1 Jan James Wallace and Jane Broady
2 Jan Joseph Speedy and Mary Elliott
9 Jan George Mahan and Nancy Miller
9 Jan William Patterson Myers and Susan Lacy
9 Jan Daniel Rhinehart and Rachel George
8 Jan Alexander Grayden and Sophia Zimmerman
14 Jan Perry Watts and Maria Rouse
14 Jan William H. Fulton and Elizabeth Powell
14 Jan Robert Gillis and Rebecca Glass
21 Jan Reuben C. Riggs and Cynthia Fulton
23 Jan Charles W. Dallam and Rachel M. Travis
23 Jan Westley Cashill and Rebecca Jane Burke
27 Jan Simeon Davis and Margaret Ann McCarel
30 Jan John Wilson and Mary Lewis


7 Feb William Richardson and Nancy Johnston
13 Feb Simpson Elliott and Caroline Matilda Thomas
13 Feb John Armstrong and Lettia Dougherty
14 Feb James R. Smith and Mary Jane Lee
17 Feb Charles Calvert Edgerton and Elizabeth W. Hale
18 Feb John Smith and Mary Caroline Fleece
25 Feb James Priestly and Maria Stook


3 Mar John Hammond and Rebecca Campbell
5 Mar Andrew Nixon and Mary Scarlott
7 Mar Samuel Taylor and Elizabeth Jane McCullough
12 Mar James Fennet Wilder and Emma Courtnay
12 Mar William Barr and Mary Ann Lee
12 Mar David Zimmerman and Elizabeth Skinner
17 Mar Henry Purviance and Cynthia McGrew
17 Mar Jacob Zimmerman and Susana Easterday
19 Mar James Stafford and Cornelia Ann Crouk
19 Mar Joseph M. Gannor and Eliza Jane Castor
21 Mar Phillip Blazer and Mary Allman
22 Mar Charles Dougherty and Sarah Watson
23 Mar David Barron and Elizabeth Capstick
24 Mar Charles Grabile and Ruth Miller
25 Mar John Erskine and Fanny Stevenson
26 Mar Jeremiah Douglass and Nancy Kelly
26 Mar Samuel Purviance and Amelia Scott
26 Mar James Piles and Lydia McGee
26 Mar Henry Rick and Mary Ann Vaughn
26 Mar James Conway and Mary Bevington
26 Mar Edward Devon and Frances Dorsey
31 Mar James Barcus and Cassy Nichols
31 Mar James Braden and Esther Moore
31 Mar John Colwell and Sarah Ann Porter


2 Apr Miller Cornelle and Mary Arwart
2 Apr James Mills and Elizabeth Sarah Long
5 Apr George W. McCleary and Jemima Jones
9 Apr Jason Grable and Rebecca Algeo
9 Apr Jonathan Grier and Martha Cain
9 Apr Reason Jones and Rebecca Ong
12 Apr John Daniels and Elizabeth Headens
12 Apr Henry Burrier and Mary Coulter
14 Apr Jacob Leighter and Elizabeth Ridinger
16 Apr Robert W. Hodger and Mary Morrison
20 Apr John Edie and Betsy Moore
23 Apr Robert Hull and Mary Wilson
25 Apr John B. Lindsey and Margaret Norman
26 Apr Henry Rich and Mary Ann Vaughn
27 Apr Thomas Gosage and Eliza Fugith
28 Apr C. S. Hurlburt and Abigail Brown


6 May John Burnette and Sarah Updegraff
12 May William Rogers and Elizabeth Walker
12 May Thomas Lucas and Margaret Crawford
14 May Henry Deetrick and Elizabeth Wilcoxen
14 May Washington Barr and Ann Fisher
16 May Cyrus Moore and Nancy Brooks
18 May James A. Mayhew and Elizabeth Hall
19 May Richard S. Permar and Rebecca Hull


1 Jun John Jarvis and Catharine Steller
3 Jun Elias M. Lee and Elizabeth Gosage
4 Jun William L. McGrew and Elizabeth England
15 Jun Caleb L. Worthington and Ellen Lyons
15 Jun David Dunlevy and Rachel Ferguson
17 Jun Isaac Larue and Eliza Hull
18 Jun John Johnston and Sarah Ann Tope
20 Jun Robert Carpenter and Eliza Riddle
22 Jun Andrew Depew and Lydia Patterson
24 Jun Hamilton Lyons and Nancy Akins
29 Jun James Welday and Maria Moore
30 JunChristian Ruse and Rosina Dury
30 Jun Alexander Donaldson and Sarah Norman
30 Jun James L. Slemnis and Susan Osburn


