1 Jan Nathen Parmer and Rebeccah Shaw
4 Jan George Bartholomew and Susan Strayer
6 Jan Robert Gilmore and Ann Boden
7 Jan William Crane and Mary Hinds
8 Jan Jonathan Kelly and Ann Dixen
8 Jan Peter Hammond and Jane Long
8 Jan Peter Hammond and Jane Long
8 Jan Robert Lockard and Alice Still
9 Jan John Herington and Hannah Shaw
11 Jan Nathaniel Leacy and Amelia Spurrier
22 Jan James Potts and Nancy Parkinson
25 Jan Abraham Fickes and Betsy Brown
28 Jan George Alford and Mary Tope
28 Jan John Smith and Cassiah Prisba
29 Jan John Adams and Marguret Conley


Jacob Gossage and Mary Borts--no day given just Feb 1818 on certificate

8 Feb William Revans and Marguret Keller
12 Feb Edward Chambers and Margaret Scott
12 Feb Thomas Lee and Nancy Wilson
12 Feb Daniel Ward and Anna McDonnald
12 Feb Frederick Able and Mary Steffy
15 Feb James Polly and Rachel Dohrman
16 Feb Moses Burk and Mary Bell
19 Feb George Cadwell and Ruth Taylor
120Feb Joseph Riddle and Fanney Cook


5 Mar Thomas Chambers and Eleanor Wheeler
5 Mar William Roe and Anna Taylor
9 Mar John Hussey and Margaret Colwell
12 Mar Richard Clemmens and Mariah Reed
12 Mar Joseph Surn and Peggy Galbraith
17 Mar Henry Lowther and Penoply Hardesty
19 Mar Samuel Moffit and Sarah Robston
20 Mar Samuel Simpson and Catharine Hunt
22 Mar John Golden and Mariah Davis
24 Mar William Perry and Nancy Golden
31 Mar Peter Ekey and Nancy Ekey
31 Mar Eli Kirk and Martha Crothers


2 Apr Samuel Quainlance and Peggy Patterson
7 Apr Reazin Welch and Eliza Bayless
9 Apr Thomas Ekinor and Fanny Coyle
13 Apr James McCane and Susanna Besser
13 Apr William Speedy and Betsy Glenn
14 Apr Robert Ervin and Suffiah Steppans
23 Apr William Amind and Susanna Boyle
23 Apr Levi Linton and Hannah White
27 Apr Samuel Ferensworth and Betsy Burk
28 Apr Thomas Josland and Elizabeth Shevely
28 Apr William Matthews and Mary Pinnel
28 Apr James Alison and Polly Williams
30 Apr James Ridale and Elizabeth Gill
30 Apr Joseph Hardester and Delila Gill


6 May John Thomas and Taming Miller
14 May Thomas Kartup and Margret Trimble
21 May David Rodgers and Jane Palmer
21 May James Taggart and Rhoda Winters
27 May Benjamin Day and Mary Davidson


4 Jun George W Duffield and Pemli Sutherland
10 Jun Thomas Ward and Elener Porter
11 Jun Isaac Kelly and Mary Kerrigan
18 Jun William Argo and Jane Marshall
22 Jun Charles Moyer and Charlotta Redin
23 Jun John Burrier and Elizabeth Koonce


2 Jul Thomas Reighley and Polly Grant
2 Jul James Foy and Sarah Linduff
2 Jul James Gibson and Mary Swickirt
3 Jul Esekial Weeks and Rachel Hiatt
4 Jul Robert Dowthell and Emily Phillips
9 Jul George Johnston and Mary Allen
9 Jul James Maxwell and Hannah Poke
14 Jul Robert Kendron and Ann Scarlott
14 Jul Jacob Witt and Casandrew Tilton
18 Jul John Deprey and Cathrine Carns
23 Jul James Berry and Mary Starr
30 Jul William Gilkison and Mary Watt
30 Jul John Jackman and Nancy McConnel


3 Aug Alexander Scott and Mary Hamilton
4 Aug John D Huff and Anny Hins
18 Aug Boyeo Slemmons and Sally Black
18 Aug Jacob Everly and Lydia Miller
21 Aug George Halliwell and Jemimah Matthews
26 Aug Daniel higgins and Elizabeth Revend
27 Aug John Hanlan and Catherine Morrow
27 Aug Brabson Gibbon and Jane Albert


1 Sept Peter Eckley and Hannah Riggs
3 Sept Jonathan Salsbury and Rosana Wilman
8 Sept John Niblock and Eloner Jones
10 Sept Jacob Everly and Lydia Miller
17 Sept Cajah Hancock and Mary Lany
20 Sept John McCoy and Catherine Stilwell
24 Sept John Frazier and Cossiah Davis


8 Oct Thomas Tharp and Elizabeth Connel
8 Oct John McDowell and Catharine Wills
10 Oct John Stoaks and Jane Vantilburgh
14 Oct Isaac James and Elizabeth Lowry
22 Oct Mathew Wilkin and Jane Johnston
23 Oct Abraham Haze and Elizabeth James
29 Oct Robert Barnhill and Sally Moore
29 Oct Jacob Hout and Catharine Simpson


5 Nov Andrew C Lamacaux and Hannah Myres
5 Nov John Miller and Elizabeth Hawks
12 Nov Isaac Blazer and Margaret Smith
12 Nov Thomas Maxwell and Rachel Jones
19 Nov Benjamin Sampson and Abegal Truman
19 Nov Joseph Foster and Sally Jones
26 Nov Andrew White and Amelia M Wayman
26 Nov Charles Kimball and Jean Mansfield
26 Nov Thomas Hill and Letta Leech


Joseph Northcraft and Elizabeth Roe--no day given on certificate-only had Dec 1818

8 Dec Isaac Peterson and Mary Sapp
8 Dec James Malong and Ann Moffet
13 Dec John Miser and Ruana Chapline
17 Dec Jacob Davis and Mary Carr
17 Dec Epraim Meek and Sally England
17 Dec Ambrose Eaton and Elizabeth McAlly
17 Dec Frank Riddle and Margaret Wildy
17 Dec Ambrose Daton and Elizabeth Manly
17 Dec William Norman and Sally Farmer
18 Dec John Hutchinson and Rebecca Courtney
20 Dec Henry D Carter and Sarah Elliott
23 Dec Joseph Dayhuff and Sarah Isnoy
24 Dec Benjamin Price and Sally Wolf
24 Dec John McDonnet and Rachel Day
24 Dec Adam Calb and Nancy Wright
28 Dec William Spencer and Sarah Jenkinson
30 Dec William Frazier and Catherine Harper
31 Dec Mahlon Lindley and Anna Wolfe

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