5 Jan John Walker and Sally Abrahams
12 Jan William Cornell and Mary Patterson
26 Jan John Patterson and Nancy Edgington
31 Jan James Vincent and Mary Mann


2 Feb William Alban and Elizabeth Shane
9 Feb John Belch and Nancy ----- (nee unknown)
9 Feb John Gant and Eleanor Foster
14 Feb Jacob Fickes and Polly Shaw
17 Feb Richard Parsons and Rebeckah Emmons
21 Feb William Goudy and Cassandra Crawford
23 Feb Thomas Johnston and Hannah Dunlevy


2 Mar George Bricker and Elizabeth Herman
3 Mar Daniel Carpenter and Sarah Brandon
3 Mar William Minteer and Mary Gillespie
17 Mar William May and Margaret McBratney
21 Mar John Pugh and Polly Reed
23 Mar Jesse Udegraff and Susanna Johnson
28 Mar Thomas Gilliland and Nancy Jackson


1 Apr Robert Makimson and Elizabeth Norman
4 Apr James Devoure and Lydia Johnston
6 Apr John Winters and Hannah Lisle
7 Apr Reasin Baker and Soloma Foreman
13 Apr Robert Burk and Polly Martin
13 Apr David Milligan and Margaret Jackson
14 Apr William Kent and Mary Hoagland
18 Apr Andrew Saltsman and Sally Carr
19 Apr William Hall and Dolly Johnston
20 Apr Benjamin Elliott and Jane Alexander
20 Apr James Powers and Ruth Pumphrey


16 May James Strong and Prudence Elliott
18 May Robert Gilmore and Elizabeth Collins
26 May Seth Fisher and Anne Hart
30 May James Bennett and Lydia Hardenbrook


6 Jun William Albaugh and Elisabeth Deem
15 Jun Thomas Delap and Abigail Foy
15 Jun Obadiah Holmes and Rebeckah Thomas


2 Jul Bernhard Winteringer and Elizabeth Lutes
6 Jul Augustus Speck and Sarah Reed
11 Jul John Vanhorn and Catharine McConkey
12 Jul Matthew Hill and Mary Evans
13 Jul John Kesterson and Elizabeth Bollen
18 Jul Samuel Deuiee and Edith Batton
18 Jul James Tallman and Elizabeth Barrett
25 Jul John Murry and Polly Houghstater


2 Aug Samuel Askin and Elizabeth Baldwin
15 Aug William Lawrence and Jane Farquer
15 Aug John Lantz and Sally Johnson
17 Aug David Sloane and Margaret Patterson
17 Aug John Keating and Matta Walker
17 Aug John Patterson and Elizabeth Alban
17 Aug John Farquar and Eleanor Elliott
17 Aug Elias Gasaway and Mary Maffatt
17 Aug Samuel Biggerstaff and Kezia Keepers


16 Sept Enos Pickaron and Rachel Fisher
26 Sept Jacomire McKean and Rebeckah Hardy


10 Oct James Kernaghan and Caty Lantz
10 Oct Francis Scott and Mary Meek
12 Oct Levi Edgington and Sarah Pfautz
17 Oct William Castleman and Margaret Saltsman
25 Oct Thomas Parmore and Mary McClane
25 Oct Nehemiah Johnston and Mary Bickerstaff
26 Oct Robert Johnston and Margaret Leech


2 Nov John Nessley and Elizabeth Fausett
9 Nov William Peterson and Catharine Cornell
13 Nov Manson McCance and Charlotte Henry
16 Nov William Levingston and Jane McCance
21 Nov Thomas Mansfield and Elizabeth Hales
21 Nov James Ogles and Jane Kelly
23 Nov Benjamin Emmens and Anna Adams
23 Nov John Devore and Eve Myser
23 Nov William R. Dickinson and Eliza McDowell
25 Nov James Johnson and Rebecca Evans
28 Nov Peter Bebout and Nancy Kelly
28 Nov Herman Bebout and Nancy Harris
28 Nov John Crawford and Mary Ford
28 Nov Edward Slay and Lydia Gray
29 Nov John Hesser and Sarah Adrian
30 Nov Henry Shane and Elizabeth Palmer


7 Dec Joseph Gill and Betsey Kellar
7 Dec Dunham Martin and Elizabeth Griffith
21 Dec Charles Harding and Polly Cramblet

Copyright 2005-2006 Danice Ryan All rights reserved.

Copyright 2005-2006 Danice Ryan All rights reserved.