1 Jan Elisha Rowland and Phebe Edaron
7 Jan Abraham Marker and Elizabeth Shaffer
7 Jan Tobias Hanse and Mary Ann Grey
14 Jan John Martin and Casandra Fisher
14 Jan Charles Dille and Mary Draper
21 Jan David Gladden and Elizabeth Winters
22 Jan Frederick Grove and Mary Swickart
28 Jan John Schober and Rebecca Reinhart
28 Jan Jesse Martin and Elizabeth Pumphrey
28 Jan William Jennings and Mary Mushrush


2 Feb Jacob Gessel and Susanna Wyant
4 Feb Benjamin Cox and Sarah Chilcoat
4 Feb Leonard Hawk and Peggy Ridenour
9 Feb David Treet and Henrita Emens
11 Feb George Moore and Phebe Betz
15 Feb James Harris and Margaret Girt
16 Feb Elias Pegg and Margaret Hays
23 Feb Walter Crawford and Elizabeth Bell


2 Mar Andrew McClure and Margaret Abrams
4 Mar John Potts and Rebecca Harris
9 Mar Blain Jeffries and Penelope Tilton
11 Mar Jacob Nicely and Peggy Hawk
11 Mar Alexander Cunningham and Mary Thompson
11 Mar Stephen Perry and Sarah Smith
11 Mar Samuel Carnes and Martha Johnston
12 Mar John Herron and Nancy Furgeson
18 Mar Samuel Monro and Rachel Maple
18 Mar Joseph Harper and Elizabeth Maple
18 Mar Joseph Laning and Elizabeth Holmes
23 Mar Mareen Duvall and Polly Chamber


1 Apr Arthur Vankirk and Lory Clifton
1 Apr Amus Lazear and Ebby Gossage
1 Apr Alexander Henderson and Hannah Hawthorn
1 Apr Alexander Crawford and Mary Esler
4 Apr John Barkheimmer and Mary Ann Hankad
8 Apr James Thompson and Nancy Collins
8 Apr Michael Brown and Jane McMillan
8 Apr Peter Shruner and Mary Curfman
13 Apr Aaron Richardson and Mary Carmon
13 Apr John Ramsbergh and Susanna Albough
15 Apr Jacob Pitzer and Ruth Nelson
22 Apr John Tenan and Ann Wharry
22 Apr Thomas Smith and Ann Teaff
29 Apr Jacob Shouse and Jane Harper


5 May Arnold Inman and Amelia Mayhew
6 May Andrew Rolston and Fany Hesser
7 May Anthony B McGrew and Sarah Hays
20 May Anthony Taylor and Cloe Bruce
20 May Dugal C Martin and Sally White
27 May Noah Barter and Elenor Meloy
27 May Benjamin Doyle and Mary Sidney Chaffin


1 Jun Joseph Hunter and Catherine Nicely
3 Jun Edward Rutlage and Jane Hosick
3 Jun John Kesls and Sally Park
3 Jun John Plummer and Ann Smith
4 Jun Macomb Marchband and Elizabeth Vanhorn
5 Jun Jacob Everhart and Elizabeth Lope
8 Jun William Adams and Prudence McLean
16 Jun James Elliott and Mary Mahew
16 Jun John Ware and Elizabeth Paxton
17 Jun William Scott and Margaret McConnel


1 Jul John Ong and Mary Cuppy
1 Jul John Porter and Margaret Dinsmore
1 Jul Charles Haines and Moses Watts
5 Jul William Young and Nancy Carnahan
6 Jul Daniel Potter and Margaret Ralston
10 Jul Thomas Surgeson and Mary Burchard
15 Jul Johnathan Hook and Mary Gould
20 Jul John E Brook and Elizabeth H Finley
22 Jul Andrew Williams and Rachel Williams
31 Jul John Morris and Elizabeth McCreary


3 Aug John Wilson and Cassiah Parrish
3 Aug Joshua J Harrison and Susanna Duffield
5 Aug Andrew Turner and Effa Brown
5 Aug John Paisly and Nancy Dixon
5 Aug James McClure and Nancy Norton
7 Aug James Eakens and Rosannah Tilton
9 Aug Robert Carrel and Judith Noffsinger
11 Aug Edward Coin and Mary Murry
12 Aug John Coyle and Polly Watkins
12 Aug Daniel Arnold and Mary Rogers
12 Aug Samuel Boherd and Catharine Ritter
19 Aug John Montgomery and Margaret Taylor
24 Aug ______ Saltsman and Catherine Culp--no first name of groom on certificate
24 Aug William Marshall and Sarah Marshall
26 Aug John Calhoan and Margaret Calhoon
26 Aug Alexander McDowell and Hester Thomas
26 Aug William Hood and Elizabeth Reedd


4 Sept Thomas Daugherty and Elizabeth Krap
5 Sept John S Pasters and Barbra McCullock
5 Sept Henry Oto and Hannah Babb
7 Sept Robert Hannah and Mary Henderson
13 Sept John Davies and Sarah Draper
14 Sept Christain Hiles and Sarah Hix
16 Sept William Montgomery and Elizabeth Gregg
16 Sept Alexander Smith and Cassiah Davis
23 Sept Ebenezer Coe and Mary McEldery
26 Sept William Miller and Catherine Sybarger


5 Oct John Hardgrove and Elizabeth Dunlap
9 Oct Caleb A Brokaw and Mariah Brokaw
14 Oct Joshua Clerry and Elizabeth Highland
14 Oct William Permar and Elizabeth Watson
15 Oct Samuel Todd and Margaret Argo
21 Oct Isaac Welday and Polly Smith
25 Oct Arasmus Becket and Rachel Brindley
25 Oct Thomas Welch and Mary Hindwood
28 Oct Joshua S Patterson and Mary Grafton


2 Nov William Albaugh and Catherine Simmons
2 Nov James Silby and Sally Miller
2 Nov Nathaniel Diki and Anna Woods
3 Nov Elias Cockral and Peggy Coons
4 Nov Jesse Carson and Sarah Johnston
4 Nov Michael Coyle and Elizabeth Minor
5 Nov Richard McCullough and Elizabeth Sellers
9 Nov Robert Taylor and Mary Clark
11 Nov James Landers and Martha Huff
11 Nov Joseph Butler and Betsy Smith
11 Nov Mathew Scott and Jane Scott
11 Nov David Carr and Elizabeth Jones
23 Nov Thomas Clark and Sarah Akins
25 Nov William Patterson and Sarah Gibson
27 Nov Richard Jackman and Mary Patterson


2 Dec Ephraim Cable and Sally Clemmens
2 Dec John Myers and Elizabeth Sapp
9 Dec Elisha Brooks and Margaret Woods
9 Dec Joseph Hukill and Susan Wingate
12 Dec Straus Mossman and Nancy Dickey
16 Dec Robert Crow and Rachel Blackburn
16 Dec Joseph McGill and Nancy Dickey
17 Dec Charles Glancy and Sally Roe
18 Dec Christian Easterday and Barbara Thayer
23 Dec John Burchard and Mary Robertson
23 Dec William Moore and Catherine Hester
23 Dec John D Harding and Margart Thompson
23 Dec George Cline and Mary Reed
29 Dec Daniel Eskel and Sarah Downy
30 Dec Samuel Quimby and Lucy Potter
30 Dec George Taylor and Jane Snodgrass
30 Dec Andrew Hales and Hannah Alexander
31 Dec William Jamison and Nancy Barlow
31 Dec Joseph Nesbitt and Elizabeth Gurtine

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