2 Jan Henry Ferguson and Elizabeth Johnston
3 Jan John Laughry and Margaret Black
11 Jan Jacob Metcalf and Micha Hale
13 Jan Aaron Chance and Isabella Wood
22 Jan John Deselm and Lucy Nessley
23 Jan Thomas Smith and Nancy James
25 Jan Charles Bradford and Malinda Piles
28 Jan John Snidaker and Elizabeth Gutshall


1 Feb John Shults and Polly Birchfield
1 Feb William Clency and Mary Gordon
1 Feb John Martin and Sarah Mitchiner
18 Feb Jacob Fultenberger and Mary Magdalen Heisler
20 Feb Jonathan Potts and Elizabeth Triplet


5 Mar Edward Nelson and Elizabeth Meeks
8 Mar Aaron Reubel and Mariam Boyer
10 Mar Abraham Huffman and Margaret Cuppy
15 Mar George Holland and Rachel Thompson
20 Mar John Bollen and Peggy Black


3 Apr Zebedee Baker and Susanna Foreman
5 Apr John Halliwell and Elizabeth Lantz
10 Apr John Taylor and Fanny Fisher
10 Apr Joseph Calwell and Polly Jackson
12 Apr William Davalt and Sally Moore
19 Apr Daniel Worely and Charity Scholes
20 Apr Allen Robinson and Betsey McKinley


1 May Martin Swickart and Polly Heckard
1 May William Adams and Elizabeth Emmens
4 May Abner Kimball and Nancy Jeffaries
8 May John Lee and Susanna Fisher
15 May Henry Pfautz and Jean Martin
17 May William Naylor and Mary Macnamee
24 May Henry Bowman and Phebe Meeks


18 Jun William Tabler and Rachel Jones
24 Jun Arthur Phillips and Hannah Malholm
24 Jun Peter Shisler and Polly Lenduff
25 Jun James Johnson and Ann Harper
26 Jun Hugh Johnston and Rachel McAdams
26 Jun John Partridge and Jane Grimes


1 Jul Owen Rubel and Susanna Thorn
10 Jul James Martin and Nelly Maxwell
12 Jul James Galbraith and Elizabeth Hardy
12 Jul John Saltsman and Martha Carr
16 Jul Richard Lee and Margaret Fisher
18 Jul Edward Divine and Elizabeth Johnson
30 Jul William Lyon and Jane Lee
30 Jul John Johnson and Elizabeth Lee


14 Aug Francis Keely and Caty Grim
16 Aug Thomas Hughs and Rachel Fry
16 Aug Thomas Duke and Sarah Ogle
29 Aug William Patterson and Mary Jackman
30 Aug James Campbell and Rebecca Ferguson


4 Sept John Newhouse and Margaret Rian
6 Sept Henry Vantillburgh and Jenny Shaw
12 Sept Richard White and Ellinor Finley
29 Sept George Champer and Betsey Mugg


6 Oct Hugh McDonaugh and Rachel Hogueland
13 Oct James McGrew and Deborah Hammond
21 Oct Ruben Pfautz and An Eglelen
23 Oct Thomas Spillar and Susannah Spitten
24 Oct Samuel Sluts and Sarah Hoge
30 Oct Robert Dickey and Nelly Montees


6 Nov Nathan Smith and Catherine Bogue
22 Nov James Galbraith and Sally Vanderwoort
22 Nov Richard Mann and Hannah Suerts
22 Nov Jacob Cutshel and Betsey West
28 Nov John Henderson and Jean Greaden
29 Nov James Tipton and Eve Beemer
29 Nov William Levingston and Eleenor Viers


4 Dec Thomas Tilten and Rosanna Hindman
15 Dec John Metcalf and Margaret Edwards
18 Dec Jacob Powers and Nancy Pumphrey
27 Dec Isaac Vanbible and Mary Wabrauson
29 Dec David Arnold and Polly Kail

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