10 Jan John Davault and Elizabeth Johnston
12 Jan William Mafindik and Sally Harman
13 Jan Timothy Titus and Mary Guttery
14 Jan Henry Rizor and Barbara Bohier
21 Jan Charles Burchfield and Pheby Tope
23 Jan James Cain and Ann Porter
30 Jan James Huffman and Agness Casebear
30 Jan Henry Hales and Anne Stewart


4 Feb Thomas B Harison and Elizabeth Crowford
6 Feb James Gilmore and Elizabeth Hooey
18 Feb Enoch M Johnston and Hannah Perry
18 Feb Jacob Tope and Sally Everhart
19 Feb Joseph Ralston and Sarah Mollar
20 Feb Derek Johnston and Nancy Powel
20 Feb Henry Foreman and Sally Henry
24 Feb William Randles and Elizabeth West
24 Feb Pery Andrews and Sally Archable


2 Mar George Smith and Sarah Miller
2 Mar Jacob Culp and Catharine Hartman
2 Mar William Beard and Gracy Adams
3 Mar Edmond Bucey and Mary Dorsey
5 Mar James Willis and Sophie McNute
5 Mar Robert Thompson and Margret Meeks
5 Mar Alexander Henderson and Hannah Pasiley
5 Mar George Gangs and Mary Champer
5 Mar John Smith and Ann Harper
8 Mar Isaac Miller and Dorothy Akins
19 Mar Samuel Moore and Elizabeth Sellman
19 Mar Jacob Shrull and Christina Toot
19 Mar Joseph Humbleson and Elizabeth Evert
19 Mar William Hamilton and Margaret Norton
19 Mar Richard Scott and Mary Anderson
24 Mar Joshua Chance and Effie Wood
26 Mar James English and Jane Beekin
26 Mar Nathaniel Moor and Susanah Holmes
26 Mar Henry Noland and Polly Ashby
27 Mar Frederick Able and Mary Bukely
29 Mar Isaac Gleaves and Mary Evans
29 Mar David Evans and Sarah Thompson
31 Mar James Porter and Betsey Porter
31 Mar Judier Higgins and Betsey McCullock


5 Apr John Wallace and Catharine Strayer
10 Apr Benedick Crawford and Catherine Winole
17 Apr Jeramiah Cisic and Rachel Tool
21 Apr John Perry and Rachel Zatchel
23 Apr William Betz and Betsy Viers
28 Apr Jacob Keller and Jane Brindley
29 Apr Robert Lowery and Ruth Peckin


7 May Samuel Bickerstaff and Polly Noland
7 May James Lowery and Rachel Peterson
7 May Alexander Thompson and Rachel Williams
12 May Alexander Cooper and Elizabeth Vantilburgh
12 May John Bower and Christine Swicker
27 May James Seat and Ann Crudy
28 May James Black and Isebelle Harvey
28 May Joseph Davison and Deborah Blackburn


4 Jun Robert Workman and Rebeckah Cunningham
9 Jun James Clinger and Mary Harnid
18 Jun Thomas Greenbee and Jane Michel
18 Jun Elijah Pumphrey and Mary Rouse
25 Jun George Tope and Elizabeth Everhart
28 Jun Samuel Eacret and Margaret Graham


2 Jul Jacob Laning and Margaret Moore
2 Jul Aron Mercer and Jane Dickerson
12 Jul Benjemin Hinsey and Alice Packer
14 Jul John McCrea and Martha Dunlap


-- Aug Cornelius Vanhorn and Sally Austin--No day given on certificate
7 Aug Curtis Bowe and Catharine Wilson
12 Aug Negrow Abraham, a black man and Mary Mellogan, a mulatto woman
13 Aug James Sharron and Martha Eaton
27 Aug Ezekiah Orrick Brown and Mary Patience Turnpaugh
28 Aug Nethaniel West and Polly Cahell
28 Aug Hugh Hales and Jean Simpson
29 Aug William Tingley and Rachel Paulson


3 Sept Benjemin Richey and Rachel Wheler
10 Sept Thomas Brown and Nancy Bulger
10 Sept Robert Purviance and Jane Smith
15 Sept Edward Crabtree and Artemese Detts
15 Sept William McCullough and Sally McLiben
24 Sept John Mercer and Rachel Matson
29 Sept Isaac Anderson and Mary Sharp
29 Sept George Fitzpatrick and Rebecca Wells
29 Sept James Waddle and Sarah Cash


1 Oct Levi Crouch and Polly Miller
8 Oct Josiah Powell and Margrett Mugg
14 Oct John Ferril and Olive Montgomery
15 Oct James Brown and Mary Tippens
20 Oct William Ross and Polly Latheram
22 Oct Aaron Meek and Polly Lanning
26 Oct Matthian Swen and Margret Lowry
28 Oct Roswell M Mason and Anna Potter


3 Nov Joseph Davidson and Rachel Hudson
5 Nov Thomas Stephens and Hannah Cirk
10 Nov Henry Lantz and Lucinde Lee
10 Nov John Gray and Lidia Corbin
19 Nov Luke Tarkey and Harriet Hourt
20 Nov Frederick Turney and Deborah Harris
24 Nov Thomas Gossage and Nancy Fisher
24 Nov William Knox and Bettey Tingley
26 Nov David Laughlin and Polly Warren


4 Dec Elias Smith and Sary Dimmeson
7 Dec Michel Fisher and Christiana Riden
9 Dec Henry Taylor and Polly Rine
9 Dec William Sharon and Catharine Eaton
10 Dec Michal Stull and Betsey Misser
13 Dec John Parmer and Margret Shaw
21 Dec James McGrew and Sarah Sicks
22 Dec Benjemin Wilson and Polly Terner
31 Dec Joseph Beech and Phebe Moore
31 Dec Isack Winters and Polly Doyle

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