3 Jan Peter Hammers and Elizabeth Thomas
8 Jan Samuel Osburn and Hannah Ross
8 Jan Ephraim Williams and Milla Brown
13 Jan Zenas Kimberly and Isable Drum
13 Jan Alexander Wells and Rhoda Pumphrey
15 Jan William Shepherd and Mary Henderson
15 Jan Joseph Rodgers and Mary McKinley
20 Jan Robert Barnhill and Elizabeth Carter
20 Jan Jesse Twigg and Mary Delong
20 Jan George Mills and Lydia Dorsey
27 Jan Robert McCauley and Jean Meek
27 Jan Solomon Delong and Margaret McKinney
28 Jan Elisha Buxton and Nancy Wellington
29 Jan John Wiley and Ruth Reynolds


3 Feb Charles Ferril and Mary Hitchcock
5 Feb Thomas Church and Hester Cash
10 Feb Andrew Rappe and Mary Short
15 Feb Henry Gutshall and Catharine Winance
17 Feb Richard Elliott and Ann Reed
19 Feb Thomas Stafford and Peggy Stewart


3 Mar John Smith and Mary Crawford
3 Mar John C Lawrance and Polly Williams
5 Mar Robert Abraham and Jean Abraham
19 Mar Isaac Henry and Delilah Copper
24 Mar William Yates and Elizabeth Kerr
30 Mar William Tracey and Nancy Tracy


2 Apr Adam Jackman and Mary Hales
3 Apr James Ross and Ruth Hough
9 Apr John Brown and Nancy Emens
18 Apr John Taylor and Sarah Staunton
20 Apr Robert Johnston and Ann Carithers
24 Apr Lewis Carey and Rachel Kirk
28 Apr Hugh Adams and Margaret Lowry
30 Apr Thomas Warnil and Esther Hersman


7 May Jacob Best and Rachel Kent
14 May William Alman and Polly Pearson
21 May Joseph Fuller and Eleanor Boyles
26 May John Hunter and Polly George


2 Jun Jonathan Perdue and Rebeckah Engle
11 Jun Bela Bowe and Mary Goss
15 Jun John Long and Dorothy McConnell
15 Jun George Ritchey and Mary Elliot
18 Jun James Foy and Jane Greenlee
21 Jun Peter Hindbough and Catharine Luke
25 Jun Mathew Alexander and Elizabeth Groves


10 Jul Jacob Naftzgar and Elizabeth Miller
30 Jul John Handenbrook and Anne Maple


6 Aug William Smith and Sarah Sprigg
9 Aug James Casebear and Sarah Crawford
10 Aug William Mardock and Mary Smoot
11 Aug John Prentice and Anna Fortisell
16 Aug William Hays and Sally Linton
18 Aug Gabriel Cail and Sally Whitmore
18 Aug William Frazier and Rachel Quillen
20 Aug John Smith and Elizabeth McAllister
27 Aug Joseph Stevenson and Isabella Goorly


3 Sept John Kellum and Anna Cramblet
6 Sept Samuel Sterret and Anne Rebeckah Porter
9 Sept Daniel Woodward and Sarah Nail
10 Sept Daniel Ward and Jemimah McKnight
12 Sept John Shoultz and Catherine Crow
12 Sept James Irwin and Nancy Kellar
24 Sept Leonard Evans and Sophia Hays
24 Sept Thomas Welling and Rebeckah Sargeant
26 Sept Henry Hemry and Sally Lee


19 Oct Thomas Turner and Sarah Moores
20 Oct Daniel Doughly and Mary Smith
29 Oct William Elliot and Margaret Patterson


5 Nov James Patterson and Nancy Mays
12 Nov James Porter and Elizabeth Wilkins
13 Nov Thomas Parviance and Mary Dicks
17 Nov Robert Bell and Margaret Ferguson
21 Nov James McCahey and Elizabeth McCune


1 Dec John Smith and Anna Argo
3 Dec James Bowland and Martha Collins
3 Dec Christian Winckleplegh and Molly Wyand
8 Dec Joshua Cole and Sarah Talbott
10 Dec Peter Foreman and Jean Endsley
10 Dec Noah Harned and Isabella Moore
17 Dec Samuel Hitchcocks and Isabella Moore
17 Dec John Swatz and Barbara Gnaka
22 Dec Jerome Hardenbrook and Jane Peoples
29 Dec George Thomas and Elizabeth Welday

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