2 Jan Thomas Hukle and Betsey White
2 Jan William Hopkins and Elizabeth Orr
5 Jan William Gossage and Mary Hayes
10 Jan Samuel Snyder and Jemima Fisher
11 Jan Robert Barr and Polly Johnston
12 Jan Andrew Hesser and Betsey Addrien
19 Jan George Hill and Margarett Adbert
24 Jan Thomas Webster and Jane Orr
26 Jan Charles Jones and Mary Lowry
26 Jan William Stafford and ______ Henderson--no first name of bride on certificate
26 Jan John Harland and Catharine Fogg


9 Feb Phillip Smith and Catharine Miller
19 Feb Peter Keller and Polly Carpenter
27 Feb Richard King and Mary Keeber


2 Mar Robert Sparks and Catharine Linch
2 Mar Beverly McGee and Betsey Wayman
6 Mar Caleb Dunn and Jemima Lindsley
7 Mar William McChance and Nancy Morton
14 Mar Samuel F Kinney and Nancy Christy
14 Mar John Amarine and Catharine Amerine
20 Mar James Shaw and Margaret Boyd
21 Mar Abraham Cralb and Sarah Randle
22 Mar John Mitchel and Margarett McGee
23 Mar Aaron Townsend and Elizabeth Rice
23 Mar Jonathan Jones and Delila Oxley
23 Mar Samuel Cunningham and Lora Potter
27 Mar Benjamin Dowell and Maray Teets
29 Mar Richard Low and Anna Jeffers
30 Mar Thomas Crawford and Mary Hartley


13 Apr Edward Lewis and Jane Evans
13 Apr John Ralph and Betsey Brownlee
20 Apr Aaron Annon and Polly Warnes
25 Apr Jacob Miller and Adah Brinley
25 Apr George Hites and Polly Sommerlet


8 May George McMillen and Susanah Lipton
14 May John Salisbury and Elizabeth Poulb
19 May Thomas CLark and Polly Vorhes
22 May Daniel Huffman and Nackey Holmes


1 Jun Edmond Martin and Peggy Caldwell
8 Jun Martin Saltsman and Jane Larrance
15 Jun Cornelius Barber and Pheby Evans
22 Jun James McGrew and Ann Cuppey
22 Jun John Shane and Elizabeth Nicholas
24 Jun Joseph Jeffries and Abrah Kimble


3 Jul Joseph Chance and Margery Woods
4 Jul Robert Stewart and Polly Isanogle
11 Jul John Hogg and Mariah Brown
13 Jul Thomas Marshall and Susanah Argo
18 Jul Bob Clemends and Betsy Griffin
20 Jul William Ball and Margarett Meloy
27 Jul Euen Owen and Ketty Bickerstaff
27 Jul William Allen and Isabella Johnson


3 Aug Josephus Hunt and Catharine Everhart
6 Aug Jonathan Tipton and Mary Walden
10 Aug John Kepler and Prudence Little
13 Aug C H Orth and Lucretia Sheldon
13 Aug Robert Douglas and Jemima Wilkins
15 Aug Hansen Thomas and Maryann Keing
17 Aug John Shepherd and Margaret Montgomery
19 Aug Thomas Adams and Elizabeth Ralston
31 Aug James Hunter and Harriett Pratsman


7 Sept Abraham Myers and Margaret Spillers
7 Sept Christopher Watkins and Mary Elliott
7 Sept Thomas Elliott and Caty Stewart
9 Sept James Lantz and Fanny Holmes
12 Sept William Leslie and Polly Lance
14 Sept Jesse Hooper and Mary Hayne
14 Sept James Hammond and Sarah Bold
19 Sept Jacob C Hoghland and Sally Viers
21 Sept Thomas Eckley and Kesiah Elliott
31 Sept William Ferguson and Jemima Shafer


5 Oct William Shivel and Mary Taylor
12 Oct Austin Allen and Rosanah Boyd
12 Oct James Maple and Nancy Corbet
19 Oct James Hales and Nancy Wright
21 Oct John M Goodenow and Sarah Campbell
26 Oct George Wyant and Polly Lawrence
31 Oct Solomon Hartman and Sally Saltsman


9 Nov John Smith and Mary Bowers
9 Nov John Neal Jr and Polly Barkhammer
11 Nov Robert Laughlin and Isabell Graham
16 Nov Phillip Crabbs and Sally Duffield
23 Nov John Smiley and Jane Goset


7 Dec William Tarr and Sarah Owen
7 Dec Peter Vanhorn and Mahala Manley
14 Dec William Gilliland and Catharine Weldy
14 Dec Samuel Smith and Lydia Lucaus
19 Dec Frederick Burchfield and Sarah Buffinton
20 Dec Samuel Boyd and Ellenor Lockart
20 Dec William McIntire and Ellenor Akin
21 Dec William Gilmore and Rosanah McGee
26 Dec David Peterson and Mary McCutchen
28 Dec William Keneday and Sarah Carns
28 Dec Absolem Newel and Nancy Tilton

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