Jefferson County Inventors

The following information was generously donated by
Julia Krutilla, past editor of the Jefferson County Lines Newsletter of the
Jefferson County Chapter, OGS where it was previously published. This information
was extracted by Sandy Day from the verticle files at Schiappa Library.

There are other articles of interest for Jefferson County following the Inventors.

1831, John HARMAN, Jr. received a patent on his Harman's Threshing Machine.

1916, William MUNSLOW invents Steel Railroad tie. He was a LaBelle Iron Works machinist.

1924, Spanish McGEE, from Bloomingdale, invented a tire chain with a unique design. He
received a patent for his more durable tire chain.

Lloyd "Spud" HUGHES patented his invention of Menthol Cigarettes. He was from Mingo Jct.
and this occurred around 1926 and the cigarettes were called "Spud Cigarettes".

John C. ICKIS (ICKES?) from Adena, received a patent in 1926 for his bandit proof window for
bank enclosures and also window for bank enclosures.

1931, Mingo Jct. resident John GRANTONIC received a patent on his amusement device.
(No explanation of what this is was detailed in the news article. It states he was of Slovak

1946 era, Charles "Chip" DeMARCO invented the electric pizzelle iron. He was from
Steubenville and died just a few years ago.

1995, Wintersville resident Doug ZINK invented the Organizational Socket Tray for mechanics.

1996. Roger HENDRICKS of Mingo invented a refrigerant to charge cooling units or as the
patent reads "Portable Heating Unit for On Site Charging of a Cooling Unit".

1996, Dominic CERRATO created and patented a brick called CynderBrix. These interlocking
bricks are mortarless. He is a Bloomingdale resident.

Pat#5,753,113 Roger Hendricks--device to aid skimming swimming pools. Used to keep swimming pool surfaces free
of floating debris.


Abtracted from Steubenville Herald Star, pg. 3, Tues., Mar. 6, 1900

Air Brake Was Made Here in Steubenville

The Engineers' Journal for March published in New York, devoted to
railroad interest, contains an interesting article on the
experimental tests of the Westinghouse air brake that is of
considerable local interest.

The article states that the first test were made upon the old
Steubenville accommodation in 1869, of which the late Johnson MONOEY
was conductor, Daniel TAIT engineer, Charles BOYD fireman, Jacob DURY
baggageman, and Ed McKINNEY brakeman.

The test was made with a Worthing Pump set upon the running board of
the engine, and George WESTINGHOUSE, Jr. together with several local
machinists, constructed the machinery and watched the progress. They
were thirteen months perfecting the appliance on this train. The
article includes an excellent picture of D. P. TAIT and the late
Johnson MOONEY.


March 21, 1879
Herald Star, pg. 2, microfilm Schiappa Library, Steubenville
Abstracted by Bridgette Osz
An Old Document - While tearing down the Market House, some of the
workmen found stuck up among the rafters an ancient printed document
containing an act passed February 4, 1805 to incorporate the town of

It provided that the government should vest in a President, Recorder,
seven Trustees, Assessor, Collector, Treasurer and a Town Marshall,
who should be elected by the taxpayors of the town by ballot at the
Court House on the first Monday in May following.

It was also enacted that David HULL be appointed President; John
HYULL, Recorder; David HOGE, Zacheus A. BEATTY, Benjamin HOUGH,
Thomas VINCENTE, John ENGLAND, Martin ANDREWS and Abraham CAZIER,
Trustees; Samuel HUNTER, Treasurer; Matthew ADAMS, Assessor; Charles
MAXWELL, Collector, and Anthony BECK, Town Marshall, until the
election foresaid should be held. The act is signed by Michael
BALDWIN, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Daniel SYMMES,
Speaker of the Senate.

An act was passed on February 9th, 1813, giving Council power to levy
taxes and a bill passed January 7th, 1817, prescribes that the
boundaries shall begin at the intersection of the north line of
Factory street, in Ross's Addition, with the river, thence down the
river, thence down the river to the south line of South street,
thence to western line of town plat, thence to north line of North
Street, diverging so as to include Viers's Addition; thence to alley
at western boundary of Ross's Addition, then northwardly to north
line of Factory street; and then to the river.

The document has written on it, "James MEANS, ninety days after date".

McCullough's Childrens Home

1920 Census Roll 2, pgs. 3A & 3B Saline Twp., Jefferson Co., Ohio

Abstracted by Sandy Day

The following list are names that appeared in this census reading with age
and whether charity case or boarder.
(For brevity, I have used B for Boarder and C for Charity)


WOOSTER, Tillie Governess
PURDY, Margaret Governess
OWENS, Jessie Governess
CUNNINGHAM, W. S. Engineer

ROBISON, Winona 19 C
BUCK, Ethel 8 C
BUCK, Sarah 6 C
BOZICH (?), E. Mary 4 C
BOZICH (?), Wm. 2 C
CILLI, Helen 12 C
CLARK, Sadie 4 C
CLARK, Celia 14 C
CHIAPANA*, Nancy 10 C
CILLI, Edith 11 B
CICSAREO Di (Di Cicsareo ?), Celia 6 B
CILLI, Mary 3 B
CLARK, Elmer 2 C
COE, Minnie 8 B
CIESAREO (?), Virginia 8 B
COULTER, Earl 11 C
CILLI, Galtorin 11 B
CLARK, James 11 C
CHIAPANA*, Phillip 8 C
CILLI, Rosy 1 B

DYE, Edith 10 C
DYE, Gladys 12 C
DANONATIE (?), Guiseppe 2 B

EWING, Edward 13 C
ELLIS, Wm 13 B

GRUBB, Ruth 14 B
GEDDYS, Hazel 13 C

HOOD, M. Lula 10 C
HOOD, Geo. 8 C
HOOD, G. Groman 6 C
HOEFELDER, Robert 14 C

JONES, C. Geo. 4 B
JONES, Gilbert 8 B

KREPPS, L. Ralph 12 C
KREPPS, B. Joseph 6 C

LINDELL, Margaret 17 C

MARTIN, Della Kitchen Girl 18


MOOD, Amelia 7 B
MILLER, Edward 11 B
MILLER, Samuel 9 B
MAHONEY, B. Thomas 15 C
MOOD, Howard 9 B
MOORE, Clarence 14 C

OWENS, Mildred 10 C

PETTY, Eloise 10 B
PORTER, Mary 15 C

SAMUELS, James 2 C
SULLIVAN, Frank 10 C
SC??LTZ, Robert 6 C

FRENCH (Trench?)(?), Albert 9 C

TRIMMER, L. Mary 13 B
TRIMMER, Dorothy 9 B
TRIMMER, Geo. 14 C

VIRTUE, Ralph 11 C

WIGHT, Chas 7 C
WATTERMAN, V. Freda 12 C

ZANCANELLA, Attellio (?) 10 C

*Chiapana also is same as today's Chappano. This was confirmed
by a current Chappano family member now living in Jefferson Co.
McCullough's Childrens Home was located at Yellow Creek; photos and
history of are in the vertical file at Schiappa Library. The home
officially opened in 1914 and the building was demolished in 1958.

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