1 Jan William Strong and Mima Kimble
10 Jan John Call and Issabella Roach
21 Jan John Akey and Nancy Riddle


7 Feb John Alexander and Nancy Brown
10 Feb Edward Ward and Elizabeth Purtue
15 Feb David Peck and Susanna Weeden
24 Feb David Johnston and Sophia Sills
25 Feb Jacob Wise and Mary Friend
27 Feb John Wikoff and Polly Wikoff


11 Mar Andrew Luckey and Mary Mahervy
13 Mar Richard Ross and Letty Thompson
14 Mar John Moodey and Phebe Pugh
19 Mar William Roach and Agnis Carels
20 Mar Daniel Brickles and Sarah Potts
20 Mar Thomas Rammage and Rachel Grant
29 Mar William Divine and Rebeckah Pittenger


3 Apr John Dougel and Mary Crague
6 Apr Bellford Griffith and Elizabeth Linton
8 Apr John Edgington and Catharine Douglas
8 Apr Eli Scotton and Elizabeth Belch
8 Apr Lewis Reubel and Elizabeth Hutton
10 Apr William Gillis and Rebeckah McCannis
10 Apr Ephraim Fisher and Catharine Pegg
15 Apr Warnel Tracy and Mary Babb
22 Apr John Rhinehart and Barbary Easterday


1 May James Fisher and Elizabeth Kale
8 May John Phillips and Elizabeth Duffield
13 May Jacob Stonebreaker and Elizabeth Winekleplech
15 May Samuel Williams and Mary Milligan
26 May Elihue Quillen and Jean Baker
29 May John Hough and Fanny Luckey


5 Jun Daniel Moore and Sarah Young
10 Jun James Simpson and Sarah Tingley
12 Jun Thomas Holleday and Sarah Williams
16 Jun Philip Drum and Mary Johnston
19 Jun Samuel Morgan and Margaret McGrew
23 Jun Arthur McKisson and Elizabeth Macullock
26 Jun William Kelly and Margaret McClean


1 Jul Nathaniel Huett and Elizabeth Piles
3 Jul Robert Jackman and Phebe Vail
4 Jul Samuel Allaback and Catharin Householder
29 Jul Samuel Newman and Anna Holman


4 Aug David Paramore and Elizabeth McLane
8 Aug John Loyd and Mary Miller
29 Aug Benjamin Hough and Elizabeth Kore


2 Sept George Grulbough and Sally Friend
3 Sept Jesse Carnaham and Mary Brooks
4 Sept Samuel Cramblet and Levina Thompson
5 Sept David Hartman and Margaret Dixon
7 Sept Jacob Stonebreaker and Elizabeth Keisler
7 Sept Jacob Meek and Rachel Lanning
11 Sept Thomas Ellis and Elizabeth Mahan
11 Sept Peter Firse and Hannah Wheatly
11 Sept Robert Moodey and Jean Grant
13 Sept John Mayhorn and Rue Fisher
16 Sept Nathaniel Way and Hannah Wilson
16 Sept James Wheeler and Elizabeth Cramblet
17 Sept Cornelius Boyd and Prisscilla Stewart


2 Oct John Parmer and Idah Handly
2 Oct John Handly and Elizabeth Woods
14 Oct Martin Swickart and Margaret Bartholomew
16 Oct Henry Hanna and Margaret Dixon
21 Oct William Milligan and Nancy Kales
30 Oct Thomas Reynolds and Elizabeth Gleave
30 Oct George Brocau Jr. and Mary McCulloch


3 Nov William Shively and Margaret Johnston
3 Nov William Sparks and Sarah Greenfield
4 Nov John Jamison and Mary McCray
4 Nov Abraham Scamahorn and Nancy Waxler
27 Nov Robert Maxwell and Margaret McGrew


4 Dec Henry Gilchrist and Sarah Busey
7 Dec Joseph Gibbs and Mary Salisberry
9 Dec Abraham Vanmeter and Sarah Miller
10 Dec Charles Carter and Mary McGuire
18 Dec Anthony Sell and Catharin Cale
18 Dec John Kernahan and Elizabeth Porter
25 Dec David Wellin and Margaret Wallace
25 Dec John McKaine and Nancy Gordon

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