6 Jan David Erwin and Cassie Gill
14 Jan Sampson Robison and Deborah Carmicle
14 Jan Nicholas Culp and Elizabeth Hubler
14 Jan Ross Newport and Lyda johnston
14 Jan George Hartman and Elizabeth Hubler
16 Jan John Nickleson and Polly Myres
16 Jan William Coletrap and Sarah Moore
23 Jan Phillip Ward and Catherine Cassel
26 Jan Joseph Hibbs and Catherine Lucos
28 Jan Franklin Bills and Charity Glissen
28 Jan Alexander McGaffie and Betsy Cruson
28 Jan Robert Hales and Mary Boyls
29 Jan Jacob Peterson and Jane Anderson
30 Jan Acquilla Wiley and Nancy Hunter
30 Jan Samuel Shipler and Mary Davis


6 Feb John Carmicle and Mary Carns
6 Feb Amos Sheradel and Polly Carns
6 Feb William Allen and Catherine Everhart
9 Feb Doyness Dawson and Ruth Howard
20 Feb Adam Ault and Margaret Tindler
20 Feb John Chalfen and Rachel Robinson
25 Feb William Land and Mary Piotsman


6 Mar Peter Grove and Sally Swickard
6 Mar Daniel McClelland and Susannah Freeman
6 Mar James Braden and Elenor Duck
8 Mar Enoch Jones and Dorathea White
9 Mar George Stinger and Sally Harner
10 Mar Daniel Risher and Rosana Large
18 Mar Isaac Putnam and Mary Ann Brawly
21 Mar Richard Brow and Rachel McNight
27 Mar John McDevet and Sarah Kilcrease
27 Mar Charles Griffith and Jane Johnson


1 Apr William Lyon and Amy Ramsey
3 Apr George Punches and Hannah Call
10 Apr Peter Runyon and Nancy Morton
10 Apr George Bowers and Mary Colgin
15 Apr John Davidsen and Betsy Blackburn
15 Apr Samuel Sutton and Sarah Pluck
16 Apr Brice H Duvall and Priscilla Simpson
17 Apr Jacob Haft and Dorcus Stansbury
22 Apr Samuel Kelly and Sarah Hoxworth
24 Apr William Maxwell and Hetty Barr
28 Apr Joseph Bertholomew and Barbara Shoup


1 May David Gibson and Jane Hart
6 May James Blackburn and Polly Lysle
8 May William Hanlen and Rebecca Hunter
8 May John Worstell and Ann Thompson
15 May John Bell and Kesiah Tipton
17 May William Jones and Jane Ralston
22 May Joshua Carr and Agnes Pennell
27 May Martin Grim and Peggy Stoarn
27 May George Burge and Sarah Solmon
29 May Thomas Wheeler and Rachel Tipton
30 May John Sutherland and Margaret McCully


5 Jun Silas Shaw and Polly Erwin
5 Jun James McCarnish and Ann Bennet
5 Jun Ira C Kennedy and Jane Lowther
12 Jun Mathias Householder and Rebecca Barkes
12 Jun James Penal and Amelia Long
12 Jun Solomon Knott and Pamelia McCauley
24 Jun Benjamin Paul and Mary Scott
26 Jun William Wardes and Fanny Bell


1 Jul Samuel Chapman and Polly Cummins
2 Jul James Whitacre and Belle Patterson
3 Jul William Croxan and Sarah McDanel
10 Jul George Welsh and Johana Price


6 Aug Truman Estaps and Dorothy Clark
14 Aug John Dougan and Sally McGuire
14 Aug Richard Shaw and Sally Kartman
19 Aug William Peterson and Sarah White
21 Aug John Moffett and Nancy Hoss
21 Aug John Smith and Rachel Cunningham
21 Aug Jacob Emic and Elizabeth Witheron
22 Aug David Ridenhour and Elizabeth Easterday
28 Aug Joseph Shane and Elizabeth Nixon


2 Sept Hamilton Shaw and Betsey Call
2 Sept Conrad Pool and Rachel Deul
4 Sept Francis A Priest and Lydia Steel
7 Sept William Scott and Charlotta Scott
11 Sept John Moreland and Betsey Myers
15 Sept Philip Queen and Wilma Cuffee
18 Sept Robert Reed and Mary Cumming
18 Sept Walter Watson and Sarah Houghland
18 Sept Jacob Ruser and Ann Hougland
23 Sept John Cooper and Betsey Vantilburgh
25 Sept David Rupel and Anna Weldon


1 Oct Elijah Williams and Catharine Jones
2 Oct Michael Johnston and Margaretta Dohrman
2 Oct William Talbot and Nancy Hiler
9 Oct Hugh Anderson and Cathorine Drake
9 Oct Thomas Clinton and Catherine Wright
13 Oct William Harris and Mary Anderson
16 Oct Thomas Shannon and Mare Blair
23 Oct Michael Hawks and Magdalen Bowers
24 Oct Andrew More and Peggy Kleckner
30 Oct Samuel Hemmings and Thankful Lyon
30 Oct Joseph Laurence and Temperance Gilcrease
30 Oct William Pennington and Elizabeth Berry


6 Nov William Kerr and Susanna Reed
6 Nov Peter Vantilburgh and Hannah Kenady
10 Nov Lewis Tinner and Sally Berry
20 Nov Daniel Hamilton and Betsy Myers
27 Nov Thomas Ward and Jane Homes
27 Nov John McMillon and Lescona McDohnel
27 Nov William Parkinson and Hannah Lanning
27 Nov Zacious Tilton and Mariel Kimball


1 Dec Isaac Pipe and Sarah Elliott
2 Dec Thomas Harrison and Elizabeth Nicholson
11 Dec Abraham Grafton and Susanna Frederick
18 Dec James Clair and Margaret Sloane
18 Dec Joseph Marshall and Sally Kerr
22 Dec Jesse Palmer and Polly Carrol
23 Dec George Drake and Kitty Beckett
25 Dec Abraham Johnson and Mary Spencer
25 Dec James ______ and Sarah Howard--no last name of groom given on the certificate
25 Dec William Lance and Clareon Lee

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