune
26 Feb William Acres and Ann Holmes
28 Feb John Hitchcock and Jane Mahon


4 Mar Christley Brannaman and Elizabeth Nessley
7 Mar James Watkins and Sarah Fisher
14 Mar Thomas Fisher and Mary Riffe
17 Mar John Ramsburger and Christeena Pool
31 Mar David Colwell and Ruth Kelly


9 Apr Andrew Downing and Jean Morrow
18 Apr Benjamin Vanatar and Caty Hupp
23 Apr Absalom Talbot and Elizabeth Maholen
23 Apr John Stott and Polly Chambers


2 May Henery Boyls abd Nary Thompson
7 May William Turner and Hannah Spencer
10 May William Goldswarth and Ruth Veneman
16 May James Leeper and Elizabeth Kimble
23 May David Spriggs and Eleanor Bright
27 May Isaac West and Jane Walker
27 May Stephen Fisher and Rue Morris


5 Jun Edward Nelson and Elizabeth Watson
5 Jun James Dorrow and Ann Kent
6 Jun Josiah Gamble and Margaret Lyons
9 Jun Hugh McCollough and Isabella Cunningham
10 Jun Thomas Ritchey and Margaret McCollough
11 Jun Benjamin Jenkins and Caty Ann Luts
16 Jun Calvin Austin and Martha Murdock
24 Jun George Friend and Barbary Grubbaugh
26 Jun Zacheriah Roberts and Elizabeth Poe
27 Jun George Eckley and Margery Fangilder


2 Jul John McCoomis and Elizabeth Gillis
4 Jul Joseph Carrol and Maria Gorden
7 Jul Jacob Kiser and Mary Shawver
11 Jul Nathan Winteringer and Jean Handlin
13 Jul William Ross and Mary Ross
15 Jul James Walker and Jean Duffield
22 Jul Benjamin Robinson and Phebe Maria Kimberly
25 Jul William Grague and Margaret Davidson


1 Aug James Newland and Nancy Jack
28 Aug George Cutshall and Mary Albert


3 Sept George Moore and Jean Stafford
3 Sept John Bowers and Elizabeth Everhart
8 Sept James Taylor and Elizabeth Greenfield
10 Sept William Stonman and Elizabeth Sparks
17 Sept Michael Dixon and Catherin Hartman
19 Sept Solomon Dixon and Margaret Vanosdall
19 Sept Elija Cox and Anna Marke
23 Sept James Peterson and Esther Kirkland


2 Oct William Wilson and Mary Layport
17 Oct Isaac Shane and Hannah Rex


5 Nov Michael Cannaway and Martha Hogeland
7 Nov Roland Rogers and Mary Hartshorn
12 Nov John Taylor and Catharin McElroy
26 Nov James Finney and Rebecca Reagh
29 Nov Henry Miller and Elizabeth Miser


7 Dec Joshua Ammons and Phebe Sprague
8 Dec Adam Faigley and Elizabeth Guthery
10 Dec Joshua Lemmons and Nacca Tracy
24 Dec Guien Crawford and Jean Price
26 Dec Bazel Thompson and Precious Carter
31 Dec Peter Lance and Mary Patterson

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