1 Jan Thomas Metcalf and Mary Ann Saltsman
2 Jan Mordeccai Cole and Isabella Galbraith
2 Jan Joseph Hamond and Achsah Carter
3 Jan Eli N Gates and Ann Gorsuch
3 Jan William Neel and Elizabeth Neel
3 Jan Isaac Holmes and Roxa Ann Porter
15 Jan Andrew Patterson and Elizabeth Wilson England
15 Jan David Peck and Achsah Howard
17 Jan Nathaniel Ingraham and Betsy Johnston
17 Jan Edward Mitchell and Margaret Spillers
17 Jan Samuel Downard and Catharine Hagram
17 Jan Randall Barkus and Elizabeth Goddard
17 Jan Salathiel Scott and Eleanor Clancy
17 Jan John Kelly and Maria McCullough
21 Jan James A. Parker and Rachel Langley
29 Jan Robert R Roberts and Margaret Welday
26 Jan James Daily and Elizabeth Myers
31 Jan Daniel Young and Elizabeth Waggoner
31 Jan Daniel Ault and Nancy Cronkrite


2 Feb Joseph Daily and Elizabeth Myers
5 Feb Robert Armstrong and Hannah B McGrew
6 Feb John Tipton and Mary Hogg
7 Feb John Cusick and Catharine Creamer
7 Feb Peter Sheets and Margaret Reed
8 Feb John Barkhurst and Catharine Jones
12 Feb Richard McCullough and Nancy Jane Shull
14 Feb Samuel Allaback and Elizabeth Householder
14 Feb John McClave and Mary Travinor
14 Feb James M. Bond and Lenora N. Batcheler
14 Feb John M. Roland and Mary Matthews
17 Feb John Kells and Mariah McCullough
20 Feb John Burriss and Mary Ward
21 Feb Alexander Riley and Mary Nessley
21 Feb John Basor and Sarah Mayhorn
21 Feb Caleb Tilton and Sarah Norman
21 Feb James Foster and Eliza Foster
28 Feb John Thomas Porter and Mary Ann Latham
28 Feb John Ross and Elizabeth Shane
28 Feb Joseph Lanning and Susan Fisher
28 Feb Anthony Swearingen and Eliza Householder
28 Feb William Devore and Elizabeth Massey


5 Mar John Hooper and Isabella Waters
7 Mar Joseph P. Knowles and Elizabeth Willis
7 Mar Samuel Warden and Sarah Ann Abraham
12 Mar Joseph Grimshaw and Ann Blackburn
12 Mar Henry Schlidt and Hannah Dorsh
12 Mar James Ford and Rachel Field
14 Mar William Stroud and Achsah Ann Reynolds
14 Mar Kinney McLaughlin and Jane McLaughlin
14 Mar Henry Rowland and July Ann Tipton
14 Mar Robert Lisle and Belinda Richy
14 Mar Wabrance Hanlon and Mary Clark
14 Mar John C Elliott and Eliza Ann Lyons
15 Mar James Brown and Nancy Stover
18 Mar William Robinson and Eliza Ann Cummins
19 Mar George Kross and Barbara Holsmyer
21 Mar Eli Cope and Jane McMillan
21 Mar James Latham and Elizabeth Porter
21 Mar Isaac Marshall and Ruth Hutton
21 Mar Jacob G. Nessley and Mary Fredericks
24 Mar Ozias Stevens and Mary Porter
24 Mar Thomas Pinnick and Priscilla Clark
24 Mar John Johnston and Mary Stevenson
26 Mar David Hunter and Hannah J. McMasters
26 Mar Benjamin Archbold and Eliza Duncan
28 Mar James Orr and Santa Maria Brooks


4 Apr Brice Rickey and Eleanor Wright
9 Apr William O'Neall and Mary Irwin
9 Apr John Barr and Lydia Cummins
11 Apr Andrew Saltsman and Ruth Ann McKee
11 Apr William Simpson and Elizabeth Shelton
11 Apr Joseph Martin and Sarah Shane
13 Apr W. B. Sutherland and Elizabeth Clemans
14 Apr Hamilton Pastors and Sarah Jane Chambers
14 Apr David Campbell and Mary Cable
18 Apr Joseph Martin and Sarah Shane
24 Apr Thomas Carnahan and Marian Stillwell
24 Apr James B. Frazier and Mary Ann Alban
25 Apr John Rhodes and Catherine Nichols
25 Apr John Anderson and Eve Allaback
29 Apr Samuel Smith and Massie England
30 Apr Samuel R. Patterson
30 Apr John Beatty and Margaret Graham


2 May James Makle and Harriet Foreman
2 May John Johnston and Mary Ann Nixon
2 May William Larimore and Mary Jane Woods
15 May John Catteril and Mary Hagerman
16 May David Ward and Mary Simpson
16 May David Kelly and Hannah Cozart
21 May John Wallace and Sarah Spence
24 May William Blazer and Elizabeth Rouse
24 May James Harrah and Nancy Durbin
15 May John Catterill and Mary Hagaman
28 May William Smith and Elizabeth McCully