1 Jul James McGuire and Mary Ann Allison
2 Jul John H. Taylor and Rebecca N. Moore
4 Jul John Tall and Nancy Dicker
7 Jul Roman Drury and Susannah Shoemaker
7 Jul Jonathan Cox and Jane Henry
17 Jul William Hutton and Eliza Jane Tonar
20 Jul James Sterling and Martha Jane Mills
25 Jul Thomas Bartholomew and Mary Ann Litton
28 Jul George W. McCulloh and Artridge Pritchard
29 Jul Samuel Lytle and Sarah Rorland
29 Jul Isaac Campbell and Leanna Watus
29 Jul Charles McDonald and Mary Scarlott


8 Aug John Wells and Rachel Smith
10 Aug George W. Adams and Susanna Burns
15 Aug William Bakewell and Jane Connelly
17 Aug Isaac Harris and Hannah E. Evans
17 Aug Thomas E. Johnston and Angeline Peoples
22 Aug Henry Blythe and Mary Moore
22 Aug Lemuel Hale and Elizabeth M. Reed
25 Aug James Johnston and Cyrena Norris
27 Aug Charles McDonald and Elizabeth Ann Davis
29 Aug Griffin Lewis and Elizabeth Sixsmith
30 Aug David Brown and Mary Ann Burk
31 Aug Andrew Lockacre and Matilda Welch


1 Sep Ezra Galushan and Cassandra Wooster
3 Sep Joshua Rowland and Rebecca Tipton
5 Sep William G. Hart and Mary Ann Lyle
10 Sep Washington Saltsman and Ann Custer
12 Sep William McDonald and Agnes McIntyre
17 Sep John Ridgley and Elizabeth Walker
19 Sep Nimrod Timmonson and Hannah Thompson
21 Sep Finley W. McGrew and Rebecca Ong
23 Sep Jacob Barcus and Jane Reynard
26 Sep Jonathan Giles and Nancy Jones
29 Sep William Mansfield and Harriet Hassal
29 Sep John Lloyd and Jane Gould


8 Oct Dudley Chase and Sarah C. Wells
10 Oct Abram Myers and Elizabeth Bickerstaff
12 Oct Alexander Rose and Sarah Wilson
13 Oct Louis A. Walker and Permelia E. Inez
15 Oct Martin Johnston and Rebecca Maple
15 Oct William Cox and Eliza L. Wilson
16 Oct Samuel Clokey and Sarah Day
17 Oct William Vail and Susan Smith
20 Oct Moses Morrow and Sarah Jane Palmer
22 Oct Jacob Shultz and Eliza Jane Cook
23 Oct Richard Metcalf and Eliza Sproul
24 Oct Jefferson Campbell and Harriet Punch
24 Oct Presley B. Sprouns and Eliza Dean
26 Oct John Johnston and Hannah Lyle
27 Oct James L. Murphy and Mary Jane Allison
28 Oct Joseph M. Rickey and Mary Jackson
29 Oct Samuel McBirney and Sarah Jane George
31 Oct John Motorn and Mary Alvina Milner
31 Oct James Kelley and Jane Swain


4 Nov Welcome Ballou and Jane Harrah
5 Nov James Gordon and Maria Maxwell
9 Nov John Houbak and Catharine Fisher
9 Nov James Roberts and Elizabeth Dawson
9 Nov Edward Wilson and Ann Maple
10 Nov Elias Wiles and Savilla Fickes
12 Nov William Mallernee and Delila Hunter
16 Nov John R. Dunlap and Julia A. Cunningham
21 Nov Charles S. Parsons and Mary Talbott
21 Nov Joseph Stewart and Mary Bell
23 Nov John Gositt and Margaret Nickeson
23 Nov William T. Hinkson and Sarah Ann Bates
23 Nov Norman Webster and Lucy H. Bates
23 Nov Henry Manson and Sarah Jane McLain
24 Nov Phillip Cralbs and Mary Parr
26 Nov Isaac Stabler and Elizabeth Jarvis
26 Nov Thomas Gallaway and Sarah Gallaway
26 Nov Henry Bucey and Ann Porter
26 Nov Robert Colmery and Eliza Carrel
26 Nov Frederick Williams and Mary Ann Casper
27 Nov James McGonnigle and Rachel Anderson


2 Dec Augustine Johnston and Jane Johnston
4 Dec William Boyle and Sarah Clare
9 Dec Francis Johnston and Rebecca Duvole
9 Dec John Dougherty and Ellen Thomas
10 Dec Anthony Cummings and Mary Hanlin
12 Dec John Sarbough and Elizabeth Dennings
12 Dec Samuel Ferguson and Martha Boyd
15 Dec Samuel Gamble and Margaret Elson
19 Dec Samuel Davis and Ann Shroyer
21 Dec Samuel Bell and Nancy Skelly
21 Dec William Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Ma----
22 Dec Stephen Mumford and Mary Ann Malone
23 Dec Aaron Gladden and Mary H. Rex
28 Dec John E. Criss and Lydia CLark
30 Dec Ethan A. Tonner and Mary Eaken
31 Dec Reuben Hall and Margaret Logan

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