4 Jan John Robertson and Kitty Day
6 Jan Cable Raynolds and Rebecah Downs
6 Jan Daniel Vantilburgh and Margaret Clinton
9 Jan William Jones and Catharine Hutten
15 Jan Joseph Porter and Mary Lared
27 Jan Levi Mathews and Peggy Henry
27 Jan John Dickey and Mary Ransey


3 Feb William Harmon and Mary Brown
10 Feb John Lowery and Peggy Merchant
16 Feb John Fulton and Cynthia May
17 Feb John Scott and Lucy Moore
17 Feb Jonothon Tipton and Elizabeth Silas
24 Feb John Campbell and Polly Phillips
24 Feb William G Berry and Marry Christy
24 Feb William Johnston and Rosan Todd
24 Feb Michel Coil and Sarah Carmin
24 Feb Daniel Saltsman and Polly Wells
25 Feb Davis Hanto and Lucy L Norman


3 Mar Isreal Garrett and Polly Rondles
10 Mar John Warren and Polly Laughlin
10 Mar Titus Shotwell and Susanah Garret
17 Mar James Sutton and Jane Laughesk
18 Mar William Patterson and Margaret Collegan
19 Mar William Patterson and Martha Edgington
24 Mar George Funk and Elizabeth Deakens
30 Mar Jerman Jordan and Bethrah Carrel
31 Mar William Wilkin and Mary Holmes


7 Apr Philip Ault and Jane Nelson
12 Apr George Rouse and Polly Mitchel
14 Apr James Clemmins and Ruth Meeks
14 Apr Samuel Vohris and Jean Lackey
28 Apr Peter Johnston and Mary Pluck


4 May Joseph Nicholls and Mary B Dowdan
5 May Isaac Miller and Jane McCane
5 May Samuel Deen and Mary McCurdy
7 May Mathew Laughlin and Nancy White
17 May Samuel Carter and Harriett Crossly


2 Jun Jacob Knap and Rachel Shaw
16 Jun Uriah Martin and Nancy Tursley
16 Jun John Phillips and Rebekah Burnet


3 Jul Luke Devore and Hetty Hollow
5 Jul Samuel Cramblet and Polly Atkinson
5 Jul Bezaleel Blazer and Jane Burget
7 Jul John Hart and Betsey Brown
7 Jul John Wright and Mary Morton
12 Jul Adam Winklepluck and Elizabeth Gant
19 Jul Alexander McDowel and Mary Shelden


5 Aug John Skinner and Jane White
7 Aug Jacob Bower and Elizabeth Smith
13 Aug Frances Lowery and Elsey Peterson
15 Aug Robert Barr and Betsy Orr
21 Aug Benjamin Mingard and Eav Donagel
25 Aug Henry Groves and Ann Maple
29 Aug Daniel McCurdy and Jane Richey


22 Sept Dorsey Viers and Elizabeth Huston
22 Sept Joseph Frazer and Mary Ann Burn


4 Oct Robert C Davis and Mary McConnel
6 Oct Benjamin Davis and Betsey Bone
8 Oct Leevi Scott and Betsy Price
13 Oct Thomas Huntor and Deliah Brown
20 Oct Hores Belknap and Elisabeth Stoner
27 Oct Alexander Chambers and Isabella Kain
27 Oct _____ Tipton and Teacy Cole--no first name of groom on certificate
27 Oct James Pen and Margret Strong


3 Nov Benjamin Brindley and Mary Cade
3 Nov Joseph West and Catharine Berry
3 Nov William Fatherston and Jane Filson
3 Nov James Taylor and Doratha Henady
8 Nov William Sharron and Susan Kirk
8 Nov Fredarick Segar and Hannah Harrison
10 Nov Joseph Sheets and Nancy Harper
10 Nov Emery Burris and Polly Murrey
10 Nov Charles Herron and Betsey Fogusin
10 Nov William Pursley and Ann Davis
17 Nov John Wheeden and Polly Pegg
24 Nov Christopher Cox and Mary Harriman
30 Nov David Call and Kitty Buchard


8 Dec Abraham Lanning and Nancy Edwards
8 Dec David Porter and Isabella Simeral
13 Dec John Fisher and Mary Rodgers
13 Dec Thomas Jackson and Susannah Clark
15 Dec John Anderson and Mary Noric
15 Dec Johnathan Walker and Hannah Ayres
22 Dec William Kelly and Rebeca Sapp
29 Dec John Palmer and Betsey Rodgers

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