2 Jun Sinessa Wares and Keziah Culp
5 Jun Benjamin White and Margaret Phillips
9 Jun Thomas Pittinger and Mary Mills
9 Jun William B. Armstrong and Ann Hannah
11 Jun George Stewart and Mary Ann Gray
15 Jun George Downard and Nancy Barkes
25 Jun George Sharp and Nancy Bigger
27 Jun John Ross and Sarah Manly
29 Jun Isaac Brooks and Sarah Sanders


2 Jul George Manger and Rebecca Carrell
3 Jul George Lyman and Harriet Priest
4 Jul Darwin S. Stanton and Nancy Hooker
4 Jul Isaac Brooks and Sarah Sanders
15 Jul Abraham Hartley and Mary Ann Hudson
16 Jul Harrison Chambers and Rachel Smith
18 Jul Reese B. Smith and Lovy Meek
18 Jul David Wright and Eliza Ely
19 Jul Noel E. Forbes and Mary Hendrixon
24 Jul Mahlon Thompson and Elizabeth Norris
24 Jul Henry Spruen and Sarah Ann Mallonee
27 Jul Andrew Smith and Susan Eyrick
29 Jul Ross Winters and Elizabeth Weldy


8 Aug Richard L. Richy and Missouri P. W. Clark
8 Aug Joseph Hall and Nancy Duncan
15 Aug Jesse L. Fleming and Sarah Smith
15 Aug Jerome D. Dayton and Rebeccah Porter
22 Aug Henry Wykoff and Elizabeth Brooks
22 Aug David Easterday and Margaret Zimmerman
23 Aug James Johnston and Rebecca Hopkins
26 Aug John D. Funston and Isabella McKinley
29 Aug Manassa Jennings and Phoebe Palmer
29 Aug William Gosnell and Mary Linton


2 Sep Henry Baker and Jane Mercer
4 Sep Thomas Bell and Sarah Merryman
5 Sep John Shelletor and Martha Stewart
10 Sep John Scott and Mary M. Hout
12 Sep Oliver C. Gossorn and Eliza Barn
12 Sep Joseph Rand and Margaret Smider
12 Sep Amos M. Scott ad Martha Purviance
17 Sep Curtis G. Hussey and Rebecca Updegraff
19 Aug Robert Henderson and Margaret White
19 Sep John W. Taylor and Sarah Eliza Duff
19 Sep James Robertson and Margaret Jane Ekey
24 Sep David Cooper and Ann Benford
25 Aug Thomas Adams and Margaret Sloane
26 Sep Charles Fellers and Easter Gracey
26 Sep Ebenezer Hervey and Margaret McNary


1 Oct Thomas B. Oliver and Rebecca Becket
1 Oct John W. Gill and Hannah Elizabeth Bowers
1 Oct Daniel O'Kain and Rachel Jones
9 Oct John Watson and Isabella Robertson
9 Oct William B. Dunlevy and Eve Clancey
10 Oct Harrison Daniels and Margaret McCoy
10 Oct Basil Davis and Hannah Odis
10 Oct James Neal and Isabella Workman
17 Oct William L. Pennel and Rachel Scott
17 Oct John Thompson and Eliza Wilson
17 Oct John Burns and Letitia Hanlen
17 Oct Robert Reed and Mary Abraham
18 Oct Joseph Robb and Ann Eliza Thomas
20 Oct Abraham Falkner and Isabella Reynolds
22 Oct John Hughes and Rebecca Lee
23 Oct John Hartley and Sarah Hunter
31 Oct Alexander Bines and Elizabeth Scott
31 Oct Isaac H. Miller and Eleanor Potter
31 Oct John Bolin and Caroline Cookson


3 Nov George Watson and Mary Elizabeth Culbertson
4 Nov William Crist and Nancy Tope
7 Nov William McElroy and Christiann Patterson
7 Nov James Griffith and Eliza Daniels
12 Nov Samuel Fisher and Susan Hill
14 Nov Robert Henderson and Jane Ann Taylor
14 Nov John Shafer and Nancy Peoples
18 Nov John L. Lodge and Delilah Leech
21 Nov James P. Roach and Martha Wright
22 Nov Joseph Mikesall and Magdalena Hoobler
24 Nov George S. Welch and Sarah Cary
29 Nov Isiah Steen and Maria Theresa Klein


3 Dec Benjamin Rex and Martha Thompson
5 Dec James Myler and Sarah J. Strong
10 Dec Aaron Freeman and Amanda Clark
12 Dec John Liggitt and Nancy Young
12 Dec David Hageenmant and Hannah Call
18 Dec John Adams and Elizabeth Spriggs
19 Dec Robert V. Abraham and Margaret Jane Coe
25 Dec Walter Francis and Ann Cale
26 Dec Anthony Clark and Henrietta Vaughn
26 Dec William Stern and Julia Ann Grein
26 Dec Nathan Jennings and Rachel Vail
26 Dec Moses M. Roeby and Henrietta G. Peterman
26 Dec Axum Newby and Sarah Ray
31 Dec Thomas Manypenny and Susan Barton

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