1 Jan Zephaniah H. Ekey and Jane E. McClelland
2 Jan Henry Cook and Joanna Rouse
2 Jan Thomas Hendrix and Luema Scarlott
5 Jan Alexander Hoobler and Caroline U. Harlan
7 Jan John W. Scott and Hannah Walker
9 Jan James Oneal Jr. and Rachel J. Powell
9 Jan Alexander Gracey and Louretta Dunn
13 Jan Thomas Gl-- and Ann Smith
14 Jan William Johnson and Susan Neely
14 Jan James O. Steward and Rebecca J. Keller
16 Jan Benjamin Bell and Jane Scott
23 Jan John Floyd and Catherine Winters
23 Jan George Venata and Mary Ann Orr
25 Jan John C. Walker and Margaret Walker
27 Jan Anderson J. Chadwell and Emily Ong
29 Jan James Lyons and Lucy Clow
30 Jan Jacob Grafton and Jane Nichols
30 Jan Robert Sproul and Mary Kirkpatrick


4 Feb Lanten McConnell and Jane Porter
4 Feb Eli T. Tappan and Lydia L. McDowell
6 Feb Isaac D. Warren and Sarah Jane Nesbitt
6 Feb Samuel B. Thompson and Nancy J. Goudy
18 Feb James Reed and Delilah Tope
20 Feb William Riddle and Cyrene Cox
20 Feb Francis Allen and Margaret Mooney
27 Feb Daniel Mitchell and Sarah Carson


4 Mar John McClain and Rebecca Lowry
6 Mar James M. Boyd and Mary Lowe
6 Mar John C. Fogo and Ann Rose
6 Mar James Young and Nancy Frederick
7 Mar Silas Shaw and Mary Ann McClain
10 Mar Barney Hanna and Rosa O'Hara
11 Mar John Frasier and Rosanna Russell
11 Mar Alexander W. Fisher and Agnes Ferrel
11 Mar Benjamin S. Winters and Mary Winters
12 Mar John T. Cole and Margaret Ann Blackburn
13 Mar William Brandt and Margaret Reed
17 Mar James Hanlon and Sarah Ann Arnold
18 Mar James N. Ewing and Katharine Parks
20 Mar Edward Martin and Elizabeth Carpenter
22 Mar William Crabbs and Belinda Moores
23 Mar Rudolph Ryan and Elizabeth Bucey
23 Mar Samuel Risdon and Mary Ann Kurfman
25 Mar Edward Flinn and Lydia Leonard
25 Mar Isaiah Brainard and Elisa Cox
25 Mar Samuel F. Brady and Julia A. Berry
27 Mar George W. Palmer and Eliza Jane Hipsley
27 Mar Anthony Blackburn and Margaret M. Hood
27 Mar Henry C. Boyle and Alice Ann Henry
27 Mar Robert C. Meredith and Sarah Jane Wiley
27 Mar Hiram Maple and Rosella Tanner
27 Mar John Delany and Martha Jane Mercer
27 Mar Enoch M. Runyon and Mariah L. Martin
30 Mar Benjamin Orem and ---- McCutty


2 Apr George Custard and Sarah Jane Graham
2 Apr John W. Seevers and Hannah Jane Wells
3 Apr James McConnahy and Elisabeth J. Peterson
3 Apr James B. Watson and Sarah Kirk
8 Apr William Ramsey and Jane Maple
8 Apr James Hanna and Matilda N. Nichols
9 Apr Robert C. Simerall and Margaret J. Blackburn
12 Apr Joseph Hoobler and Martha Jane Goodwin
15 Apr Charles W. Higgins and Eleanor Ryan
17 Apr John F. Cloman and Nancy Ann Glasner
17 Apr James Hanlon and Sarah Ann Arnold
18 Apr James A. Carson and Sarah B. Hoxworth
19 Apr W. S. Speer and Polly Hayne
19 Apr Monroe Wood and Rebecca Tiffany
20 Apr Thomas J. Wear and Mrs. Phebe Grieves
20 Apr James Maxwell and Rachel Ann Tolbott
24 Apr Jesse Freeman and Nancy Carter
24 Apr David Haymaker and Lydia Barrett


