1 Jan Robert Smith and Susannah Johnson
8 Jan Samuel Porter and An Ritchey
17 Jan William Brooks and Eve Grimm
17 Jan John Belch and Elizabeth Barns
22 Jan John Young and Elizabeth Lee
24 Jan Joshua Bucey and Elenor D Rine
29 Jan Jeremiah Hedge and Vivian Cash
30 Jan Frederick Everhart and Elizabeth Burndreager


4 Feb Richard Law and Mary Elliott
7 Feb Henry Willing and Mary Davison
9 Feb William Durkhill and Mary Newsom
10 Feb Jacob Snider and Margaret Fisher
14 Feb Joseph Moody and Rebeccah Palmer
28 Feb James Smiley and Elizabeth Lewis


2 Mar Michel Bash and Elizabeth Dolver
4 Mar William Wastel and Elizabeth Evans
7 Mar William Hills and Nancy Edwards
8 Mar Samuel Galbreath and Mary Williams
14 Mar James G. Henning and Elicia Spencer
20 Mar Benjamin Carnes and Mary Engle
21 Mar George Hill and Rebeckah Owen


4 Apr James Belch and Rebeckah Stephens
9 Apr John Hemminger and Betsey Grummage
9 Apr John Myers and Nancy Bickerstaff
13 Apr Abraham Tope and Elizabeth Rook
14 Apr Caleb Perry and Rebeccah Engle
16 Apr Perry Chance and Levina Rubel
18 Apr Daniel Lewis and Rachel Rogers
25 Apr Adam Householder and Phebe Corbet


3 May Samuel Speak and Jean Leech
10 May John Stone and Nancy Johnston
10 May John Pate and Catherine Scott


19 Sept Ezekiel Cole and Allatha Cole
25 Sept George Hout and Christina Alebert


17 Oct George Freeland and Elizabeth Bupell
30 Oct Barnabas McNamee and Stacy Turner


9 Nov William Tippans and Mary Crowly
21 Nov Benjemin Powell and Sarah Carrel
24 Nov Thomas Thomas and Nilly Corbin
28 Nov Henry Gaddes and Tamzan First
28 Nov Abel Ashby and Harriett Conoway


17 Dec Hugh McGee and Sarah Coultrat
24 Dec Mark Saltsman and Ezabela Farquer
25 Dec Suttin Leggitt and Mary Flemming
26 Dec Lewis Drake and Cotura Conoway
26 Dec Peter Reed and Catherine Eigler
26 Dec John Wallace and Mary McFadden

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