Eli Harlan and Julian Tarlton---no day or month given on certificate just the year 1816


1 Jan Armstrong Johnston and Elizabeth Chilck
2 Jan John Moore and Sarah Brooks
4 Jan Thomas Granfield and Polly Swan
4 Jan John M Carey and Isabella Nelson
4 Jan John Marshal and Jane Sterling
7 Jan Samuel Rankin and Isabella Henderson
9 Jan Joshua Shaws and Elizabeth Herrington
11 Jan William Viers and Mary Ann DeHuff
11 Jan Benjamin Leech and Rachel Gillespie
19 Jan Lewis Kline and Mary Little
25 Jan William Brown and Naomi Hunter
25 Jan William McCauly and Jane Parsons
25 Jan Henry Sillwood and Nancy Henry
28 Jan Randell Sprague and Mary Limonton


1 Feb John Hertan and Nancy McQuinn
15 Feb Henry Warfield and Mariah Tarlton
20 Feb Ezekel Cole and Catharine Buckley
22 Feb William Hanna and Susan Kable
29 Feb John Johnston and Mary Ewing


5 Mar John Robbins and Sally Crables
5 Mar Timothy Spencer and Cramfort Marsh
7 Mar John Lauver and Polly Feltinbarger
7 Mar Finly Elliott and Catharine Strong
12 Mar Thomas McCullough and Jane Jackson
21 Mar Jesse G Stone and Rachel Jordan
21 Mar Daniel Welch and Peggy Bayless
21 Mar Joseph Dougan and Margarett Hoxworth
26 Mar Nathaniel Myers and Mariah Ridinger
27 Mar Thomas Copeland and Cissilia Ferrel
28 Mar Adam Jackman and Mary Miller
28 Mar William Barcus and Nancy Abraham
31 Mar John Blue and Pheby Carpenter


2 Apr Robert Dawning and Emelia Caughey
9 Apr Smallwood Oram and Sally King
16 Apr Elijah Murray and Maryann Dohrman
20 Apr Robert Simonton and Cicily Vendervich
23 Apr Robert F C Chandelor and Charlotte Jones
28 Apr Richard Dolvin and Pheby Edward


6 May David Moody and Sarah Sheldon
9 May Robert Phillips and Ruth Crawford
14 May John Gamble and Rebecca Farrensworth
14 May John Wilson and Catharine Powel
18 May Thomas McConnel and Nancy Akins
23 May Johnathan Hessar and Cassina Viers
28 May James Gladden and Hannah Dickey
28 May John France and Elizabeth Myers


4 Jun Alexander Crawford and Rachel Kid
6 Jun Alexander Crawford and Catarine Gossage
8 Jun Joseph St Legar D Happart and Polly Johnston
11 Jun David Hall and Margaret Kelly
12 Jun James Simpson and Violet Scott
13 Jun Samuel Revenaugh and Catharine Kellar
18 Jun Thomas Johnston and Rachel Loyd
22 Jun Elias Hains and Mary Salmon
25 Jun Peter Simmon and Peggy Ault
27 Jun Thomas Mays and Maryann Kelly


2 Jul James Scott and Sally Daugherty
4 Jul James Long and Betsey Hiltibrent
4 Jul Joseph Chambers and Anna Greinvillo
8 Jul William Hubler and Mary Spear
18 Jul George McFadin and Ruth Collins
20 Jul Joseph Harper and Betsey Kirkland
29 Jul George Gordon and Margarett Patterson


8 Aug Joshua Harland and Elizabeth Pitner
12 Aug Morris Albaugh and Betsey Stine
13 Aug Bezaleel Doyl and Easter Adams
15 Aug Richard Patterson and Margarett Yeagley
29 Aug Jonathan Kelly and Sarah Carrage


5 Sept Joseph Parrish and Jane Foster
10 Sept William Higgans and Sarah Cronckrite
12 Sept James Cunningham and Jane Oliver
12 Sept William Herrington and Elizabeth Salmon
12 Sept Charles Peckham and Polly Elliott
15 Sept John Crow and Sarah Dodds
23 Sept John Carrel and Sally Lutes
26 Sept John Gregg and Henrietta Tate
26 Sept Abraham Johnston and Betsey Mathews
26 Sept Solomon Lisbey and Elizabeth Parters
26 Sept John Judkins and Elizabeth Hutton
26 Sept Joseph Helmick and Polly Strayer


3 Oct Francis Morrow and Mary Jane Linsey
3 Oct John Evans and Jane Johnston
8 Oct James Lyons and Isabela Louther
8 Oct Allen Speedy and Susannah Dickson
10 Oct Simon Elliott and Eppy Dougan
24 Oct Edward Jack and Nelly Dickey
31 Oct Jacob Millar and Mary Bougher


5 Nov Joseph Runyon and Rachel Martin
7 Nov William Platenburgh and Margaret Johnston
7 Nov James Chambers and Mary Lewis
7 Nov John Brown and Rachel Muckle
7 Nov Noriden Bixley and Mary Price
7 Nov Samuel West and Mary Cleve
9 Nov Valentine Smith and Sarah Shivers
10 Nov Charles Kimball and Rebeca Jeffers
14 Nov William Black and Nancy Phillips
14 Nov John Long and Elizabeth Bell
16 Nov Frances Latture and Nancy Maple
19 Nov Jacob Stemple and Eve Easterday
24 Nov Cyrus Day and Polly Long
26 Nov John Scott and Catherine Scott
26 Nov David England and Jane Henderson
28 Nov Thomas Odbert and Pheby Filson


8 Dec John Moore and Elizabeth Clecknes
9 Dec Jacob Weldy and Polly Lockart
12 Dec Henry Weldy and Nancy Smith
12 Dec Moses Demote and Ruth Harding
12 Dec Joseph Rankin and Jane Martin
14 Dec Samuel Hendricks and Mary Taylor
25 Dec John Galbraith and Sarah Williams
26 Dec Thomas Brooks and Susanna Yeagly
26 Dec Samuel Boles and Jane Maholm

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