1 May Jacob Mills and Mary McCan
1 May John Harrison and Nancy E. Stoakes
1 May W. A. Scott and E. J. Linton
7 May John Brown and Catharine Brainerd
8 May Newton Morrison and Rebecca Cunningham
12 May George H. Curry and Elisabeth Adams
13 May William Ewing and Sarah Maple
22 May John Waters and Margaret McCarrell
22 May Orlando Steward and Mary E. Hartford
22 May Hiram Hartley and Freelove Hutson
25 May Oliver C. Grey and E. Virginia Redick
29 May John C. Francis and Jane J. Vickery
29 May Alexander Shutts and Margaret Cloman


2 Jun William Chalfant and Sarah Fowler
3 Jun Andrew Hales and Nancy Hout
3 Jun Daniel Swickard and Elizabeth Zimmerman
10 Jun Edward D. Johnston and Mary Ann Holroid
14 Jun Henry B. Anderson and Sarah Jane Vaughan
17 Jun Thomas H. McCafferty and Sarah Jane Johnson
17 Jun Richard Thompson and Hannah Johns
18 Jun William Probert and Jane Homan
19 Jun Andrew Imhoff and Elisabeth A. Price
26 Jun Francis Smith and Jeanette Kurfman
27 Jun William Rodgers and Amanda White
29 Jun Daniel Hamilton and Matilda A. Davidson


1 Jul Joseph Gilkinson and Maria L. Hays
1 Jul John Ryan and Lavina Depuy
3 Jul Jacob Shouse and Elisabeth Armstrong
3 Jul John Holroyd and Jane Rowan
3 Jul Alexander P. Biles and Martha R. Gilmore
3 Jul John Ryan and Lily A. Leslie
20 Jul Robert Woods and Mary Ward
21 Jul Andrew J. Kline and Caroline Bond
24 Jul William H. Orr and Jane Ann Burch
31 Jul Thomas C. Lupton and Rachel McBeth
31 Jul George Arnold and Susan Brobeck


4 Aug James M. Keller and Mary A. Norris
5 Aug Matthew Warden and Nancy Ferguson
7 Aug Robert Stafford and Mary Heidler
12 Aug James McKee and Rebecca Householder
14 Aug Smithson Hathorn and Mary Ann Maxwell
14 Aug James Parsons and Keziah McClain
19 Aug Jacob Simmons and Drusilla Fast
14 Aug John Cooper and Sarah Ann Wilson
20 Aug Christian Swickard and Lucinda McLain
21 Aug Benjamin B. Grafton and Sarah A. Hazlett
22 Aug Moses Lewis and Margaret Forester
28 Aug Elijah Wells and Mrs. Louisa Stephens
24 Aug James Workman and Mary Shaw
25 Aug John Brown and Letitia Hanlon


2 Sept Rutan Allensworth and Sarah McLain
2 Sept John Kinksten and Mary E. Pumphrey
3 Sept William Wilson and Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes
3 Sept James Hartup and Elizabeth Burriss
4 Sept John Kendall and Annie Rowan
4 Sept John Carson and Jemima Sharp
7 Sept James Pennell and Sarah C. Pollock
7 Sept Levi Scott and Louisa V. Brown
7 Sept Henry Brandt and Harriet Daniels
9 Sept Christian Dennis and Mary Queen
9 Sept Elza H. Dye and Mariah J. Wilson
11 Sept Joseph Rainbow and Lavina Aikens
11 Sept William Miller and Nancy Bell
11 Sept John Mitchell and Rebecca Hammond
11 Sept Jackson A. Bell and Maria L. Blackburn
11 Sept Thomas Rabbitt and Eliza Robb
13 Sept Elias E. Peckham and Eliza J. Roach
14 Sept James McBride and Mrs. Elizabeth Morrow
15 Sept John Lawson and Catharine Donivan
16 Sept John Cook Brisben and Margaret Dungan
17 Sept Jacob Pritchard and Rebecca Lucas
18 Sept Morris Graham and Martha Jane Cox
23 Sept John Shouse and Rebecca Gerard


