7 Jan Jacob Moore and Charlotte Brownlee
7 Jan George Day and Margaret Moore
7 Jan Daniel McCurdy and Eunice Rodgers
10 Jan Curtis Downs and Anna Hall
10 Jan John Barber Judith Hall
12 Jan James Wells and Mary Call
14 Jan William Walker and Delilah Cable
20 Jan John Blue and Mary Flinn
21 Jan William Slutts and Deborah Gordon


5 Feb Thomas Forsythe and Mary Hardy
16 Feb Jonas Rex and Rhoda Milligan
23 Feb Thomas Wilson and Margaret Cornell
25 Feb Charles McMullin and Rose Gilmore


3 Mar Samuel Patterson and Margaret Carnahan
4 Mar Daniel Swickhart and Margaret Easterday
22 Mar William Triplet and Mary Dixon
23 Mar Peter Patterson and Polly Tracey
24 Mar John Mitchell and Elizabeth Anderson
24 Mar William Risinger and Mary Grimm


5 Apr James Cellars and Anne McPherrin
5 Apr William Pugh and Bathsheba Johnston
12 Apr Thomas Bruce and Martha Bay
12 Apr Adam Simmons and Sarah Springer
14 Apr Thomas George and Rachel Croskrey
14 Apr Solomon Fisher and Matta Luke
14 Apr Thomas Patterson and Susanna Tope
19 Apr Silas Paul and Elizabeth Carman
21 Apr George Cox and Sally Titus
26 Apr John Reed and Elizabeth Pugh


4 May Joseph Hull and Jane Luckey
5 May George Culp and Keziah Maple
25 May William Selwood and Mary All


3 Jun George Rider and Elizabeth France
3 Jun James Saunders and Catherine Carrol
6 Jun Daniel Shawver and Elizabeth Shults


8 Jul Philip Criplaver and Susanna Bair
11 Jul Robert Allison and Susanna Emmens


1 Aug Christian Spiker and Diana Leeport
17 Aug Thomas Jackman and Margaret Gregg
25 Aug Solomon Scharmihorn and Sarah Brindley


1 Sept Elisha Crown and Mary West
3 Sept Samuel Bair and Catharine Criplaver
5 Sept William Spitler and Catharine Vantilberry
11 Sept John Moore and Mary Richardson
12 Sept Samuel Johnston and Elizabeth Cooper
12 Sept James Sampler and Sarah Ellison
13 Sept Henry Burr and Loevica Thomas
15 Sept Adam Deem and Margaret Andrews
19 Sept Stephen Fisher and Elizabeth Newhouse
25 Sept Moses Handley and Nancy Bell
28 Sept John Lovall and Nancy Gardner


2 Oct John Finney and Mary Taylor
13 Oct Thomas Watkins and Susanna Miller


1 Nov William Davidson and Jane Maxwell
6 Nov David Anson and Darkess Johnston
11 Nov Isaac Hull and Elizabeth Johnston
17 Nov Mordecai Cole and Anne Ford
18 Nov Nathan McKinnie and Margaret Armstrong
22 Nov George Cale and Mary Ann Arnold


8 Dec Enoch Matson Johnston and Mary Lamb
29 Dec Stephen Bruce and Lenny Pugh

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