5 Jan Edward Chambers and Sarah Cranlet
12 Jan George Woods and Sarah Taylor
12 Jan William Stephens and Hanah Vanhorn
13 Jan Bezodel Morris and Modelena Heming
14 Jan Abraham Jamison and Betsy Harris
14 Jan William Gilmore and Jane Hooeys
17 Jan John Snider and Nancy Mayhall
20 Jan Samuel Burchard and Eliner Johnston
21 Jan Robert Haughey and Catharine Darnel
21 Jan William Kelly and Sally Rodgers
26 Jan Adam Rail and Anna Capper


4 Feb Henry Ford and Nancy Hale
4 Feb James Maxwell and Mary Thorn
5 Feb James Burk and Margret Marshall
6 Feb Michel Hyets and Catharine Brooks
18 Feb Joseph Batchelor and Sally Murray


2 Mar Thomas Casse and Orpah Howard
2 Mar James Duke and Elizabeth Wills
11 Mar William Fisher and Isebelle Dun
11 Mar Benjemin Grimes and Anny Story
23 Mar David Miller and Mary Shus
26 Mar John Watt and Jane Starr
28 Mar George Regel and Catharine Stinger
28 Mar John Shannon and Hannah Robe
30 Mar William Johnston and Rachel Mash
30 Mar Elias Cook and Elizabeth Carter


6 Apr William McCutchan and Nancy McGee
8 Apr Absolam Ross and Anna Hadsell
22 Apr George Brown and Sintha Hadsell
22 Apr John Myers and Abigail Maloy
22 Apr Samuel Boon and Susanah Davison
29 Apr Peter Cinder and Betsey Harn


6 May Thomas Henderson and Catharine Bits
6 May William Watson and Susanah Heever
10 May Elijah Owings and Pressilla Tilton
13 May Thioppilas Jones and Rebecah Mackemson
18 May Henry Jefferds and Sally Relly
21 May Joshua Buch and Esther Carrothers
22 May John Eliott and Nancy Dickey


1 Jun Thomas Maxwell and Martha Ramsey
3 Jun Samuel Hibbs and Drucella Downs
3 Jun Amos West and Elizabeth Clare
9 Jun Georg Myers and Hannah Robb
10 Jun Walter Cain and Anne Nailor
10 Jun Henry Innis and Ezabela Pegg
15 Jun John Miller and Catharine Moor
15 Jun John Barr and Elizabeth Johnston
17 Jun John Lyons and Easther Gamble
24 Jun John Potts and Margeret Kinder
25 Jun James Gatten and Rosanah Connen


5 Jul John Brown and Easther Counsel
5 Jul Samuel Richards and Martha Akin
6 Jul David Cooper and Polly Tooley
8 Jul John Grimm and Peggy Everhart
8 Jul Thomas Blackburn and Jane Blackburn
8 Jul John Thompson and Polly Day


10 Aug Robert Peoples and Hannah Bochard
22 Aug John Carpenter and Phebe Hunter
24 Aug John Comly and Pricilla Carr
26 Aug Amos Quillin and Jane Webster
26 Aug George Albough and Nancy Spinger
26 Aug William Downs and Catharine Cox
26 Aug David Crabs and Comfort Huston
31 Aug William Tilton and Jane Davis
31 Aug Alon Hanlon and Susanah Ford


2 Sept Jesse Bebout and Ruth Devine
2 Sept James Carrel and Jane Todd
2 Sept William Henderson and Anny Armstrong
2 Sept ______ Heever and Polly Roby--no first name for groom on certificate
2 Sept Jacob Groves and Laura Swickard
11 Sept Hezekiah Griffith and Lydia Mobley
16 Sept Thomas Sergant and Neomi Westfall
23 Sept Barton Burget and Jean Roberson
30 Sept Robert Baird Viers and no bride name listed


5 Oct Joseph Bay and Catharine Derrick
5 Oct Joseph Walker and Betsy Abriham
10 Oct James Evans and Sarah Rubell
21 Oct Joseph Robertson and Mariah Barr
25 Oct George Rider and Catharine Culp
28 Oct Roswell M Mason and Anna Potter
28 Oct Danniel McFadden and Ezabella Maholm


4 Nov Joel Hales and Sarah Cofman
4 Nov Joseph Shepherd and Betsy Armstrong
11 Nov William Pugh and Margaret James
11 Nov Isaac Hales and Polly Lucas
15 Nov George Coffman and Diadima Davis
18 Nov John Lee and Mariah Criehbaun
18 Nov John Foster and Nancy Ford
23 Nov William Stoaks and Eliza Vantilburgh
25 Nov Charles Bucey and Elizabeth Davison
25 Nov David Bennington and Catharine Messinger


1 Dec Isack Winters and Polly Doyle
2 Dec Thomas Bennet and Nancy Bay
9 Dec John Roach and Rachel Roberts
9 Dec Henry Taylor and Polly Rine
14 Dec Michael Enis Lucas and Elizabeth Noland
15 Dec James McElroy and Marry Smith
16 Dec Ephraim Palmer and Polly Griffith
16 Dec John Fips and Nancy Still
16 Dec Samuel Scot and Elizabeth McAdams
16 Dec Benjamin Price and Rachel Boseby
20 Dec Samuel Hines and Betsey Shivers
21 Dec John Hales and Sarah Herrington
23 Dec Jacob Ong and Hannah Davis
27 Dec Hugh Peterson and Betsey Maze
28 Dec John Prichard and Ann Adams
31 Dec Thomas Duvall and Mary Richardson

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