2 Oct Goin Henry and Elizabeth Worstell
2 Oct Lindley Cope and Elizabeth Hammond
2 Oct Farandin Burris and Martha M. Wright
2 Oct Jacob Miller and Esther J. McCullough
2 Oct Adam D. McCune and Margaret A. Medill
2 Oct Parkinson Betts and Mary C. Rittenhouse
4 Oct Lyman Hart and Sarah Clark
7 Oct John Aiken and Martha J. Trainer
9 Oct Henry L. Robson and ---- Homage
9 Oct John O. Russell and Elizabeth S. Doyle
9 Oct James Buchannan and Elizabeth Glendening
10 Oct Edmund S. Hanna and Jane W. Mears
13 Oct Alexander Work and Deborah McCafferty
14 Oct Alexander McClain and Margaret A. Swickard
14 Oct Levi Kurfman and Theresa Elson
16 Oct Robert Wood and Mrs. Mary Steward
17 Oct William Henning and Sarah Stratton
21 Oct James W. Thompson and Phoebe Talbott
21 Oct Clelland J. Browning and Elizabeth Strayer
21 Oct William Wallace and Ann A. McGrew
23 Oct James McDevitt and Mary Jane Slee
23 Oct Robert McKee and Margaret McBane
23 Oct William C. Steward and Martha Merryman
23 Oct Phillip A. Walker and Amanda Robertson
23 Oct John Arnold and Mary Brobeck
23 Oct Joseph Williamson and Margaret Nesbitt
27 Oct James Palmer and Martha Hart
28 Oct James H. Shane and Lucinda Scott
28 Oct John D. CLendenning and Mary Ann Duncan
28 Oct Robert Parks and Catharine Burchfield
29 Oct Henry Spence and Mary Ann Aikin
29 Oct Joseph Hervey and Isabella Maxwell
30 Oct Eleazer House and Nancy E. Frazer
30 Oct John McGrew and Eliza A. Thompson
30 Oct Enoch Pearce and Mary Orr
30 Oct James West and Sarah Jane Hanson
30 Oct Joseph Watterman and Catherine Dickey
30 Oct Furney Milhorn and Susan Wilson


3 Nov James Haley and Eleanor English
3 Nov Washington Rupert and Margaret Ann Moore
4 Nov David Buchanan and Margaret Hawkins
5 Nov James Taylor and Ann E. Buchanan
6 Nov Samuel F. Dorrance and Margaret J. Barr
6 Nov Albert Engler and Loren--- Stroud
6 Nov David S. Clark and Catherine Starn
13 Nov John Belch and Marinda Moore
13 Nov Ephraim Cable and Sarah Morrow
13 Nov John W. Clark and Sarah Lowry
13 Nov Joseph Chambers and Nancy Clare
18 Nov William Gordon and Anna McPherson
20 Nov Allen J. Priest and Jane Yocum
25 Nov Richard McCullough and Isabella Cunningham
26 Nov John L. Hargrave and Mary Ann Foggin
27 Nov William H. Beatty and Anna Marie Sunderland
27 Nov Joseph Smith and Mary C. McAlister
27 Nov P---Talbott and Eliza Benford


4 Dec Joseph A. Fisher and Mary J. Risher
4 Dec Joseph Sapp and Ann E. Cooper
11 Dec David F. Silver and Nancy E. Hammond
11 Dec Andrew Marshall and Sarah A. Stuller
11 Dec Joseph Lanning and Mary Ann Miller
16 Dec James Moore and Sarah Ann Sprowl
23 Dec David Brickle and Mary Ann McCarty
25 Dec Joshua M. Swords and Mary C. Connelly
25 Dec Samuel Henry and Matilda Dishart
25 Dec Patrick McManus and Mary Murray
25 Dec Jacob Hout and Maria Todd

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